(vid) Jake: Rebutting the Claims of Wolfgang Halbig About Sandy Hook

3:30 Jake says this was aired live on April 12, 2019, but he posted it on Bitchute on the 7th?

10 Lenny Pozner reached out to Halbig in a number of different ways, and Halbig refused to talk with him unless Lenny would exhume his son.

25 Halbig planned on examining the graves with a ground detection system, which he spells as “fluir.”

33:30 Jake shows that Halbig is shown in a police report as being a S20, which he says is a mentally disturbed person, but I found an S20 could indicate an “unknown problem.” See here and here.

35:10 “Halbig is a serial liar.” Jake gets a fact wrong, says Halbig graduated class of ’74, but it was ’65. Halbig wrote this lie to the NAACP:

The greatest honor this old man of 70 ever had and will take to my grave is when I worked as a Florida State Trooper in Miami, Florida.

I was assigned to Dr. Martin Luther King who was in St Augustine, Florida during a March on the beach.  I had the privilege of driving him from the beach to the airport in order to get him out of town safe and secure, (source)

42 Halbig actually admitted he lied about MLK, who was in high school at the time of MLK’s visit:

“I wrote that to get the attention of the ACLU even with a lie because that is what has been happening to me by so many people trying to find something about me to accuse me of.”

44:05 Jake scrolls through the Sandy Hook principal who died, Dawn Hochsprung’s Twitter feed, which shows many Sandy Hook photos.

46:45 Wayback Machine shows S H open in their other website


Live – Rebutting the Claims of Wolfgang Halbig About Sandy Hook

April 7th, 2019 [YouTube air date: ?]

Let’s set the drama aside and just look at the facts together… I’ll present evidence and you make up your own mind.

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