JP Reacts: Joe Rogan and Matt Walsh Disagree Over Gay Marriage – Reaction

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One of the main issues with same sex marriage is that when children are adopted by a same sex couple, they are deprived of one of their biological parents BY DESIGN. This puts adults’ desire to be parents above the child’s basic right (wherever possible) to be raised by both their biologicalparents. This is totally different to the sad situation where one parent is lost by divorce or

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To define marriage we need to look at historical societal facts and try to leave subjective feelings aside. A man and a woman leave their parents and join together, becoming one. Both males and females are needed for procreation and raising and nurturing children. There is what is best and then there are lesser options. We all choose how we will live, but there are ways that are harmful to society, good for society, and best for society. We live in a time when people don’t often think of the good of society. Most just want to please their own desires.


Marriage is a God-ordained institution between a man and woman. Isaac and Rebecca got married, they made a commitment to each other that’s recorded in Genesis 24. And when the Bible says “Isaac brought Rebecca into the tent” well, this is just a reference to them consummating their marriage. Now, it’s true, there is no mention of a certificate or paperwork. They never even went to a courthouse. Why? Well, because marriage is an institution of God, not the invention of the state. And that’s why no legal documents are needed.

In fact, when I got married (to the most glorious woman, by the way), we exchanged our vows in front of our pastor and before our friends and family. Most importantly, we made our commitment to each other before God. Now sometime later that day, my wife and I filled out the necessary paperwork to register our marriage with the state. But that subsequent certificate we got from the government did not make us any more married than when we exchanged our vows before God. Our marriage began at the church, not later when the courthouse stamped our certificate.

Marriage, is a pre-political institution. It existed long before the state existed. And all that recent governments have done is created legal protections and privileges that provide the married couple with some benefits. Now, but the state though, did not create marriages. And that, by the way, is why the state should not redefine marriage. Marriage is a God-ordained institution, not a government-ordained institution.


Not to get into a backstory but I was raised by my father. I haven’t seen my mom in going on 17 years. Although my dad did an amazing job, growing up, I wish I would’ve had a strong maternal figure in my life.. or just my own mother. It was so difficult growing up without a mom. There were so many things that my dad just could not relate to or teach me. It definitely affected me in my adolescence into my adulthood. It’s a missing piece that is necessary for a woman to flourish to her full capacity.

Pro Rod

Matt nailed it. My dad died when I was 2. I’m 40 now and there’s still an emptiness in me that will never be filled. I never felt whole like the kids at school who had two parents. Men have their roles; women have theirs and the two don’t intermingle well. My mom did a great job on her own but nothing will ever provide me that support I needed like having my dad.


The was a girl in my high school with 2 moms and she was an absolute bully. She got suspended 3 times in one year before dropping out when she turned 16.

Phillip G

… I think the issue is marriage is a procreative union, and cannot be between two people of the same sex or between more than 1 man and 1 woman, and to say otherwise strips the definition from the word and people in a marriage are hurt. I’m married and have a child and my marriage and fatherhood could not exist without my wife. To change the meaning of marriage so that others can use it to define something else, effectively undefined it for me. It’s inappropriate to equate a homosexual relationship incapable of procreation with marriage. Marriage has always been the same thing. Pretending otherwise is causing issues in society because people sense something is off, even if they may not recognize the slight of hand happening. …


I will input from personal experience. I have been a solo-father for 17 years. I have done my best to be ‘both” Father and Mother. I have been told I have done a great job. But I personally feel that my kids who are adults missed out. I couldnt be the best Dad I could have as I was also trying to be a Mum as well (which I freely admit I didnt do so well at). Both have had a yearning for a “Mother” figure in their lives. I believe a funtioning nuclear family is the ideal building block for society. Both my kids are doing okay. But it would have been better to have a stable mother in their lives as well.


My father abandoned us when I was 12. I became wild. My mother couldn’t discipline me as I was going through the most formable years of my life. A boy needs a Dad…