Dr. Simone Gold w/ Michelle Malkin: Experimental Vaccine Lies | FBI ‘broke down my door’ in swat team raid of 20 men

Unknown infertility risk

80 times reported death rate compared to flu vaccines according to what’s been reported at the time of the interview, 2/10/2021

Antibody dependent enhancement can create an overreaction when encountering the virus in the future, “2 and 5 years from now,” the dreaded cytokine storm — the reason why the SARS Covid vaccines failed. Continue reading “Dr. Simone Gold w/ Michelle Malkin: Experimental Vaccine Lies | FBI ‘broke down my door’ in swat team raid of 20 men”

Del Bigtree on Pharma: “These people lie for a living. … Stop trusting liars.”

Del Bigtree:

“Everybody’s going to be sick as a dog from the second shot, but they can’t die from it?”

“These people lie for a living. … Stop trusting liars.”

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Reports of adverse reactions from the #Covid19 vaccines have piled up and recent polls have shown that 51% of Americans will delay or refuse the shot altogether. Why are people refusing? Take a look.


The Highwire with Del Bigtree


Skousen: MEDICAL DECEPTION – Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines not really Vaccines

World Affairs Brief, January 15, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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In this bombshell video, (also here in case it gets censored) Dr. David Martin methodically and accurately takes apart the phony story that Moderna and Phizer are delivering vaccines. He reveals that Moderna admits that their patents say “gene therapy” not “vaccine.” They put a synthetic RNA fragment embedded into a fat carrier, whose only purpose is to lessen the symptoms associated with the S-1 spike protein, not the actual virus.

He proves by referencing the official definition of a vaccine that these are not vaccines. He says you cannot have a vaccine that doesn’t claim to result in either immunity or blocking transmission.

The WHO admits that with these shots don’t do any good. In a virtual press conference earlier this week, WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan was specific: “I don’t believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it’s going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on.” By their own patents and reference material, neither Phizer nor Moderna claims this. Rather they only claim their devices are “gene therapy.”

If this isn’t a vaccine, why are they calling it a vaccine? To gain the broad immunity that only vaccines are given. The 1986 law on Vaccine liability provides an exclusion only for vaccine makers, not for gene therapy—so they would be liable. This is why states are keeping this state of emergency in place to help shield Moderna and Phizer and the states themselves. The state of emergency maintains the illusion of vaccine shield. Continue reading “Skousen: MEDICAL DECEPTION – Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines not really Vaccines”

STUDY: Bill Gates DTP Vaccine Killed 10 Times More African Girls Than The Disease Itself

According to a peer reviewed study published in a respected journal by the world’s most authoritative vaccine scientists, Bill Gates DTP vaccine killed 10 times more African girls than the disease itself. The vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems. Although, such study was never performed before 2017, Bill Gates and the Vaccine Alliance GAVI and WHO pushed the vaccines on unsuspecting African babies.

The study (read below) titled, The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young Infants in an Urban African Community: A Natural Experiment was commissioned by the Danish government and Novo Nordisk Foundation and was conducted by a team of the world’s leading experts on African vaccination led by two most prominent names, Drs. Søren Wengel Mogensen and Peter Aaby.


Several COVID-19 Vaccines Are Made Using Aborted Fetal Cells

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Fact Checked


  • The claim made by some citizen journalists is that certain COVID-19 vaccines “contain cells from an aborted fetus.” One video headline stated: “CONFIRMED — aborted fetus in COVID-19 vaccine”
  • Fact checkers have “debunked” these claims and labeled them false, in one instance because the name of the fetal cell line was incorrect and in others because the vaccines do not literally “contain” these cells; rather, the fetal cell lines were used as a growth medium for the virus during the production phase
  • Fact checkers’ claim that fetal cells are not used in vaccine development because they are clones of the original is perhaps the most ludicrous. There’s no difference between cells growing and multiplying indefinitely in a petri dish and cells growing and multiplying in your body during your lifetime. If the cells in your body are still you, then the cells in the petri dish are still that of the original fetus that was aborted
  • Aside from ethical concerns, some may also object to vaccines manufactured through the use of fetal cell lines on the basis that there may be health risks involved, due to potential DNA contamination. Human fetal cell lines in vaccine production have been linked to both autism and autoimmune diseases
  • Vaccine makers using a fetal cell line in the development of their COVID-19 vaccines include AstraZeneca, Jansen Research and Development/Johnson & Johnson, CanSino Biologics, University of Pittsburgh, ImmunityBio and Altimmune

Dr. Paul Thomas Targeted By Medical Board & Media After Landmark Vaccine Study — “‘Safe and Effective’ is a marketing slogan, not science”

“‘Safe and Effective’ is a marketing slogan, not science.”

“They usually choose a placebo that’s toxic, so that way when the massive symptoms in the vaccine group appear….”

30:00 Covid vaccine games and deceptions

His parents were missionaries.

“…another reason why they’re going to try to crucify me: I’m speaking out against something that is very, very precious to the people about to make TRILLIONS of dollars.”

Those who take the vaccine may get extremely sick in winter of 21-22. They skipped the animal trials, which has never been done before.

34:00 They’re going to give the control group the vaccine before we have any data of any use, because they say it’s unethical to leave them unvaccinated! “So we’ll never know. … It should be criminal.”

Number of office visits indicate the severity of the damage.

37:40 What he’s up against. Help fund his defense:

Freedom To Choose

40:40 Don’t take Tylenol. It’s horrible for your immune system.


Dr. Paul Thomas Targeted By Medical Board & Media After Landmark Vaccine Study – Interview


Recently a landmark study was conducted by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and Dr. Paul Thomas. The study compared vaccinated children and unvaccinated children and was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on November 22, 2020 after being peer reviewed.

