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Turbo Cancer Coverup with Ed Dowd


GENDER BENDING: Japanese Scientists Use Soy Compounds To Turn Male Catfish And Sturgeon 100% Female


Studio One Pilates: Sitting in a Chair Effortlessly

No fancy equipment, just a chair and the commitment to a healthier you! 🪑

Strengthen your core, improve posture, and embrace the chair as your fitness ally.

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Some Antibiotics Actually Help Harmful Bacteria Stay Alive

Scientists at the University of Exeter report that some antibiotics inflict a curious effect on certain bacteria — the drugs actually boost the bacteria, helping them live longer. Scientists uncovered that some antibiotics help relieve stress and help stop the decline of bacterial populations when they are dying out. In other words, more bacteria survive for longer periods in comparison to populations with no exposure to the antibiotic.

On a related antibacterial note, the rise of antibiotic resistance in recent years has rendered many antibiotics ineffective against certain infections. Untreatable infections could be the biggest global cause of death by 2050.

How Vitamin D, Omega-3s, & Exercise May Increase Longevity | Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Good, except her vitamin D level recommendations are too low.

Pierre Kory MD – “Shedding” a Great Scandal of the Jab?

No Toxicity Seen with 5,000 to 50,000 IU Vitamin D per Day


69 Reasons To Oppose Adding Fluoride To Water


DDS: Sunscreen is BS: Vitamin D, Sunlight Are Essential for Health — Children low in D impedes jaw growth

Joel Gould, DDS shares a wealth of information on topics ranging from vitamin D, airway health, mitochondria function to deuterium and its impact on your health.

Vitamin D and Tuberculosis

How does vitamin D work to cure diseases like tuberculosis and lupus vulgaris? Dr. Patrick McCullough, MD, discusses the use of vitamin D and sunlight in the treatment of tuberculosis and lupus vulgaris.

How Vitamin D Affects Genetic Expression: Dose-dependent relationship between vitamin D & our genes — A ‘key’ to unlock DNA, turns genes on or off

In this video, Dr. Patrick McCullough reviews a paper by Shirvani et al. on the effects of 600, 4000, or 10,000 IU of vitamin D per day on gene function within white blood cells and how many genes were affected at each dose.

How Vitamin D Helps Control Autoimmune Diseases – Graves disease, MS, Reumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Crohn’s Disease Psoriasis, Vitaligo,

2:17 Graves disease controlled with 30,000 iu of vitamin D
– –
In this video, Dr. Patrick McCullough, MD, discusses how vitamin D works to help control psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases. Every autoimmune disease works the same way – it just affects a different part of the body.

Immune cells called regulatory T lymphocytes (Master Regulators of the Immune System) can turn autoimmune diseases off. Vitamin D causes the formation of and maintains the functional status of regulatory T lymphocytes – this is one mechanism of how vitamin D works to control psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases.

Dr. McCullough shares several personal experiences with vitamin D, and diseases that have improved with vitamin D, including

Graves disease
Reumatoid Arthritis
Crohn’s Disease

Do Individuals with Certain Conditions Require More Vitamin D than Others?

This review on psoriasis patients says “Yes!”

Study: Daily oral dosing of vitamin D3 using 5000 TO 50,000 international units a day in long-term hospitalized patients: Insights from a seven year experience

The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Volume 189, May 2019, Pages 228-239
Daily oral dosing of vitamin D3 using 5000 TO 50,000 international units a day in long-term hospitalized patients: Insights from a seven year experience

Patrick J. McCullough a b, Douglas S. Lehrer a b, Jeffrey Amend b


Daily oral intake of vitamin D3 ranging from 5000 IU/d to 60,000 IU/d for several years was well tolerated and safe in both our patients and staff. The mean 25OHD blood levels in our patients appear to take around 12 months to plateau on 5000 IU/d and 10,000 IU. …


How the Immune Response Depends on Vitamin D

In this video, Dr. Patrick McCullough, MD, describes how vitamin D status affects T cell activity, and therefore the effectiveness of the immune system in controlling autoimmune diseases and cancers.

Vitamin D Safety and Toxicity — Dr. Patrick McCullough puts all patients on 10,000 IU per day: “nothing bad happens – only good things happen!”

“I’ve been taking 50,000 units per day for years. It helped the skin cancer…. My average hydroxy vitamin D level is in the 200s. My serum calcium levels are always normal.” – Dr. Patrick McCullough

– –

Dr. Patrick McCullough, MD, shares his patient protocol with vitamin D when asked the question, “What are some of the additional components of your protocol besides vitamin D supplementation?”

Dr. McCullough had worked in a long-term acute care hospital, and now works at a state psychiatric hospital; over half of the patients have stayed there for over a year, some have been there for over 20 years. He has kept vitamin D records among his patients throughout these years, and many of them have been on his vitamin D protocol during the entirety of their care – which has resulted in lots of long-term data on the safety of vitamin D.

In his experience, treating patients with 10,000 IU vitamin D per day, sometimes more, is safe and does not cause kidney stones or renal issues. His findings have been published in his paper “Daily oral dosing of vitamin D3 using 5000 TO 50,000 international units a day in long-term hospitalized patients: Insights from a seven year experience.” […] Dr. McCullough was not going to cause harm – he checked labs twice per week for safety (complete metabolic profiles, intact PTH levels, serum calcium) along with vitamin D levels.

