Fires Did Not Cause Collapse of WTC Towers: Richard Gage w/ Nathan Stolpman – Ends of the WTC 7 beam were partly evaporated, temps of 4,000°F. Office fires don’t even get a quarter of that, typically

17:35 The one piece of steel saved from Building 7: the ends of the beam were partly evaporated, requiring temps of 4,000°F. “Office fires don’t even get a quarter of that, typically.”

Steel doesn’t begin to melt until 2800°F, Gage later says about the molten steel seen flowing from the tower and later, seen in the debris.

Explosives normally used in demolitions like C4 would give off a telltale bang, thus nanothermite was used instead.

4 and 8-ton structural steel sections were hurled laterally in all directions at 80 mph, landing 600-800 feet away! “98% of the steel is distributed laterally, outside the footprint, destroying buildings all around it. … If you look at the base of these towers, there’s only a two-story pile of [debris]. Everything else is destroyed and pulverized and sent outside of the footprint.”

48:10 How aluminum planes pierced through steel walls:
Objects traveling very fast produce surprising results:
• Tornadoes can drive straw through trees and 2x4s through concrete curbs
• Ping pong ball can be shot through a paddle

The walls were sectioned. The pattern left was rectilinear. “Most of what the plane did was punch through those sections and dislodge the four 5/8′ round bolts that’s holding them together. … It does appear mid-wingspan some columns that appear to have been sliced.” 14″ square steel columns having 3/4″ thick steel sides.

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