China’s Deaths Higher Due to Covert SARS Vaccine? – “Weakened their response to an otherwise mild coronavirus infection”

Is the USA overreacting to COVID-19, falsely assuming that what happened in the Wuhan area of China could happen here? The mortality rate in Wuhan (and Hubei) didn’t even happen in the rest of China, which apparently didn’t get the covert SARS vaccine.

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More on the ACE2-Related Asian COVID-19 Susceptibility Hypothesis

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD – 2/16/2020


Why Is the Mortality Rate So Low Outside of China?

The current mortality rate outside of China is very low, I estimate around 0.005%, compared to the 2.3% rate in China. Most if not all of the deaths outside of China have involved Chinese citizens who have traveled abroad.

Current hypotheses include that a covert SARS vaccination program was included in the national mandatory vaccination program started on Dec 1, 2019 that happened to involve a secondary true outbreak of Coronavirus with secondary exposure. Under such conditions, the animal models clearly show that vaccination against SARS spike proteins lead to high rates of morbidity and mortality, especially in older mice. No children seem to be dying in China, consistent with them being excluded from a large-scale initial Phase II or Phase III trial. Mortality appears highest in Hubei and Wuhan as well. We know a Phase I trial against SARS was conducted with 120 people by Sinovac around 2007.

Another possibility is that a vaccine used by the Chinese has weakened their response to an otherwise mild coronavirus infection. SARS 2 binding to ACE2 is weaker. Thimerosal inhibits ERAP1. Vaccination with aluminum hydroxide containing vaccines might induce autoimmunity in the lungs. All of these factors could play a role in making vaccinated individuals more susceptible.


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