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This guy is GREAT!

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Costco Meat & Seafood Review with @Drberg!

Good one!

I eat a lot of the Kirkland 100% Grass-Fed Beef Patties, mentioned at 4:15. Delicious and important to not overcook.

Face Masks Are Dangerous! (excerpt from ‘Covidland: The Mask’ movie)


Costco stops selling toxic Apeel coated produce, but sold Apeel “organic” apples starting in 2018

In 2018, Costco sold “organic” limes, avocados and apples sprayed with toxic Apeel coating, but no longer sells products with Apeal.

Now we know why those “organic” Fuji apples in clear plastic containers never got brown or spoiled.

Costco DROPS Bud Light, “Death Star” On Bud Light Means NO MORE BUD, Mulvaney DESTROYED The Brand

New Fat Loss Foods at COSTCO | 22 Items to Eat & AVOID Right Now


25:15 Organic A2 Whole Milk (small bottles). Really good and healthy. It’s my second choice. Mom and I are getting Alaska Range Dairy’s Whole Milk Non Homogenized in returnable glass bottles at Natural Pantry. Has an AMAZING flavor even better than these Costco bottles. Spendy. [Homogenization wrecks the fat globules. This does not.]

Haig’s Tzatziki sounds great, but don’t know if our Costco has it. Will check.

27:15 is interesting. I got this organic yogurt a few days ago. It’s not as thick as regular yogurt, but it’s made from grass fed cows, which Thomas doesn’t mention. Grass fed makes the fat excellent.

I get and eat a lot of Costco’s grass fed beef patties in the frozen section — very healthy and great flavor (as long as they’re *not overcooked*. Since they’re frozen, there’s no danger of eating if not cooked long enough, since all of the critters are dead.


Grass Fed Butter Test: Kerrygold vs Kirkland

Fats in grass fed dairy and beef are far healthier than from corn fed animals, so this is important.

Kirkland has 25% less salt, so Kerrygold wins in a taste test.

But Kerrygold has 17% milk solids, while Kirkland has 10%. Milk solids cause butter to burn:

Milk solids are the reason butter starts to burn at a lower temperature than something like olive oil. When you clarify butter, you remove all the milk solids and water, but are left with the butterfat. This creates a higher smoke point, which makes clarified butter ideal for cooking and sautéing. (source)

Kirkland brand says 95% grass fed. I’ve read that Kerrygold cows are fed hay for a month or so during Irish winters, which is supposed to be why they are also not 100% grass fed. But they’re apparently not at anytime fed with corn, which changes the fats omega content to be less healthy.

Also, grass fed cows produce yellow colored butter from beta carotene in the grass. So the yellower the better.

– –

I was kind of excited to see a Kirkland® brand of grass-fed butter being sold at Costco, but is it better than KerryGold®? Watch this video before you buy grass-fed butter!

Costco Diabetes Haul | Best Foods for Diabetics & Insulin Resistance @ Costco

Lots of good tips for food in general, not just for diabetes.

Costco Keto Breakfast Ideas – Keto Haul + 3 Recipes!

Good ideas here!

What I Eat in a Week from Costco – Thomas DeLauer Costco Haul

The great olive oil fraud: Why your extra virgin olive oil may not be virgin at all — 70 percent of the extra virgin olive oil sold worldwide is watered down with even soy oil! Real EVOO solidifies when it's cold.

Important! Real olive oil is very healthy, whereas most cooking oils sold today aren’t.
Costco’s Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil (First Cold Pressed) does usually solidify when refrigerated, in my experience. There have been times when it hasn’t. Hmmm.
To test this solidifying theory, I just bought  a bottle at the regular grocery store which was more than twice as expensive as Costco’s, De Cecco brand, which claims only Italian olives. And it didn’t solidify at all in the fridge. I’m taking it back, unopened.
And I’m not sure what to do, in that Costco’s EVOO isn’t reliable either.
– –
From: Natural News

The great olive oil fraud – Why your extra virgin olive oil may not be virgin at all

You thought you were making an informed health choice by using extra-virgin olive oil in place of cheaper, low-quality cooking oils, right? You probably never thought that a tiny, expensive bottle of EVOO might be cut with crap or doctored with chlorophyll to make it taste like olive oil — when in fact it was soybean or another health-compromising, cheap oil. According to Tom Mueller, the fearless author of Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, 70 percent of the extra virgin olive oil sold worldwide is watered down with other oils and enhancers making them far from virgins and more like sidewalk hookers on the corner of 10th and Main — not exactly good for your health or your pocketbook.

Mueller exposes the billion dollar industry, showing how EVOO is compromised world-wide. During volunteer testing by suppliers to authenticate what they thought were pure extra virgin olive oils, every brand submitted in Australia during 2012 failed the tests and none gained certification for being pure. Authentication tests at UC Davis in 2011 uncovered similar results.

How to recognize genuine extra virgin olive oil

It’s difficult to tell by taste if the brand of olive oil you buy is truly extra virgin. Even the experts get stumped during taste tests. There are two ways that give a hint whether you have the real thing or a fake. Neither is absolutely fool proof; however, they will rule out the hardcore fakes.

Extra virgin olive oil solidifies when it’s cold. When the bottle is placed in the refrigerator, it should become cloudy and thicken or even solidify. As it warms on the counter, it becomes liquid again. Any oil that doesn’t thicken in the fridge is not pure EVOO — simple as that.

Additionally, the real McCoy is flammable and should be able to keep a wick from an oil lamp burning. If your oil doesn’t, it is not pure EVOO.

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