(VID) Pilot interviewed about Chemtrails – *Normal contrails* require rare conditions: >66% humidity, below -40°, >30,000+ feet — Willem Felderhof with Richie Allen

My Notes
9:30 “It’s almost impossible to perform a persistent contrail. ..you need unique atmospheric conditions in order to form a contrail, and these conditions are hardly ever present. … You have to be an airplane above 30,000 feet; the temperature has to be below -40°C [or -40°F], and you have to have relative humidity of 67% [or higher].”
15:30 In the fuel for commercial planes and aerosol sprayers on military
Airlines may be involved.
28:15 Weather modification

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Pilot interviewed about Chemtrails
Published on Mar 28, 2017
A former KLM pilot, Willem Felderhof, is interviewed by Richie Allen about chemtrails and geoengineering.
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Important: none of the videos mentioned below used as background videos necessarily agree with anything said in the interview!
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And then I reused these background videos.
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