(vid) Sandy Hook Dash Cam Time Stamps Demystified

Watch at 6:30: C. W. Wade films himself loading the DVD-R video into his computer, and then right-clicks on the movie, turning on close captions, which show the time stamps that Halbig did entire shows insisting he wasn’t given dash cam videos that had the time stamps. I watched him tell this story on a John B. Wells’ CTM show, and believed him at the time.

Has Wolfgang ever admitted he was wrong about anything?

Has Fetzer?

Watch at 6:30:

Sandy Hook Dash Cam Time Stamps Demystified

Jun 3, 2015

Sandy Hook Facts

The hoaxers led by Wolfgang claim have failed to grasp the concept of closed captions timestamps; this issue has stumped and mystiefied the combined intellect of the entire hoaxer community; therefore, it must be debunked.

Sandy Hook Tragedy: Focus on facts has explained it here.


This video demonstrates how the time stamps work.

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