Chuck Baldwin: Noahide Law, Not Sharia Law, Is The Threat

Noahide Law, Not Sharia Law, Is The Threat

Published: Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Pharisees, Scribes, Elders and Priests of Israel were the great enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was they who led the Hebrew people to crucify Christ and persecute and kill His apostles. These were also the men whose teachings and doctrines would later be compiled in the Talmud. The Sanhedrin was the governing council of these men and of the Hebrew nation at the time. …

Did you know that our U.S. Congress and every president since Jimmy Carter have given Noahide laws official legal status in the United States? Donald Trump has signed official documents recognizing Noahide laws all three years he’s been in office. …

*Noahide Law calls for the death of anyone practicing idolatry (defined as any type of worship other than Talmudic worship), blasphemy (this, again, was the charge the Sanhedrin used against Christ, the apostles and every Christian persecuted under its dominion), sexual immorality (as weirdly defined in the Talmud) and stealing (from Talmudists—but it is perfectly permissible for Talmudists to steal from the Goyim); it also obligates everyone to set up Talmudic courts to administer these Noahide laws.

Before I proceed further, in order to more fully understand the above paragraph, I urge readers to order Michael Hoffman’s outstanding book Judaism’s Strange Gods. …

*American Public Law 102-14 states that Noahide laws are the foundation of American civilization [NOT TRUE—Reformation theology and Natural Law formed the foundation of American civilization], that it is our responsibility to transmit them [Noahide laws] to the next generation, and every president since Jimmy Carter has signed an international scroll along with other heads of state pledging to use education to put the world under the Noahide laws.

*Jewish legal groups that advocate for Noahide laws are promoting capital punishment laws that comply with the Talmudic form of execution, namely decapitation, be established.

*There are many Christian Zionists who are willingly complying with this agenda and who are working with the Sanhedrin in Israel to promote the Noahide laws, including the building of a third Jewish temple and the resumption of animal sacrifices in anticipation of a coming messiah.

From a spiritual perspective, everything about the implementation of Talmudic Noahide laws—including building a third Jewish temple and advocating for (or excusing) animal sacrifices in anticipation of a coming messiah—is blatant sacrilege. The Messiah came 2,000 years ago, and the Hebrew people rejected and crucified Him.

As a result of Israel’s rejection of their Messiah, God destroyed their holy city, Jerusalem—including their holy temple. He instituted His New Covenant with all mankind in which there is neither Jew nor Gentile, but all are one in Christ.

Everything—and I mean everything—about the attempted implementation of Talmudic Noahide laws, animal sacrifices, a third Jewish temple (under the New Covenant, the bodies of Christians, through the indwelling Holy Spirit, form a new temple of God—I Corinthians 3:16, 17; 6:19) and the counterfeit State of Israel itself is a work of antichrist to deceive the world and remove people from the New Covenant work of grace through Christ’s death and resurrection and bring them under the bondage of Old Covenant Law—a covenant that Christ has fulfilled and thereby abolished in His flesh (Ephesians 2:15).

From a political perspective, Talmudism and Noahide laws are a much greater threat to liberty in America than Islam and Sharia Law. MUCH GREATER.

The U.S. Congress has never passed any form of Sharia Law in U.S. Public Law, but it has passed Talmudic Noahide laws. No U.S. president has signed a document officially recognizing Sharia Law, but every president since Jimmy Carter has signed documents officially recognizing Talmudic Noahide laws.

Furthermore, it is Talmudic, not Sharia, policies that are driving America’s federal government (and most, if not all, of our State governments) today. Abortion-on-demand, pornography, government thievery, gun control, a burgeoning police state, teaching the theory of evolution as fact, atheistic public education, perpetual war, using the accusation of antisemitism as a tool to silence critics, passing laws against people who would boycott Israel over its genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people, the judicial branch of government circumventing the legislative branch by creating laws from the bench, the relentless attacks on America’s Founding Fathers, the Zionist media’s “1619 Project,” etc., ad infinitum, are all tools and tenets of Talmudism.

For all intents and purposes, America is already being subjected to Talmudic Law; and the implementation of Noahide Law is now also becoming a reality. And absolutely none of this could be happening without the enthusiastic, albeit spiritually blinded, support of America’s Christian Zionists—a term which, by definition, is the ultimate oxymoron.

The Talmudists of today are the Pharisees of yesterday. They were the enemies of Christ and the Church then; and they are the enemies of Christ and the Church now.

P.S. In light of the Talmudic/Chabadist “Organization of 70 Nations” conference that’s taking place in Jerusalem this week, I spoke last Sunday on the subject The Talmud, Chabadism And Noahide Laws. I highly encourage readers to watch it. I am also including this new message in The Israel Package – Set Two. This package also includes my message The Destruction Of Jerusalem.

Also very germane to and further illustrative of the contents of this column is Michael Hoffman’s outstanding book Judaism’s Strange Gods.

I strongly encourage folks to avail themselves of these materials (while they are still legal to distribute) in the hope that something said in these books and messages will help to awaken the slumbering masses of Christians who have been tranquilized by Scofield Zionism.

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