[video] Insider: Pedophilia Among America’s Leaders — Including ‘Conservative’ Republican Presidents?

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Ron Paul a modern day Joseph? Flees sexual immorality!

Ted Gunderson: “How about the Bushes? Would you comment on that?”

Rusty Nelson: “They know, firsthand. They participated, both father and son.”

Transcribed from part 10 of this interview

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXr8hO8ausQ]Rusty Nelson Interview by Alex Merklinger with Co Host Ted Gunderson April 29 2005 Part 1

This is the Rusty Nelson radio interview with Alex Merklinger on April 29 2005 against the advice of his attorney . Rusty Nelson is the photographer for Larry King [not the Larry King of Larry King Live fame – ed.] who was involved in the Franklin Credit Union Scandal in the 1980’s. This interview is unavailable from Alex Merklinger’s website www.mysteriesofthemind.com. go to www.franklincase.org and www.franklinfiles.net. Rusty has made a new interview it is available at www.freerangehumans.net

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Bohemian Grove Worker (investigator) Jailed on Trumped-up Charges, Beaten

From: Prison Planet

Jack McLamb tells how his webmaster, “Kyle” aka Chris Jones, snuck into Bohemian Grove and smuggled out video and photos of the grove and gave them to Alex Jones. Alex turned the images and video into a film entitled: Order of Death, Part 2 of Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove.

The police later arrested Chris on trumped-up charges and he now sits in jail.

Jack McLamb warns Alex Jones and his large world-wide listening audience, that young Chris, a good Christian and upright citizen, might be “suicided” in jail.

Watch Interview

Watch Order of Death, Part 2 & Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, mentioned above


Alex Jones’ Bohemian Grove Exposed Page

These photos from The Annals of the Bohemian Club (vol 7) are particularly interesting. Included: George W. Bush, George Bush, Sr., Jimmy Carter, Newt Gingrich, Walter Cronkite & the ‘mock’ human sacrifice in front of the 30-foot stone owl at the Cremation of Care