Is Silk saying Diamond died from vaccine shedding? | Could also be copper deficiency from taking zinc w/o copper for too long

Update on: Did Diamond take the vaccine? Silk Recalls Diamond’s Death

I’ve been saying for a long time that we have to be VERY careful not tot take large amounts of zinc for a long period (without taking enough copper also), because it can cause a copper deficiency, which can reduce skin elasticity and blow out the heart. I eat oysters a few times per week instead, which has copper, zinc, and other minerals.

So Diamond could have died from a copper deficiency, like Dr. Berg and Dr. Wallach explain in these videos.

Dr. Berg: Too Much Zinc Causes a Copper Deficiency

Dr. Joel Wallach is famous for his “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” lectures, where he tells how doctors live almost 10 years less than the average person, dying from simple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, especially low copper:

Dr. Wallach on Copper and Aneurysms

In today’s 8-minute video on Damar Hamlin, An0maly now says Silk seems to be saying Diamond didn’t take the jab, but got the mRNA spike protein from someone else via SHEDDING. Apparently, Silk said this during another part of her speech at the memorial service (2 miu. video linked below), which An0maly didn’t know about until today.

But maybe it wasn’t shedding. Silk may have taken ZINC WITHOUT TAKING COPPER, which many truthers did for a long time (it’s one thing to do this while trying to overcome a cold, quite another to do it for years now).

This 1:40 clip of what Silk said about this during the memorial is quite interesting:


STORY: Silk Hints Diamond Was Killed by mRNA Vaccine Shedding


The Healing Power of Fasting – A Remarkable Remedy for the Vaccine-Injured

Found this on James Perloff’s Twitter feed. Can repair damage done by the jabs!

Dr. Kory (on the right) just wrote a book on Ivermectin, and champions high enough vitamin D levels as what could have solved Covid easily.

– –

Paul Marik: “So when you actually fast, it stimulates the cell to actually break down misfolded proteins, damaged proteins, maybe the spike protein, so it’s a way of the cell healing itself.”

Vaccine pusher Peter Hotez belittles vitamins for health on Joe Rogan

Dr. Pierre Kory on Twitter: “This might be my all time favorite Joe Rogan moment. In just a few minutes, Peter Hotez inadvertently shows the world exactly what has gone wrong with our medical system and why his endless push for more vaccines will never create health.”

Dr Peter McCullough Says That Donald Trump is Blowing the Greatest Political Opportunity of All Time

“All good leaders need to be able to say they’re wrong on big issues. And he’s never done that. It will be the first time in his career if he wants to survive politically.” – Dr Peter McCullough

Only 6 minutes:

Published December 21, 2022 4,717 Views

Twitter files: The real story is mainstream media ignoring how government, Twitter crafted the Covid doctrine

The latest stunning release of information from Twitter, the social media company now under the management of Elon Musk, is the biggest who-done-it of the year, and arguably more profound a news story than the Watergate break-in during the 1972 presidential election. You would not know it by the news coverage. Continue reading “Twitter files: The real story is mainstream media ignoring how government, Twitter crafted the Covid doctrine”

Dr. Pierre Kory @ Sen. Johnson’s forum: A national VITAMIN D campaign could have protected us from Covid mortality. The only thing they recommended was Tylenol

Related: Dr. Pierre Kory: A national VITAMIN D campaign to get levels above 50 would have changed the face of Covid! July 2022

• • •

Dr. Pierre Kory @ 44:40 “Like I said, this country needed a national vitamin D campaign. Everybody should have had their vitamin D levels checked. We should have had a replenishment protocol for everybody. That would have been one of the most simplest and safest, and one of the most potent ways to protect ourselves from the morbidity and mortality. We did not do that.”

43:40 “The only thing they recommended was Tylenol.”

Dr. Kory starts at 43:05

Continue reading “Dr. Pierre Kory @ Sen. Johnson’s forum: A national VITAMIN D campaign could have protected us from Covid mortality. The only thing they recommended was Tylenol”

Dr. Anne Zink admits Pharma lied about opioids, yet pushes lied about Covid shots

Anne Zink at 57:20:

“We were blatantly lied to by pharmaceutical companies for a long time in that space. We as clinicians need to own that responsibility and make sure that we’re being really careful about everything and anything we prescribe.”

So Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink learned nothing from the opioid scam. She still pushes the lied about Covid jabs.

@ 1hr 2min, Anne Zink recalls Covid patients “dying all around you” in Alaska’s hospitals, which only happened because no one was told the truth about high enough vitamin D levels (above 50 ng/ml), and the treatments that worked (including fast acting D) which weren’t used in our hospitals.

Anne Zink – Episode 274

Continue reading “Dr. Anne Zink admits Pharma lied about opioids, yet pushes lied about Covid shots”

Shocking VAERS Data Reveals 4070% INCREASE in Miscarriages — Naomi Wolf Interview

Published December 21, 2022

Informed Dissent – Millionaire ‘Misinformation Superspreader’ – Steve Kirsch

Steve Kirsch: Multi-millionaire tech entrepreneur, head of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, founding member of, misinformation superspreader, and appearing in the movie Died Suddenly is the guest on this episode of Informed Dissent. Steve, after becoming a victim of COVID-19 adverse effects, has made it his mission to expose the truth about the pandemic and the subsequent rollout of horrifically designed pharma solutions. Find out about his self-funded research, his million dollar challenge for debate opponents, and what you can do to join the fight. Listen and watch now to enhance your very own Informed Dissent with Dr. Jeff Barke.

CDC Data Revealed that 58% of People Who Recently Died from COVID Were Vaccinated

An analysis conducted for The Washington Post’s Health newsletter that was based on data from the CDC that showed that 58% of the people who died from COVID in August had received a COVID ‘vaccine’. The author of the study said, “We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The article neglected to point out that people have been counted as unvaccinated until 2 weeks after they received the shot, and people whose vaccine status was unknown were also counted as unvaccinated.


Dr. Robert Malone talks mRNA, FDA criminality, depopulation and WEF agendas with Mike Adams

– Why Dr. Malone invented key mRNA technologies decades ago
– How the tech has been exploited by today’s pharma companies to harm billions
– Dr. Malone unloads on FDA criminality and other sensitive topics
– Dr. Malone answers false accusations about links to the CIA
– How the mRNA tech really works and WHY it takes so long to clear from the body
– Is there really a risk of chromosomal alterations from mRNA?
– Why a BETTER FUTURE is coming once we defeat the depopulation pushers
– About the Malone Institute which exposes the WEF and “Young Global Leaders”
– The DEPOPULATION question: Dr. Malone talks about the intentions behind “vaccine” harm
– See his work at

Step Out The Matrix

mRNA Vaccines Injure the Heart of ALL Vaccine Recipients and Cause Myocarditis in Up to 1 in 27, Study Finds

New evidence has emerged that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are routinely injuring the heart of all vaccine recipients, raising further questions about their safety and their role in the recent elevated levels of heart-related deaths.

The latest evidence comes in a study from Switzerland, which found elevated troponin levels – indicating heart injury – across all vaccinated people, with 2.8% showing levels associated with subclinical myocarditis. Continue reading “mRNA Vaccines Injure the Heart of ALL Vaccine Recipients and Cause Myocarditis in Up to 1 in 27, Study Finds”

Taylor Hawkins: Foo Fighters drummer likely died from vaccine-induced myocarditis, as mainstream media push the “drug overdose” narrative
March 28, 2022

The preponderance of evidence points to all of the Foo Fighters being vaxxed and boosted. Grohl and vaxx zealot Mick Jagger released a song on April 13, 2021 called “Eazy Sleazy.” It not only promotes the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections, but also mocks the non-vaccinated with tired, regurgitated tropes. Here are some of the lyrics [compares vaccine truth to ‘flat earth’]:

“Shooting the vaccine,
Bill Gates is in my bloodstream,
It’s mind control,
The Earth is flat and cold,
It’s never warming up,
The Arctic’s turned to slush,
The seconds coming late,
And there’s aliens in the deep state.”

… Only “fully-vaccinated” fans were allowed inside, per Grohl’s policy. The Foo Fighters June 20 concert at Madison Square Garden was also “fully vaccinated fans only.” They also required proof of vaccination for shows in Alaska. It’s stands to reason that if all fans are required to be injected, so are all band members. Continue reading “Taylor Hawkins: Foo Fighters drummer likely died from vaccine-induced myocarditis, as mainstream media push the “drug overdose” narrative”

Don’t Take Blood from a Blood Bank — “Something about the blood has changed”

Is the U.S. Blood Supply Tainted?