Dr. Weiler, a research scientist and co-author of the study, was recently interviewed by Activist Post Contributor Spiro Skouras. In the interview, Weiler breaks down the data from the study which indicates children who were vaccinated showed a higher rate of medical office visits and experienced an elevated rate of medical symptoms ranging from Asthma and behavioral issues, to ADHD and Anemia.

In this report, Spiro interviews Dr. Paul Thomas, a prominent pediatrician in Portland Oregon who also co-authored the study and used 10+ years of data from his medical practice to conduct the study.

Shortly after the vaccinated versus unvaccinated study was published, five days in fact. The Oregon State Medical Board held an emergency meeting declaring that Dr. Paul was an immediate threat to his patients and the public and suspended his medical license.

In this must see interview, Dr. Paul addresses the accusations leveled against himself and his practice, in addition to breaking down in detail, the studies findings. Dr. Paul also weighs in on the CDC recommended vaccine schedule and the experimental Covid vaccine.

Show Notes: https://www.activistpost.com/2020/12/dr-paul-thomas-targeted-by-medical-board-media-after-landmark-vaccine-study-interview.html

Dr. Larry Palevsky – The truth about vaccines – live statement CTN 02/09/2020


Dr. Larry Palevsky a pediatrician at North Wellness Centre states vaccines have not been properly tested and the evidence shows vaccines are causing inflammation in children, and those who are vaccinated are less healthy.

SHORT SEGMENT, explaining why aluminum in vaccines causes so much havock:

Continue reading “Dr. Larry Palevsky – The truth about vaccines – live statement CTN 02/09/2020”

(vid) Author of “Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective”: Covid Vaccine Ethics

1:10 U.S.’s Operation Warp Speed has already given $9 billion to vaccine companies as of mid-December, one not even U.S.!

$456M to Johnson & Johnson
$483M to Moderna
$472M to Moderna
$1.2B to AstraZeneca
$450M to Regeneron
$1.6B to Novavax
$2B to Pfizer
$2B to GlasoSmithKline (based in UK)

30:00 Approximately 99 abortions were used to make the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps & Rubella). Though, possibly the tissue from only one aborted baby is in the vaccine.

33:20 “These babies were often removed via C-section, still living, so then their tissue could be experimented on so it would be sufficiently fresh and undamaged. Sometimes they were dissected basically with their hearts still beating. This isn’t just immoral. This is utterly Satanic.”

48:00 “The chicken pox vaccine has more aborted fetal DNA in it has active ingredient for the chicken pox.” Which may be a factor in why they cause autism.

The Moderna and Pfizer covid vaccines are mRNA, which has never been tried before.

1:10:40 “This mRNA is basically to transform your cells, it’s to insert genetic information into your cells so your cells then produce this modified spike protein of the Corona virus. This modified spike protein that Moderna is using was developed in aborted fetal cell lines.” “…there’s no aborted fetal cells present in the Moderna vaccine; though, [there are? — unintelligible] in the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

1:23:15 “90% of people testing positive for SARS-Covid2 actually do not have the technical viral load in their body. … [They’re] not able to infect other people.”

1:26:10 Are there aborted cells in the Pfizer vaccine? “There’s no aborted cells in it. It was tested in aborted cells.”

GET THE BOOK: https://www.kolbecenter.org/product/v…

Continue reading “(vid) Author of “Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective”: Covid Vaccine Ethics”

Scientists say fetal tissue remains essential for vaccines and developing treatments

Talmudic ethics:

Anti-abortion activists set off the uproar by releasing undercover videos of Planned Parenthood officials that raised questions of whether the organization was profiting from the sale of fetal tissue. …

University laboratories that buy such cells strongly defend their research, saying tissue that would otherwise be thrown out has played a vital role in lifesaving medical advances and holds great potential for further breakthroughs.

Entire Article

Do Vaccines Contain Aborted Fetal Tissue?

Initial MMR experiments involved growing rubella in cell culture utilizing fibroblasts from lungs of aborted fetus

Historically, animals were the only living organisms (aside from plants) that were used in the production of vaccines.

It wasn’t until mid-1900s that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine used tissue from human organs. [1] Vaccines, in order to be produced, need a cell culture to grow. Often, the culture will come from animals, eggs, or other similar mediums that pose very little ethical concerns for most people, barring animal rights’ activists. The question still remains, however: Do vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue?

Vaccines and Aborted Fetal Tissue

The initial experiments of the MMR vaccine involved growing rubella in a cell culture utilizing fibroblasts from the lungs of an aborted caucasian female fetus. Scientists found that the virus, among other viruses, grew well in the cell culture (termed WI-38). The virus was grown at an extremely low temperature in order to adapt to growing in that temperature so that, when injected into the body at room temperature, failed to expand. Still, the virus, when introduced into the body, produced an effective immune response that was just potent enough to provide a protective mechanism for the body.
So, the initial production of the MMR vaccine did in fact use aborted fetal tissue for its development. That being said, no new fetal tissue has been introduced to this virus, and the current vaccines out today rely solely on the single tissue of the aborted fetus from the 1960s. Regardless of this fact, it still raises serious ethical concerns among religious leaders and health advocates alike. Many individuals in certain religious movements are recommended to urge pharmaceutical companies to develop alternate vaccines that in no way are developed with human cell lines.

Vaccines Featuring Fetal Tissue

The MMR vaccine is not the only one that initially used aborted fetal tissue. Here is a list of the vaccines that used human cell lines for its development:

  • Varicella (chickenpox)
  • Zoster (shingles)
  • Polio
  • Hepatitis A

A full list can be obtained in the references section.
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