AwakenWithJP: 12 Reasons NOT To Speak Up! – “It would be wrong to speak out at a time like this. Here’s why.”

With what the tyrants are doing in the world right now, here are 12 reasons why you should NOT speak up!

#1 Loss of Approval: “For starters, speaking out means you could lose some people’s approval, and that would be really scary for you. That’s why you shouldn’t so it, because of your fear. Therefore, not speaking out means you’ll gain the approval of people who approve of living in fear.”

#2 Requires Bravery: “Speaking out requires bravery, and nobody respects people who are brave. They only respect those who are agreeable all the time. And if you can stay aligned with the agreeability of tyrants, then you know you’re doing good work in the world, because you’re aligned with tyrants.”

#7 Social Credit System: “It’s like the abusers will be implementing a social credit system, and by watching it all happen while you’re doing and saying nothing, you’re already earning yourself a good social credit score. It keeps you in good standing with the abusers, rather than being in good standing with good people.”

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