2 thoughts on “Two Heinous Activities Have Joined Forces: Child sex trafficking & organ harvesting

  1. America is that “End of Days” nation which is modern Babylon, America and America only fits the 100 or so characteristics given by Yahweh to His prophets, I will list only seven. 1.Has a mother, America came from a Super Power to become one. 2. Rises up in a wilderness, marching throughout the land getting it from others. 3. Is a nation of many races of peoples and has many Jews, no other country has a mingling of people like America and America has the most Jews. 4 Babylon has no king a form of Democracy where the people have a voice, but has a place where the kings of the Earth meet America has both, A form of Democracy and the U.N building in NYC. 5 Was a Golden Cup in Yahweh’s hand but changes to fill the cup with Abominations. America was ruled twice by the S.C as a Christian nation, I think the changes are obvious. 6. Is a wealthy Super Power nation, that mounts it’s defenses up to the heavens America has NASA and the most advanced Air Force in the world and has many times over the number of multi millionaires than does any other country 7. Sits on many waters, America has two oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, has many lakes, rivers, rivers that divide the land America has more water and fresh water than any country in the world. We are warned that this nation in question will be destroyed from inside by Fanners described as a Cruel people they are Caterpillars and Locusts because they’re so destructive to modern Babylon, these immigrants live in Islamic countries, Iran is mentioned as Persia but ancient Persia never burned Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, [Iran is modern-day Persia] in todays vernacular without firing a shot, it was so easy. The prophets even tells what is going on in modern Babylon’s government, the Hebrew words means the councilors [America’s two parties??]become so divided and in such a turmoil nothing gats done, this sounds like America’s government today. There are many more characteristics and markers that fit America like a tailor made glove and America only, I pray I’m wrong on this but the evidence is overwhelming, if I’m wrong then a nation just like America will have to rise up and that seems impossible in-light of all the modern technology we have today because “End of Days” Babylon would have like America rise up before all the hi-tech advancements.

    1. You may be interested in this. Dumitru Duduman was a Bible smuggler in Romania. He was very close to God, and even miraculously survived the electric chair, while imprisoned for smuggling Bibles. He has some very clear prophecies. This is his most famous: tobefree.press/2012/07/12/dumitru-duduman-the-russian-invasion-of-america .
      Joel Skousen believes Russia and China will be ready in less than 10 years to take US out.

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