Prosecutor’s Take from Watching the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

The prosecution has rested after only 10 days, having only presenting four witnesses, two of which were not minors during the abuse. Key witnesses were likely cut. Epstein Island wasn’t mentioned. Doesn’t look like Trump was mentioned.

Former prosecutor, Zack Smith, who has watched the trial on closed circuit TV said this:

Still many years later these victims are clearly disturbed. There were tears shed on the stand by these victims.

Joel Skousen wrote in yesterday’s World Affairs Brief:

The Daily Signal spoke with Zack Smith, a former assistant US attorney in the Northern District of Florida who now is a legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation. It’s the best interim analysis so far of this trial. He’s concerned about how the prosecutors have pulled back on negative witnesses, and not touched any abuse that took place on Epstein’s sordid island in the Caribbean. He feels the 4 victims called by prosecutors are credible, but the super-highly paid defense is not missing an opportunity to try and discredit the girls, accusing them all of being in it for the money.

STORY:  A Former Prosecutor’s Take on Ghislaine Maxwell Trial


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