Tulsi Gabbard lost her political future & moral high ground with Biden-2020 endorsement

Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race to endorse her ideological opposite, establishment darling Joe Biden. …

A candidate who built her campaign on opposition to the business-as-usual Democratic policies of cloaking foreign military intervention in humanitarian jargon, Gabbard instead called for taking the trillions spent on the slaughter and plunder of hopelessly-outmatched Middle Eastern nations and using that money to rebuild the crumbling American homeland. It was a message that resonated across the partisan divide, even attracting some disillusioned 2016 Trump supporters who had voted for the president based on his promise to end the endless wars in Syria and Afghanistan, then watched in horror as he stepped up the bombing and tried to open another front in Iran.

For the young Hawaiian to throw her support behind Biden – a man with nearly a 50-year track record of supporting Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma and the rest of the ruling establishment “because he has a good heart is spitting in the face of the hundreds of thousands of supporters who have contributed to her campaign, made phone calls on her behalf, packed town halls, and otherwise poured their precious time and money into supporting a long-shot candidate.


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