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UN smart cities agenda and players

Rodney Howard-Browne – Emergency Maui Update 8/17/2023

The 4 Worlds of Kabbalah – Part 1 – John B Wells LIVE w/ Daniel Duval

Starts at 1:06:25

John B. Wells Live

Marc Morano Demolishes the Great Reset Agenda at the Heartland Institute’s 2023 Climate Conference

Marc Morano speaks at The Heartland Institute’s 15th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC15) on Feb. 25, 2023. Morano is the founder and publisher of CFACT’s and is the author of the 2021 book “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think.” Morano exposes the true nature of the Great Reset, and it’s not pretty. The Great Reset isn’t a gradual shift to improve the lives of the masses. It’s a massive power grab by a select few who believe they should determine how society works on a global scale.

The Fifteenth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC15) featured more than 50 speakers who are top scientists in their fields and policy experts from around the world. Each edition of these conferences attracts scientists, legislators, environmentalists, and more all discussing their views on climate science, the idea that there is a crisis, efforts to educate the public, views on the state of discourse, and more.


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Stated agenda:


Attendees include heads of governments, banks, Pfizer, Google, oil companies, media, AI and tech companies, NATO, 100-year-old globalist kingpin Henry Kissinger…:



The 2023 Bilderberg Members Have Arrived in Lisbon & PFT Is At The Airport TO WELCOME THEM!!!


Dan Dicks’ History of Covering Bilderberg for Press for Truth!

Help Dan Cover Bilderberg:

The annual Bilderberg conference is set to take place this year in Lisbon Portugal and Dan Dicks of Press For Truth will be there to provide extensive coverage, documenting attendees to look for discrepancies on the list, questioning them about their nefarious agendas and also breaking down what the agenda topics will potentially mean for society.

Bilderberg 2023 in Lisbon Portugal With Press For Truth!!!

London: Top Globalist Banker Evelyn De Rothschild Dies at 91

Evelyn de Rothschild, the patriarch of the Rothschild banking dynasty, has died at 91. Rothschild was a friend of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and was knighted by the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1989 for his role in finance and banking in the UK. He was also friendly with the Clinton family and former White House National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger. Over 100 years ago, agents of the Rothschild family and other bankers met in Jekyll Island to form the Federal Reserve. In 2020, the Rothschild family formed a coalition with the Vatican, the United Nations, mega corporations, and the Rockefeller Foundation called the Council for Sustainable Capitalism. This group of elite, calling themselves “The Guardians,” want to enact a “historic collaboration of CEOs and global leaders working with the moral guidance of Pope Francis to harness the power of business for good,” according to their website. – GEG

The extent of Sir Rothschild’s power can be summed up in this famous 2015 photo of the banker boss poking then-Prince Charles in the chest.

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Separating Climate Facts from Fiction with James Corbett — “This is not about science, but the agenda”

“This is not about science. This is about the agenda.” – James Corbett

– –

On this episode of The Activation podcast Derrick Broze interviews returning guest James Corbett regarding his work on climate change. James has been researching the claims about climate change since 2007 and has produced dozens of reports and podcast dissecting the various claims about anthropogenic climate change. Derrick and James discuss what the climate change propagandists have right and what they have dangerously wrong. They also discuss the agenda behind the climate change movement.

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IT BEGINS: Mark of the Beast Goes Mainstream as Microchiping Humans Starts

Too many Americans won’t do it though, so the globalists have to have Russia and China EMP and nuke the US to take us out before chipping can be fully implemented worldwide.

– –

It is written in the book of revelation, : he causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to recive a mark on the right hand or the forehead, so that no man may buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

This is the prophecy unfolding as you watch this report.

It is the first time a British man has been microchipped with his bank card. The London-based company Walletmor implanted Arnie Szoke’s bank card in his hand for £350.

Watch The Report Here:

Klaus Schwab

Song Meanings: “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters

Powerful motivational song to stand up to the liars; though, Dave Grohl seems to have swallowed some of their lies; is being used to help promote the deep state’s tyranny: RNA vaccine mandates, ‘save the planet’ tyranny.

“The Pretender” reveals the activities of people in authority who in a bid to stay in power use all forms of lies and pretense to control the beliefs and emotions of citizens. The speaker explains that these Pretenders, due to their thirst for power make sure that they keep their followers in the dark so they can continually control them.

