Another John 'Hoover' Vegas disinfo video: "Dumbfounded Where is the Alternative Media? You don’t see/hear this? …"

John Hoover/Cullen (fake names) again proves he’s some kind of disinformation agent. He’s the guy who insists the shots came from helicopters only. I’ve seen commenters (including myself) consistently show serious errors in his videos, but he keeps at it.
This time, ‘Hoover’ mentions names of those who missed this important information, and then says in the comments that “we” [who is ‘we’?] know the information presented in the video is wrong, based on the testimony of one person, who didn’t take any photos, Lucas Bruch:

‘I Could See the End of the Rifle and the Muzzle Fire’: N.C. Man Shares Las Vegas Story

The comments:

16 hours ago
Just for the record, in your video at 8:05, it does look like the window to room 32-134 is broken out. Just throwing that out there…

John E Hoover
16 hours ago
We agree. We’ve seen muzzle flash from 32-134 too. We believe it was broken and witnessed by Lucas Bruch at 10:05 pm.

‘Hoover’ is strange.

• • •

Dumbfounded Where is the Alternative Media? You don’t see/hear this? Vegas Shooting Opinion
John E Hoover
Published on Jul 23, 2018
How is it even remotely possible that NO ONE in the alternative / independent media has picked up on Intellihub/Shepard Ambellas and IAMJOHNCULLEN’s reporting on the Bitsko bodycam (BWC) footage.
We clearly hear Sergeant Matchko exclaim to Corey that “It’s Not!” when he goes to check the window in 32-135.  There IS NO broken window.
Yet,all of the members of the independent media have ignored this crucial piece of evidence.  Why?
Do we now need a THIRD TIER of independent journalists to check up on the work of the first tier..?
This is insane..
Who is afraid of John Cullen?
Who is afraid of Intellihub?
Don’t you all want to get to the truth?  Why so silent?

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