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The Jasons – The Secret Group of Government Advisors You’ve Never Heard Of

Mark Dice: The Illuminati, Secret Societies, Communism — Real History Overview


John Torrel w/ John B Wells: The Protocols of Power Part 1 – Caravan to Midnight

Related: John Torrel w/ John B Wells: The Kabbalah – Caravan to Midnight

– –

John S. Torrel shows how the book: ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ (‘The Protocols of Zion,’ ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’) lays out their cutthroat, Talmudic, Satanic world domination plan.

An overview of the first 5 protocols.

Facebook: John S. Torrel, European-American Evangelistic Crusades

Website and Books: European-American Evangelistic Crusades

Satanic Freemason Ritual Caught On Camera, Undercover Video Reveals Mock EXECUTION & EVIL

Kyle Clifton, AKA Kyle Undercover, joins Stew to talk about the secret satanic ritual he recently recorded at a Masonic lodge.

13:30 Talmudist globalism is behind Freemasonry

Stew Peters Network

Freemasonry’s secret rituals exposed in viral video published by undercover Catholic journalist

LifeSiteNews Story

After being initiated, every Freemason is issued a Jewish Bible with Talmudic/Masonic interpretation

After being initiated, every Freemason is issued a Jewish Bible with Talmudic/Masonic interpretation.

There are hundreds of pages where it falsely interprets biblical teachings and stories to push a Zionist global agenda.

Freemason ritual filmed by Kyle Clifton (2023)

Kyle – Undercover

I went undercover with a hidden camera to expose a Freemason Ritual.

The masonic oath & penalties are sworn over, essentially a Jewish Talmud. The 3 lamps are illuminated to mock our Holy Trinity.

Chris Pinto: The Secret Architecture of Washington DC

Jason Bermas: Another Summer At The Bohemian Grove — Truth ignored by MSM

The Tim Ballard Rabbit Hole

#The Sound of Freedom #Mormon #LDS


Here’s all my research into Tim Ballard and the organizations that surround him and his partners.


Mark Dice: Here’s How We Know Bohemian Grove is Real

Mark Dice on Bohemian Grove: It’s 100% Real – Here’s What We Know For Sure

Skull & Bones ritual scene – Matt Damon in ‘The Good Shephard’

Alex Jones mentioned this disgusting Skull and Bones ritual scene in a recent interview, in which the global elite pee on a future global elitist, laying naked in a coffin, part of the mind-control and blackmailing. The filming is described here.

The 4 Worlds of Kabbalah – Part 1 – John B Wells LIVE w/ Daniel Duval

Starts at 1:06:25

John B. Wells Live

Alex Jones Tells Bohemian Grove Infiltration Story for 30 Minutes in 3-Hour Interview

1:22:40 Alex is trying to love his enemies now.

1:27:10 Bohemian Grove for 30 minutes!

3:01:55 Joe Rogan “plays dumb,” acting like he doesn’t know what’s really going on. Alex is talking to Joe “every day,” which probably just means often. Alex still exaggerates, which is not being committed to telling the truth no matter what.

At Bilderberg’s bigwig bash two things are guaranteed: Kissinger and secrecy

Charlie Skelton was again the only mainstream journalist covering Bilderberg.


YouTube Just Made a MAJOR Change To Their Terms of Service and EVERYONE is Shocked!

Rigging elections and not letting people talk about it really is a big deal, and how secret societies have manipulated the US.


Rockefeller-Target Connection EXPOSED

The granddaughter of Illuminati kingpin John D. Rockefeller, Alida Rockefeller wed Yale Skull and Bonesman Mark Dayton in 1978. Mark Dayton’s family started the department store Daytons in Minneapolis and the Target store chain.

Mark Dayton was governor of Minnesota from 2011-2019.

The Rockefellers’ history of eugenics and how this ties into LGBTQ.

8:00 Pastel “homophobe headrest” guillotine pin


Stated agenda:


Attendees include heads of governments, banks, Pfizer, Google, oil companies, media, AI and tech companies, NATO, 100-year-old globalist kingpin Henry Kissinger…:



The 2023 Bilderberg Members Have Arrived in Lisbon & PFT Is At The Airport TO WELCOME THEM!!!


Dan Dicks’ History of Covering Bilderberg for Press for Truth!

Help Dan Cover Bilderberg:

The annual Bilderberg conference is set to take place this year in Lisbon Portugal and Dan Dicks of Press For Truth will be there to provide extensive coverage, documenting attendees to look for discrepancies on the list, questioning them about their nefarious agendas and also breaking down what the agenda topics will potentially mean for society.

