(audio) Dave Gahary w/ Deanna Spingola 7/19: 15 hours with Lenny Pozner & Fetzer in court • “Nobody Died” banned because of copyright violations • Spingola/Fetzer debate facts • Dishonest Halbig made a really big mess • 78,000 pages of evidence ignored!


34:59 Halbig has portrayed himself as something he is not:

• Not a homicide investigator
• Not a Florida state trooper – “didn’t make it past the probationary period”
• Not a customs officer
• Wasn’t a nationally known safety expert
His ‘fine’ office was a mailbox in a UPS store
• [Did not drive Martin Luther King, Jr. – Deanna doesn’t mention]

Admittedly on psych drugs.

“He just made a really big mess.”

40:00 How Dave Gahary got involved as Jim Fetzer’s publisher of the “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” book, after it was banned by Amazon

40:27 Amazon told Fetzer his book “Nobody Died…” was banned because of copyright violations, using others’ work without their permission, and using copyrighted images. Explained more at 54:40.

47:25 Deanna was willing to debate Jim Fetzer if the debate was structured. Fetzer declined, saying it was too structured.

Fetzer offered to do a debate with Deanna, who declined because she didn’t want to be involved in an emotional debate, knowing how Fetzer can be. Mark Elsis suggested a format that would be less confrontational, which Elsis would moderate. Elsis proposed this to Fetzer, who declined, because he said it was too structured. “I noted in other debates, Mr. Fetzer would kind of monopolize things, and raise his voice….”

51:49 Lenny Pozner filed a complaint against the authors Fetzer and Palacek and Gahary’s company.

108:10 Gahary recalls experience of spending 15 hours with Lenny Pozner during the court case in Madison, Wisconsin with Fetzer and Palacek. Gahary concluded Lenny Pozner was telling the truth about his son dying. “There is no way that I would believe that he is a liar.” Gahary then apologized to Pozner, and the next day they settled.

1:35:00 “Many of the funerals were open casket. There were lineups of the people going through.” – Deanna

1:58:00 “If you only look at one side, then you are not going to be in agreement [that S H happened] unless you can be objective and say… ‘maybe I was wrong. Let me take a look at the other side, the 78,000 pages that were compiled, the photographs, the audios, the evidence that was compiled during that year….”

Listen Here:

Dave Gahary was Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon. This interview with Dave was in regards to the recent legal action filed against the editors and publisher of the book, Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control. (MP3)

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