Previous research has shown a huge band of safety with vitamin D. A 2011 publication by Araki et al. […] reviewed vitamin D toxicity cases that resulted from labeling and manufacturing errors – no deaths were reported, each case resolved with complete recovery.

His patient protocol is to put all patients on 10,000 IU per day, and in his experience, “nothing bad happens – only good things happen!”


Why is there so much Confusion about Vitamin D?

Dr. Patrick McCullough, MD, discusses the IOM’s vitamin D recommendations in comparison to his clinical experiences with vitamin D. He had been researching the vitamin D literature since 2009 and started treating patients in his hospital with vitamin D before the 2011 IOM report on vitamin D came out. He came up with own protocol based on literature, giving 10,000 IU as his standard of care.

The Hidden Cause of a Manganese Deficiency

Dec 12, 2019

Dr. John Campbell: Vitamin D, now conclusive

Dr. John Campbell

Feb 1, 2023

Dr. John Campbell: Vitamin D, Safe and effective

Nov 17, 2022

Dr. John Campbell: Vitamin D reduced dementia by 40%

Mar 13, 2023

Dr. John Campbell: Vitamin D and diabetes

Feb 7, 2023

Dr. Berg: Vitamin D and the Magnesium Deficiency

About 75 percent of the population has low vitamin D levels, and 45 percent have low magnesium levels. [Elsewhere, Dr. Berg says D deficiency is higher than 90%. No one seems to know for sure, because Big Pharma is trying to ignore D. And people in areas with low or not much sun can’t get D from the sun when it’s below a 45° angle. Our shadow has to be shorter than we are tall in order to get any D from the sun, except at high altitudes, where the atmosphere is thinner.]

All of the enzymes involved in converting vitamin D to the active form depend on magnesium. Vitamin D won’t work in the body if you have a magnesium deficiency.

Vitamin D is vitally important for the body, and it’s crucial to do what you can to avoid a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D also supports the absorption of magnesium. Vitamin D and magnesium work synergistically.

Vitamin D and magnesium are also important to support the absorption and regulation of calcium. Magnesium helps prevent calcium from building up in your arteries.

The body needs about twice as much calcium as magnesium. But many people are actually getting about three times as much calcium as magnesium.

Contraceptive and Harmful Antibiotics Found in Top Ten Fast Food Samples — Only Chipotle and Subway had none

Summary of Test Results

  • Three veterinary drugs and hormones were found in ten fast food samples tested.
  • One sample from Chick-fil-A contained a contraceptive and antiparasitic called Nicarbazin, which has been prohibited.
  • Six out of ten, or 60%, of the fast food samples contained antibiotic Monesin, which is not approved by the FDA for human use and has been shown to cause severe harm when consumed by humans.
  • Four out of ten, 40% of the samples contained antibiotic Narasin, which has been shown, in animal studies, to cause anorexia, diarrhea, dyspnea, depression, ataxia, recumbency, and death and pathologically by degeneration, necrosis, and repair of heart and skeletal muscles.
  • Monensin and Narasin are antibiotic Ionophores; toxic to horses and dogs at extremely low levels, leaving their hind legs dysfunctional.
  • Ionophores cause weight gain in beef and dairy cattle and are therefore widely used but also “cause acute cardiac rhabdomyocyte degeneration and necrosis.”
  • For many years, ionophores have also been used to control coccidiosis in poultry. However, misuse of ionophores can cause toxicity with significant clinical symptoms. Studies show that ionophore toxicity mainly affects myocardial and skeletal muscle cells.
  • Only Chipotle and Subway had no detectable levels of veterinary drugs and hormones.


2 Glasses a Day for 1 Week for a Flat Stomach & Healthier Body | Dr. Mandell

Improve Blood Flow In Legs, Back & More

Knots in muscles can impede blood flow.

Work them out with a lacrosse or soft ball, or other methods shown here.


What Would Happen If You Chewed ONE Clove Daily



This may be a virtual trial, and it will run for 10 days – 2 weeks

– –

The Fluoride Lawsuit has produced video admissions that may have exposed the nearly 80 year practice of adding the toxin to our nation’s water supply as one of the biggest public health scandals in American history. Attorney Michael Connett, Esq., explains how adding fluoride to drinking water became standard practice in the US and shares the studies that link it with severe disease. Then, he shares exclusive video of court depositions of experts you have to see to believe.

The HighWire with Del Bigtree

Psychiatrist Reveals What Alcohol ACTUALLY Does to Your Brain | Immediate & Long Term Effects

10:30 “We’ve seen that alcohol, marijuana and magic mushrooms all suppress mitochondrial function and brain function.”

12:20 “Every system in your body gets worse with alcohol”: kidneys, liver, microbiome in intestines, brain, thyroid

“When you drink, you’re more likely to be hungry, and to not know when you’re full.”

17:35 “It decreases REM sleep, the most restorative part of your sleep cycle.”

19:45 Can correct erectile disfunction and increases blood flow to the brain.

CRAZY Study Shows Amish Children Have ZERO Autism

Steve Kirsch conducted the most insane study on why the Amish didn’t die from COVID the same way that the rest of America did, and in the process of his testimony, he proved that Big Food is poisoning the American people and Big Pharma is exploiting us.

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