Bilderberg 2023 in Lisbon Portugal With Press For Truth!!!

Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News – What’s Really Going On


(HEAVY VIDEO!) Who is Rupert Murdoch – FOX News? Could people be this evil? — The EVANGELICALS are the “fertile ground” for his message of hate and deceit — LIE to the people, give them ENEMIES to hate, arrange WARS for them to fight and stand back and watch them destroy themselves.


Kate’s Story: Surviving Ritualistic Sexual Abuse as a Child in Utah

21:20 The abuser died 1 month after the person abused said “I hope you die.”

They openly prayed to Satan during the rituals

– –

Join us as Derrick Broze interviews ritual abuse survivor Kate Talley for the second time. Kate shares her story of surviving ritual abuse as a child in Utah.

Read her story: https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.c…

Cathy O’Brien – Mk Ultra Mind Control Victim (Granada Forum 1996)

Longer version including Mark Phillips (first 37 minutes): Cathy O’Brien Mark Phillips MKULTRA Survivor Granada Forum


TRANCE: Mind Control And Human Slavery – The Cathy O’Brien Story (2022 Full Documentary)

Cathy O’Brien was sold into Project Monarch, one of the 149 known sub-projects of the CIA’S MK ULTRA Experiments that began in 1953. These secret programs were initiated by governing jurisdictions in an effort to understand and utilize mind control to further another agenda. Being a victim of the elite’s Monarch Program. as a slave Cathy was exposed to many world leaders at the national and international levels.

Through her rescue and healing process, she was able to reclaim the memories of what she witnessed while under mind control. Her story provides insight into how we’ve been controlled in the past, where we are going as a nation and how to reclaim personal and collective sovereignty. This is her story. This is our story.

1:10:14 Face masks

For more information visit Cathy O’Brien’s Website –

Her entire book, online: TRANCE Formation Of America True Life Story Of A Mind Control Slave 1995 Cathy O’ Brien

Watch HERE

or here

Exploring the Occult with Peter Levenda (parts 1 & 2) | The Nick Bryant Podcast

Peter Levenda is an American author whose writing has focused on occult history. He is best known for his book Unholy Alliance, which is about Nazi occultism. In this episode Peter discusses The Knights Templar, Freemasons, John Dee and Enochian magic and other occult practices.

​In this episode Peter discusses The OTO, Alister Crowley, The Solar Lodge, The Process Church, The Son of Sam murders, The Church of Satan and other occult practices.

Whitney Webb w/ Dr. Mercola: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Organized Crime

00 About Whitney

35 Nitty gritty, real history starts

37 US and Israeli intelligence have worked together with organized crime.

38 The mob took over the unions, and then controlled the Democratic party

49 Clintons, Epstein, blackmail. Epstein was a member of the Trilateral Commission and Council of Foreign Relations.

56 These criminal ‘elitists’ see us as passive, naive, subhuman saps whom they can easily manipulate.

Mark Middleton suicided

– –

In this interview, investigative journalist Whitney Webb discusses her book, “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime That Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein.” The book is so long, it was cut into two volumes. Volume 1 alone is 544 pages, but it’s a fascinating read and incredibly well-referenced.

Whitney Webb’s book, “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime That Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein,” provides the framework to understand not just the role and function of Epstein, but also, more broadly, the mess we’re now finding ourselves in.

Around the time of World War II, the intelligence community in the United States formalized its cooperation with organized crime syndicates in what was known as Operation Underworld, and the web of corruption grew from there.

Sexual blackmail was used by organized crime before U.S. intelligence even existed. As criminal factions and intelligence agencies developed a symbiotic relationship, blackmail became a tool to achieve their individual ends.

While it may appear as though organized crime is being combated, this is rarely ever the case. Stories of cracking down on organized crime are cover stories to hide what’s really happening, which is the consolidation of organized crime territory.

The incentive behind all this criminal activity is not merely the hoarding of money to live in the lap of luxury. It’s about power and control over others. The good news is we can pull the plug on their plans.

Article link:

Alan West admits he took an oath to be Knights Templar secret society member

Another compromised, secret society member, sadly.

Many of the 1.8K comments here tell the truth.

It’s official: I have been invested in the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Knights Templar. I took an oath to protect the Christians in the Holy Land.

Mark Dice: Bohemian Grove – IT’S 100% REAL

Bermas: Franklin Scandal, Bohemian Grove…

The New Top Gun The Military Industrial Complex And Much More!

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