(vid) Pilot Who Flew The Airplanes That 'Crashed on 9/11' Speaks Out! — Wings cut through Twin Towers' steel wall because of the high velocity — Jet fighters cut through a thick steel gondola cable because of the velocity's kinetic energy

Cavalese cable car disaster (1998)

On 3 February 1998, an EA-6B Prowler, BuNo (bureau number) 163045, ‘CY-02’, callsign Easy 01, an electronic warfare aircraft belonging to Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 2 (VMAQ-2) of the United States Marine Corps, was on a low altitude training mission. At 15:13 local time it struck the cables supporting the aerial tramway-style cable car from Cavalese. The aircraft was flying at a speed of 540 miles per hour (870 km/h) and at an altitude of between 260 and 330 feet (80 and 100 m) in a narrow valley between the mountains. When reaching approximately 46.283733°N 11.467237°ECoordinates: 46.283733°N 11.467237°E, the aircraft’s right wing struck the cables from underneath. The cable was severed causing the cabin from Cermis with 20 passengers on board to plunge over 80 metres (260 ft) killing them all. The plane had wing and tail damage but was able to return to its base, Aviano Air Base.[3][4]

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Pilot Who Flew The Airplanes That Crashed on 9/11 Speaks Out!

Real 911questions
Published on Nov 23, 2014
See article: http://911-questions.com/pilot-who-fl…
Pilot Expert, Russ Wittenberg, who actually flew the planes that hit the South Tower and the one who “allegedly” crashed in Shanksville Speaks Out.
Also explains the fundamental physics about the planes hitting the Towers. 
Pilots for 9/11 truth

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