Rivero: “Amazing we’re accused of racism when we say ‘All Lives Matter'”

“Walmart has announced they will stop selling all merchandise featuring the logo ‘ALL LIVES MATTER.’ I think they’re being cowards here. Of course, we understand that places of business that push ‘ALL LIVES MATTER’ are being targeted. Still, I’m a believer in that last statement, ‘all lives matter’ — black, white, brown, red, peach, taupe, mauve, born and unborn. And it’s amazing that we’re accused of racism when we say ‘all lives matter.'”

– Mike Rivero at minute-21:20 here:

What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Wednesday 7/1/20: News, Calls & Commentary

Ron Gibson


Walmart Faces Backlash for Selling ‘All Lives Matter’ T-Shirt Online

A user by the name of Sarah Grace Wright brought up Walmart’s recent pledge toward achieving *racial equity* and urged the company to remove all of its “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter” merchandise.

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