The Coronavirus and the Constitution | Constitution Day Celebration Panel

Disappointedly, the Constitution isn’t discussed much at all, but interesting points made, especially this quote!:

1:08:35 John Hinderaker: A survey shows that the average person thinks 9% of people have died from covid. If that were to be true, we would all personally know many who have died from covid, which isn’t true. In reality, only a tiny fraction of 1% have died from covid:

“I mentioned there is this survey in which the average answer that Americans gave to ‘what percentage of our population has died from covid,’ the average answer is 9%. If 9% of the people in this country died from covid, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, people who go to your church, they would all be dropping like flies.

How a person can simultaneously say ‘I don’t know anybody who’s died from Covid…,’ but then when asked that question, ‘I think 9% of the population has died,’ I don’t know how anybody could possibly believe that.

There used to be such a thing as common sense, based upon a person’s own experience. If somebody came along and tried to sell a line of B.S., the average person would test that proposition against his experience and his observation and he might say ‘I don’t think so. That’s not the way I see it. That hasn’t been my experience.’ It seems as if that’s just gone. Now it’s the guys in the white coats, headlines, something we heard on cable news. And there are many people who have seemed to obtain this ability to internalize those things without checking it against their own common sense, which I think if very dangerous.”

Panel: “The Coronavirus and the Constitution”
Chairman: Ronald J. Pestritto

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Robert Barnes | Barnes Law, LLP

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Alex Berenson | Author and Journalist

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John Hinderaker | Powerline

The Coronavirus and the Constitution | Constitution Day Celebration Panel

Oct 1, 2020

Hillsdale College

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