Despite reports that COVID-19 vaccines cause blood abnormalities, the American Red Cross and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continue to brush off concerns that the massive vaccine campaign may have contaminated the country’s blood supply.

 October 06, 2022

After the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of COVID-19 vaccines, blood clots were some of the earliest adverse events observed, and abnormal coagulation continues to be one of the most frequent and serious problems reported.

As of mid-September, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — notorious for capturing only a minuscule proportion of adverse events — had received notification of more than 43,000 blood clotting disorders, including acute-onset problems in young children.

Clotting disorders make the blood clot “too easily,” generating clots that can travel through the bloodstream and increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes, among other potential complications.

Funeral directors and embalmers in the U.S. and U.K. have gone public with shocking descriptions of highly unusual blood clots in up to 85% of the bodies coming under their care — a “massive increase” compared to pre-COVID-19 vaccine times when ordinary-looking clots might be found in 5% to 10% of the deceased.

“In all my years of embalming, we would run across clots from time to time,” said Richard Hirschman, an experienced funeral director in Alabama, “but since May last year [2021], something about the blood has changed. It’s not normal. It’s drastic.”Continue reading “Don’t Take Blood from a Blood Bank — “Something about the blood has changed””

Dr. Zink wants massive surveillance, admits officials made Covid policy ‘without the data’

Dr. Anne Zink TOTALLY IGNORED the peer reviewed studies that proved high enough VITAMIN D levels REDUCED the SEVERITY of Covid by 1,000-1,500%! The first such study was published early in the pandemic in April 2020.

Zink hasn’t said one word about the truth about vitamin D, which makes her RESPONSIBLE — lying by omission and commission. Few Alaskans would have died if their vitamin D levels were above 50 ng/ml, if people would have tested their D levels instead of lining up for the unreliable PCR tests that didn’t cure Covid.

The majority of Alaskans are still deficient or insufficient with levels of about 10-20 ng/ml. And Zink still says NOTHING about the main key to Covid and a main key to many health issues, longevity and DEPRESSION!

Fast acting D, calcifediol could have been used in hospitals to treat Covid late too, saving many who entered the hospital low in D.

Big Pharma is “love of money” driven, not wellness driven. They can’t patent and make $billions from vitamin D. The American Medical Association was started by John D. Rockefeller to make medicine a business model, not a wellness model.

If Pharma had told the truth about vitamin D, they couldn’t have gotten emergency use authorization for their jabs that damaged many, so they destroyed many lives in order to make ~$100 billion for Pharma.

My fact sheet for Alaskans:
High Enough Vitamin D – Freedom From Covid Fear — Summary Info / Studies / How Much to Take / New Standards

Dr. Zink wants massive surveillance, admits officials made Covid policy ‘without the data’


Dr. Anne Zink is a formidable and controversial player when it comes to directing public healthcare policy both in Alaska and across the nation. As Alaska’s chief medical officer, she has enthusiastically and relentlessly pushed pro-Covid jab messaging. Now, as the new leader of a powerful left-leaning public policy organization, she is poised to step onto the national stage as a leading advocate for massive expansion of government health surveillance and crackdown on so-called “misinformation.”

Appointed in 2019 by Gov. Mike Dunleavy to advise him on how to create and implement health policy across Alaska, Zink quickly became a polarizing public figure for her largely uncritical support of experimental Covid shots, the downplaying of natural immunity and a refusal to publicly acknowledge the benefits of early treatment methods like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Continue reading “Dr. Zink wants massive surveillance, admits officials made Covid policy ‘without the data’”

‘Not Justified By Science’: Air Canada Blisters Government COVID Restrictions — Masks & Vaccines

Air Canada ripped Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 travel restrictions in a statement Monday after the Canadian government announced it would finally lift mandates and quarantine rules beginning in October. …

Air Canada took things one step further, issuing a statement blasting the government for having restrictions in the first place.

“Air Canada welcomes the removal of these restrictions, acknowledging that air travel is safe and that the measures were not justified by science,” the company said. “We believe it will greatly facilitate travel, help to continue stabilizing the country’s air transport sector and support Canada’s economy.”