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Guess What The Israel-Palestine War Is REALLY About!

Reason #1 for the false flag war: Gaza’s $453 billion in oil and gas!

AND the Ben Gurion canal project (reason #2 to take out Gaza) is explained at 6:45


FDA panel says common over-the-counter decongestant doesn’t work

The love of money drives Big Pharma! Fake studies and salesmanship made them dozens of $billions over two decades, while the “remedies” did nothing to help sick people (“no more effective than a placebo”), and caused side effects. High enough vitamin D levels would have worked for most with no side effects. But they can’t patent vitamin D.

– –

A key ingredient in many over-the-counter cold and allergy medications called phenylephrine doesn’t work to get rid of nasal congestion, a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel concluded Tuesday. …

Phenylephrine — found in drugs including Sudafed PE, Vicks Nyquil Sinex Nighttime Sinus Relief and Benadryl Allergy Plus Congestion — is the most popular oral decongestant in the United States, generating almost $1.8 billion in sales last year, according to data presented Monday by FDA officials.

Tucker: Genital mutilation — follow the money!

(1:11) Transgenderism: not a fad
(2:49) Sex changes: a big money maker
(5:44) Puberty blockers
(15:22) Trans surgeries: the grisly details
(16:40) Injuries
(18:00) What happened to FGM?
(19:00) Muslims & Sex Changes
(20:15) Thanks, Obama
(23:19) Behold the neophallus
(27:23) Eunuchs
(29:30) The Trans Pritzker
(31:00) Trans Marxism
(36:30) Who’s profiting?
(38:10) ESG for trans
(39:47) Long-term effects


Flash of Genius Official Trailer #1 – (2008) HD

“There’s nothing to think about; tell them no” – Flash of Genius (2008)

Anthony Fauci and his wife netted $2 million during Covid pandemic, records show – and are now worth $11 million


Journalist Alex Berenson on the Real Cost of Pharmaceutical Incentives – Joe Rogan Experience

The “love of money” drives Big Pharma!

Body Language: ADL Response to Elon Musk’s Lawsuit — Money and Power through Victimhood

“Money and power — victimhood gives you apparently both.”

Body Language Ghost

“Into the abyss”: Colonel Douglas Macgregor tells us why the Ukraine war must end now – Tucker Carlson ep. 18

“This war is a catastrophe.” Col. Macgregor explains why — in detail.


Dr. Campbell: FDA approves Ivermectin AFTER making $BILLIONS from the vaccine, 2023

“For FDA to issue an EUA [Emergency Use Authorization], there must be no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.” — including Vitamin D

Larry Fink & George Soros: Are They Destroying America? | PBD on Joe Rogan

Patrick Bet-David Deconstructs BlackRock’s Influence and ESG Ratings | Joe Rogan Experience

Patrick Bet-David:

88% of the companies on S&P 500, the largest shareholder is either State Street, BlackRock or Vanguard.”

“How big is BlackRock? $10 trillion. … Only two countries have a bigger GDP than BlackRock has assets under management, US and China.”

“They have the kind of control that can make companies fire boards, replace CEO’s, replace leaders they don’t like….”

“Larry Fink, the guy running BlackRock is really the president of the United States.”

Dr. John Campbell: Unethical drug and vaccine ads

Jay McDonald: The truth about Providence Hospital — “Don’t trust any nonprofit that has $10 billion in the bank that’s taking your money without telling you”


(video) Nick Begich II: ‘Greedy, Selfish, Corrupt’ Providence Hospital takes $millions out of Alaska as non-profit 501(c)3!

“Here in Anchorage, we have the good sisters of Providence, the Catholic charities of Providence Hospital, a national chain. I’m picking on them because they are a greedy, selfish organization that I resent on such deep levels for what they’ve done in my state.” … They’re taking up to $100 million a year in profits out of Alaska per year, and in Alaska, we have the highest medical insurance cost in the world. … This non-profit hospital and its chain, when Covid began had over $100 billion in their cash reserves. … Then they took $573 million of yours and my tax money to add to that reserve during Covid. … Is that right? They’re a non-profit 501(c)(3) doing charitable work, but they don’t pay a penny in taxes. … This is a corrupt operation.”

– –

“Don’t trust any nonprofit that has $10 billion in the bank that’s taking your money without telling you.” – Jay McDonald

• Providence Hospital’s lies during Covid

• They block competition

• Funny business with Providence and the MLP merger

Listen at 1 hr 37 min

The Mike Porcaro Show 7/31/23

Kevin Cross calls Austin Quinn Davidson “one of the most amazing, fantastic human beings I’ve ever met, and I’ve grown to love and respect you as much as you’re *my family*. I just want to thank you for everything you do”

Related: Assemblyman Cross on tape describing how to buy property with new zoning regs coming online & Meg Zaletel is a “fantastic person”

– –

[I’ve waited until today to post this, because I had hoped Kevin would do well, despite the warning signs.]

I realized something was seriously wrong with “conservative” Assemblyman Kevin Cross when he publicly praised radical left, married-to-her-wife Austin Quinn Davidson as “one of the most amazing, fantastic human beings I’ve ever met,” and how he considers her family. Then he commended her for “standing up” against the will of the people during Covid, locking us down and force masking us twice, which did more harm than good.

High enough vitamin D levels were the key to Covid, which I testified before the Assembly eight times, peer reviewed studies proven! The Assembly never mentioned vitamin D once; they just pushed lockdowns, vaxxes and masks, while the Mat valley had less deaths than Anchorage with no mandates and an older population.

Here, Kevin praises AQD for ignoring public testimony, and implementing tyranny.

