Vegas shooting: helicopter pilot refused to move LVMPD sniper into position

This may be the guy who had a long rifle, and was getting ready to take off in a helicopter next to the Harley Davidson shop in the video many of us saw after the event, which YouTube has taken down. Sad to hear that the pilot chickened out.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner was told that an LVMPD sniper was inside a police helicopter armed with a rifle with optics capable of looking in the room and asked the pilot to get as close as possible to the broken-out window, however the pilot refused because he was unsure if anyone in the room would start firing again and endanger the aircraft.

When the LVMPD released police body-worn camera footage of the ad-hoc SWAT Team making entry into Paddock’s suite at 11:20 p.m., you can hear on the audio an officer communicating on his police radio with another officer named Jaire. According to police sources, Jaire was the LVMPD sniper who was inside the police helicopter.

From: EXCLUSIVE: MGM Resorts International executive knew that a sniper attack from a hotel high-rise posed a threat prior to October 1 massacre


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