(vid) Hannity: Surprise! Twitter Direct Messages Not Private! – Foreigners monitor & shadow ban, laughing, selling profiles…

Surprise! Twitter DMs Are Not Private!, 1982

The Still Report

Published on Jan 15, 2018

Synopsis: James O’Keefe appeared on Hannity tonight to talk about his recent penetration of Twitter and the Project Veritas videos he is releasing.
All Republicans are from Russia??? These are the folks who run Twitter – not that well informed. In fact, notice from their accents, none of them were born in the United States. They have no appreciation for this country, yet they have a powerful, monopolistic grip on us.
So there you have it. Nothing you do on Twitter is private – even the Direct Messages – which are supposed to be private. Luckily, we were tipped off to this nearly 2 years ago during the Trump primaries, because it was essential that we knew who we were dealing with.
And that, my friends is why you need a VPN. If you are operating behind a good VPN if you don’t identify yourself with your tweets, they can’t know who you to tie you to advertising algorithms, use your Direct Messages to embarrass you, etc. This is only going to get worse as time goes on.

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