As the narrator reveals the destruction these bad people cause by keeping most people stuck, he distinguishes himself by stating that he will no longer be controlled by them. In the chorus, the writer further presents himself as a person who is willing to speak against them, expose them and fight for change while doing what is right. Despite the fact that these pretenders in authority may have not faced any opposition for a long time, he is ready to challenge them. And in doing so, he will reveal their deceptive secrets and start a revolution which will open the eyes of the majority. (source)

Song Video

TRANCE: Mind Control And Human Slavery – The Cathy O’Brien Story (2022 Full Documentary)

Cathy O’Brien was sold into Project Monarch, one of the 149 known sub-projects of the CIA’S MK ULTRA Experiments that began in 1953. These secret programs were initiated by governing jurisdictions in an effort to understand and utilize mind control to further another agenda. Being a victim of the elite’s Monarch Program. as a slave Cathy was exposed to many world leaders at the national and international levels.

Through her rescue and healing process, she was able to reclaim the memories of what she witnessed while under mind control. Her story provides insight into how we’ve been controlled in the past, where we are going as a nation and how to reclaim personal and collective sovereignty. This is her story. This is our story.

1:10:14 Face masks

For more information visit Cathy O’Brien’s Website –

Her entire book, online: TRANCE Formation Of America True Life Story Of A Mind Control Slave 1995 Cathy O’ Brien

Watch HERE

or here

Lara Logan: NWO plan to bring 100 million illegals into the US to establish a regional government between the US, Canada, and Mexico

Lara Logan explains in just two minutes why Biden is letting as many illegals in as possible.

The globalist cult at the UN discussed a plan to bring 100 million illegals into the US in order to establish a regional government between the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Jason Burmas: Bohemian Grove now meeting – still no media coverage

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Georgia Guidestones that Advocate for Depopulation Were Demolished after Explosion

The Georgia Guidestones, a monument made with four 19-foot high granite slabs that was considered a tourist attraction, was partially destroyed after “unknown individuals” detonated an explosive device. It was later demolished. Many people were opposed to the monument for its inscriptions that are similar to global elites’ goals of depopulation. The stones called for “maintaining humanity under 500 million,” a figure which the world hasn’t seen since the 1500’s and would require outright mass genocide to achieve. It also demanded humans “be not a cancer on the Earth.” A critic noted that technocrats may interpret the explosion as a threat to their planned Great Reset program. The Georgia Guidestones were built in 1980 at a cost of $500,000 dollars on behalf of “a small group of loyal Americans” who remain anonymous to this day, but is believed to include philanthropist and population control-enthusiast Ted Turner. … Continue reading “Georgia Guidestones that Advocate for Depopulation Were Demolished after Explosion”

Transhumanist Elon Musk’s lover identifies as a Witch — “BE CAREFUL not to see Musk as some sort of ally to conservative causes” – Joel Skousen

Joel Skousen wrote in 4/22/22 World Affairs Brief:

…conservatives must be careful not to see Musk as some sort of ally to conservative causes. Even if Musk’s libertarian leanings are real, his personal life and conduct mirror the “libertine” side of libertarianism, and in the past this playboy has exhibited few morals. As Patrick Wood writes in part, Musk’s current love-partner is a heavily tattooed pagan who refers to herself as a “witch.” Continue reading “Transhumanist Elon Musk’s lover identifies as a Witch — “BE CAREFUL not to see Musk as some sort of ally to conservative causes” – Joel Skousen”

Skousen: Ukraine War Drags On — The globalists’ sophisticated thinking

…these same globalists downplayed the Russian and Chinese threat all through the cold war years, and facilitated technology transfers to build up both Russia and China as future enemies. These defenders of Putin haven’t even begun to consider the complexities of globalist thinking or the sophisticated manner in which they play both sides of an issue. Armstrong begins by casting Putin as the victim of our evil globalists, without recognizing that Russia and China are competing predators seeking control of a future NWO. Neither are out to save us from the Anglo-American globalists.

World Affairs Brief, March 25, 2022 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Continue reading “Skousen: Ukraine War Drags On — The globalists’ sophisticated thinking”