Owen Benjamin Sings “There’s a bitten apple on my phone”

I’ve long wondered why more people aren’t bothered by the apple with the bite out of it, what God prohibited Adam and Eve from doing.

I was delighted to hear Owen sing this line, which relates to my 2011 post:

“Think Different’s” Other Meaning: APPLE Computer’s overt ANTI-GOD propaganda — The Macintosh logo: an Apple with A BITE TAKEN OUT OF IT – what Adam and Eve were NOT supposed to do. | The real operating system hiding under MacOS X, *Darwin* has a cartoon mascot, dressed as a devil named *Hexley* (from Thomas Huxley, known as ‘Darwin’s Bulldog’ and the word ‘hex’) | “Daemons” (how Pagans write “demon”) HIDE in the background, DOING THINGS without the user’s notice… | First Apple sold for $666.66!

The interactions with Owen’s son is a joy!


Saturday April 4, 2020 Nightstream | Folk Music Chat at Piano

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