(vid) Vegas' "Smoking gun proof": Hoover is dumb

Something is seriously wrong about the guy who calls himself ‘John Hoover.’ The way he’s responded to myself and others in comments also proves this.
Also see the follow-up: Smoking gun 2: Hoover is still dumb
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Smoking gun proof: Hoover is dumb

Mr Visual
Published on Apr 24, 2018
Regular viewers will have to forgive the tone of this episode. Usually, the videos here are calm and collected. But this is done very quickly, today is a bad day, and the sheer stupidity we’re dealing with is profound.
“Smoking GUN: Proof The First Shots Did Not Come from 32-135”  (John E Hoover)
“Las Vegas Audio in 3D Pt 2 Explanations, Questions” (Mr Visual)

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