(video) What Really Happened: Michael Rivero Wednesday 4/19/17: (Commercial Free VIDEO)

Ron Gibson just posted this (1:05 pm Alaska time) while Michael is still live on air, starting hour 2 of his 3-hour broadcast. Move slider to the left to start at the beginning. This will become a normally operated video after Ron’s upload completes in about 2:20 hours from now.

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“Israel is a master at corrupting politicians around the world. … This little, tiny country wields tremendous influence, and they hold themselves as being above the law. … And of course, Israel has been screaming that Iran is within 6 months of a nuclear bomb going back to the 1980s. People should stop listening them. Look at all the liars we have in our corporate media and our government, the ones in Israel are more brazen.”

“Remember, we’re always told ‘it’s a free trade agreement,’ well if you have free trade you don’t need an agreement. These agreements are all about forcing countries to buy things they don’t really want, like our GMO agriculture.”

“There is a rumor, and I stress it is only a rumor that when Trump was down in Jeff Epstein’s little Pleasure Island in the Caribbean, that he was caught on video tape doing something incredibly icky.”

“In the end, it doesn’t matter how Donald Trump was turned. What’s important is he’s been turned, and he’s now a creature of the deep state. And that means we are all in serious, serious trouble.”

Michael brazenly mentions his “the imaginary playmate in the sky” phrase again — Michael, the open atheist, reverse-truther in this very serious way. Sad! This is a major reason why I don’t promote Michael’s show more.

– Michael Rivero quotes from today’s show

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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