Chuck Baldwin: Assassination of the Russian ambassador has all the markings of a CIA hit

Chuck Baldwin writes on Facebook:

The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, has all the markings of a CIA hit.
Karlov was a serious and determined enemy of ISIS. And as most of you MUST know by now, our own federal government has been protecting and supplying ISIS from the beginning. However, with Russia’s help, Syria is in the process of totally expunging ISIS.

BUT the US WANTS ISIS to survive. The target of the US, Israel, and Saudi-backed ISIS has ALWAYS been regime change in Syria.

Killing Karlov was a serious set back to the anti-ISIS momentum in Syria. I think Putin knows it was a CIA-orchestrated hit.

The question is what will be do about it? What would YOU do about it if you were Putin? My take is that Vladimir Putin has been EXTREMELY patient with an overbearing, bullying, intimidating, murdering CIA and NATO. But I don’t see him being patient forever. I doubt that Putin will give Donald Trump too long to prove that he truly intends to change US foreign policy and STOP trying to enforce its will on countries and governments all over the world–including on Russia’s backdoor step.

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