Dr. Ryan Cole grilled by Boise district to be on medical board — The two men voted ‘yay’ and the lady voted ‘nay’ afterward. He’s on the board!

Ryan does mention vitamin D.

The Ada County Commission [Boise, Idaho] interview three candidates for an open seat on the Central District Health board on Aug. 9, 2021. They later selected Dr. Ryan Cole. This is the entire, uncut interview.

5:55 “Hypocrites said 3,000 years ago: ‘let thy food by they medicine, and let they medicine by they food.’ Every physician’s job should be to put him or herself out of a job by creating wellness for their patient…. That should be the real goal of medicine as a physician. Put yourself out of a job because your patients are well.”

Ada County Commission Interview With Dr. Ryan Cole (uncut)

Aug 17, 2021

Idaho Statesman


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