Putin Initiates Law Against Anti-Semitic Biblical Interpretation

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Putin Initiates Law Against Anti-Semitic Biblical Interpretation

12/10/2015 by Sam Gluck

Russian President Vladimir Putin has initiated legislation through the Duma outlawing “distorted and or extremist” interpretation of the Bible.

Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar says the law is vital….

False stories based on Biblical misinterpretation have been used for centuries to fan virulent anti-Semitism. Accusations of Jewish plots to control the world, Blood Libels, dual loyalties and controlling the media are just a few. The purpose of this law is to prevent using the Bible for such purposes.

Putin is known to have strong Jewish ties stemming from his childhood when a Jewish family next door cared for him. His high school wrestling coach was Jewish and Putin considered him a father figure. As deputy mayor in Leningrad he opened the first Jewish school in the city. He contributed a month of his salary to the Jewish museum in Moscow and his name is on the wall as a benefactor. …

Recent meetings between Putin and Netanyahu, military co-ordination in the skies over Syria and closer economic ties appear to be strengthening the relations between the two countries.

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