Mario Lanza ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ 1951 – Powerfully Moving!

Jeff Rense had Ted Pike on his show two days before Christmas, and BLEW ME AWAY by playing this powerful version of ‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ to bless Ted and his listeners!


Hour 2 – Rev Ted Pike Trump’s – Unambiguous War On Free Speech And ‘Zionism and Christianity The Unholy Alliance’ The full length film by Ted Pike

On the Rense home page, Jeff  is currently linking to Ted’s film that most helped me understand the ‘Christian’ Zionism deception:

‘Zionism And Christianity – The Unholy Alliance’
The Full-Length Film By Ted Pike – Vid

Mario Lanza – The Lord’s Prayer

Just Music. Mario Lanza sings “The Lord’s Prayer” in this 1951 recording with the Jeff Alexander Choir & Orchestra where Constantine Callinicos conducted.

The film version is faster and not as powerful — still amazing!

Mario Lanza – THE LORD’S PRAYER from the film Because You’re Mine

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