MSM misled public, fueling ‘flat earth’: SpaceSelfie ‘satellite’ that crashed not a satellite — “Our ‘balloon’ will soar into the stratosphere” –Samsung

Flat earthers, including Owen Benjamin are now claiming satellites are all stationary, hanging from balloons, to fit their flat earth theory.

ABC and others calling this a ‘satellite’ fuels this deception: Space satellite crashes in front yard of Michigan home. Many just read the headline; though, the first paragraph calls it a “pseudo satellite.” But why call it a satellite at all? By definition, this is not a satellite, but a balloon.

It’s just a balloon with their selfie device and solar panels. Details from Samsung’s site:

SpaceSelfie: Behind the Scenes

Take a peek at the out-of-this-world tech behind our mission to space.

From a super-pressure high-altitude balloon to bespoke apps, we pulled out all the stops to make SpaceSelfie a reality. So let’s lift the lid and take a closer look at the magic behind our mission to get your faces into space on a Samsung screen. …

A balloon that’ll take us to new heights

We’re using a super-pressure high-altitude helium balloon to send our Galaxy S10 5G to space. It’s a giant, measuring half the size of a standard basketball court. And to start its mission, we needed somewhere with enough area to launch it properly.

While carrying a bespoke payload box that holds the phone, our balloon will soar into the stratosphere above the rugged terrain of the American Midwest. The special payload box has even been engineered to take in to account the curvature of the earth, ensuring the best quality photos are captured.


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