Noah Pozner’s Open Casket Viewed By Gov. Malloy – Sandy Hook Happened

Some who claim nobody died at Sandy Hook claim there were no open caskets. Here is at least one open casket, which the governor witnessed, confirmed by The Forward, as stated in this article. The casket was not open during the funeral.

Deanna Spingola: “Many of the pre-funeral viewings had open caskets.”

6-year-old Jack Pinto had an open casket.

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From: The Forward

Wrestling With Details of Noah Pozner’s Killing

Naomi Zeveloff
January 3, 2013

Nine days after Veronique Pozner’s son, Noah, was killed in the Newtown schools shootings, I interviewed her and other members of the family about their grieving process. The family had just finished observing the official Jewish mourning period.

I spent over an hour with Veronique…. He was shot multiple times; she told me that his jaw and his left hand were mostly gone. …

Veronique told me that Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy visited her in the funeral home, and she brought him to see Noah’s open casket. I asked her why it was important for her and for the governor to see Noah’s body. “I needed it to have a face for him,” she said. “If there is ever a piece of legislation that comes across his desk, I needed it to be real for him.” …

Several family members also chose to view Noah’s body. … [Casket was closed during the service, as a photo shows here.]

Then, unprompted by me, Veronique described what she saw: “We all saw how beautiful he was. He had thick, shiny hair, beautiful long eyelashes that rested on his cheeks. He looked like he was sleeping. But the reality of it was under the cloth he had covering his mouth there was no mouth left. His jaw was blown away. I just want people to know the ugliness of it so we don’t talk about it abstractly….

Even though the Forward typically eschews quote verification, I offered it….

I wanted to double check with my editor, Jane Eisner. …

One problem remained: we hadn’t verified the fact that Gov. Malloy viewed Noah’s body. Since we were on a tight deadline, we removed that detail when we published the story online, and we added it back in after I had checked it with the Governor’s office.

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