“You put politics aside, you are just one of the most amazing, fantastic human beings I’ve ever met, and I’ve grown to love and respect you as much as you’re my family. I just want to thank you for everything you do. I’m going to tremendously miss having you on this board and sitting next to me. …

Nobody knows how hard it is to do what you did when you were mayor. Agree or disagree, you stood up in a time of need [rejecting the will of the people, locked us down, force masked us twice (the second time by usurping Mayor Bronson’s power after she was back on the Assembly) – ed.], and I just thank you. And I look forward to calling you a friend for the rest of my life.” – Assemblyman Kevin Cross, 4/11/23

Watch here, starting at 2:03:25

Amazon duped millions into enrolling in Prime, then made it difficult to cancel

The lawsuit follows another Amazon-related win by the FTC just a few weeks ago. Earlier this month, Amazon agreed to pay a $25m civil penalty to settle allegations it violated a child privacy law for storing kids’ voice and location data recorded by its popular Alexa voice assistant. It also agreed to pay $5.8m in customer refunds for alleged privacy violations involving its doorbell camera Ring.

Dr. Scott Jensen: Follow the Money to Big Pharma

They lied about Tamiflu too. Fake studies!

How Big Pharma is like the Wizard of Oz.

Pro Baseball Player Bows To Woke Mob, Vows To Undergo ‘Reeducation,’ We Are Living In 1984

The love of money — fake Christians

Dr. Mercola: Why Pediatricians Push Vaccines – Doctors paid massive bonuses to push experimental jabs on children

• Doctors have been financially incentivized to vaccinate children for a long time. In 2016, Blue Cross Blue Shield paid pediatricians a $400 bonus for each patient that completed 10 vaccinations before their second birthday, provided 63% of their patients were fully vaccinated.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield paid doctors $50 for each Medicaid patient aged 6 months and older, who got the experimental jab.

Pfizer paid undisclosed sums to front groups that advocated for COVID jab mandates, thereby hiding their conflict of interest.


People dropping at the $peed of $cience — ‘Brought to you by Pfizer’

There’s a perfectly good explanation for people dropping at the $peed of $cience.

Dr. Mercola: Would Vitamin D Have Saved Half of Covid Deaths?

Giving vitamin D to people with COVID-19 cut risk of death from SARS-CoV-2 by 51% and reduced risk of admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) by 72%.4

..they also had lower rates of COVID-19 infection, by 54%.9

• • •

Would Vitamin D Have Saved Half of Covid Deaths?

I launched an information campaign to raise awareness about the use of vitamin D for COVID-19 back in June 2020. My own vitamin D review was published October 31, 2020, in the high-impact, peer-reviewed journal Nutrients.1

At the time, 14 observational studies suggested vitamin D levels are inversely linked with the incidence or severity of COVID-19, and my paper concluded, “The evidence seems strong enough that people and physicians can use or recommend vitamin D supplements to prevent or treat COVID-19.”2

I was widely vilified and discredited in the media for bringing attention to vitamin D’s potential for COVID-19. The New York Times, in their July 2021 front-page hit piece,3 even dubbed me, “The most Influential spreader of coronavirus misinformation online,” in an attempt to minimize my efforts. The reporter claimed she could not verify my published study on vitamin D, even though I sent her a link to it, and it’s easy to find online.

Now, however, as is usually the case, the truth is being set free. An increasing number of studies are confirming what I said in 2020 — that vitamin D is a potent and highly effective intervention for COVID-19.

Jeffrey Smith: Shocking Stories of Corruption, Cover-Up and Hidden Epidemics by Monsanto and Friends

Why Juries Were So Angry During The Monsanto Trials – Jeffrey Smith – Interview

Dr. John Campbell: Vitamin D and Diabetes — Reduced risk for diabetes by 76% (>50 ng/ml vs. <30 ng/ml blood levels) — Big Pharma says nothing!!

Risk reduction by blood levels:

At least ≥50 ng/mL group [compared to]

20 to 29 ng/mL group [most Americans 10-30 ng/ml]

Vitamin D reduced risk for diabetes by 76%

• • •

Dr. Campbell is only taking 4,000 iu of D3, but suspects he should be taking more. Unlike the US, UK won’t allow vitamin D blood tests, so Dr. Campbell can’t check his D blood levels. Dr. Berg and my naturopath recommend 10,000 iu for most people. Obese and people with chronic illnesses can often do better with more than 10,000 iu. Lots of data at

This man is a champion truth teller — high integrity!!!

Gene Peltola, husband of Rep. Mary Peltola, is trying to get a piece of Alaska’s emerging carbon market

Under the proposed agreement, Alaska Carbon Solutions would pay to survey and develop the state lands dedicated for carbon offset, and would pay the state $200 million in exchange for 69% of the revenue after they recover the initial $200 million payment.


Joe Rogan: The Disturbing Reality of Cobalt Mining for Rechargeable Batteries

Electric Car TRUTH!

Hip Surgery Success Rates for FAI – The Ugly Truth

The key is nutrition, not surgery.

The “love of money” drives Big Pharma, not truth and love.

AwakenWithJP: Gender Reassignment is Very LUCRATIVE!

Rand Paul: This is the biggest coverup in the history of science

Early Covid Study (April 2020) Proved Vitamin D the Key! — “Why isn’t this on the front page of the news?” – Dr. Berg

“Why isn’t this on the front page of the news? … I don’t see doctors using vitamin D probably because it’s very inexpensive. … Vitamin D puts out the cytokine storm like a water hose on a fire. If you don’t have enough vitamin D and you’re going into this infection, you are really, really at risk.” – Dr. Berg, May 4, 2020

This early study, April 2020 already showed vitamin D the key to low severity from Covid! Had the study’s threshold been more optimal, 50 ng/ml instead of 30 ng/ml for ‘normal’), deaths would have been closer to nil.

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