New Vegas video could solve the helicopter gunship theory | A drill-that-went-rogue crisis actors too?

I believe many were killed and wounded at the Vegas incident. Real-investigators show strong evidence that a drill was also happening at the time — which somehow went rogue — or was hijacked.

Related: This video shows mulitiple strobe flashes from the front and rear with longer intervals in-between: RAW HELICOPTER Passing Mandalay Bay five minutes after shooting North side
This may be an important video regarding crisis actors, and to help solve the helicopter shooting theory. Could these be crisis actors, people who are a part of the drill being treated at the US Army trailers, that many believe to be the make-up trailers used in other false flag events? The guy has no blood on his gloves here. One Army trailer is shown. And by what someone is says in the video, they’re probably on the ground next to another Army trailer.
Also, at 00:47 HELICOPTER gun shots or a strobe? Viewed at 1/4 speed, I count nine bursts, varying from 1, 2, 3 and 4 flashes per burst. The interval between bursts seems constant, as if it’s a strobe, not a machine gun. No gunshots can be heard during the flashes. Are helicopter strobes set up to pulse variably like this? It looks like it’s flying towards the airport.
This seems almost certainly to be a strobe, which could be true of the flashes in the other helicopter footage, which many believe to be machine gun fire. The burst intervals seem too consistent to be anything but a strobe. Maybe they vary in number of flashes to catch one’s eye better.
UPDATE: A helicopter pilot says: “definitely strobe,” and also told me what to look for:

“[Regular helicopters] have position lights that are steady and an *anti-collision* light or strobe. Combo of red white or just white. Most have a double flash and pause; some are just steady. If they are doing black ops, there will be zero lights and using night vision goggles, and also no communication. Altitude is also too high for black ops.”

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New Raw Las Vegas Shooting North Of Route 91 Across From ARCO RENO AND GILES

Published on Oct 26, 2017

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