(vid) Las Vegas shooting: Cover-up? — One of the LVMPD report's photos of Paddock's room Photoshopped – proof!

Up until now, this guy has been seemingly trying to push the official story through his technical analysis. This time, he shows that at least one of the photos in the LVMPD report has been manipulated. So if one was….
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Las Vegas shooting: Cover-up?

Mr Visual
Published on Apr 22, 2018
This episode discusses a photo in the LVMPD report. Recently, Mr Burgandy brought attention to a detail in this photo, which he called an “arm”. Some time earlier, another user discussed this photo, and claimed that it showed a room other than 32-134.
In this video, we’ll argue that this photo is neither showing an arm, nor another room. It is showing room 32-134, but there are clues that suggest that this part of the photo may have been replaced or manipulated. Note that when we say “cover-up”, we’re referring simply to a possibly modified image, not necessarily a conspiracy.
1. Technical analysis
2. Speculation
3. Resolution
“32134 2 different rooms..” (America’struthcomesfirst!! JCP)
“Las Vegas Shooting – Hidden Object in FIT Report Photo” (Mr. Burgandy)
“LVMPD Preliminary Report”

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