Art Chance: Unions making policy is nothing new

March 31, 2022

Many readers have noted the extent to which the teachers’ unions idea of “science” has dictated federal, state and local governments’ policies regarding school closures, masking, and other Covid-related issues.

There has been quite the kerfuffle lately about how the teachers’ unions got to essentially write the Centers for Disease Control’s national policy on school closures. Allegedly, it went so far as the unions having been able to actually dictate the wording of the policy memorandum issued by CDC.


House speaker calls a recess after three members refuse to wear face masks

By Suzanne Downing -March 28, 2022

Eastman then posted his point of view on Facebook:

“The Speaker has made it clear that she considers me a threat to her health based on the personal medical interventions I choose to take or not take. She is incorrect. I am not a threat. I am not sick. Unlike the Speaker, I did not attend a floor session while sick last week (with COVID, if reports are to be believed). I do have a documented, non-contagious respiratory condition from my time in the military. Even so, I have sacrificed my personal health repeatedly by wearing a mask. In fact, I was the first member of the legislature to wear a mask during legislative business. However, I will not sit by while a fellow member of the legislature is threatened with not being permitted to fulfill their constitutional duty to cast a vote in the legislature because they are not wearing a mask while doing so. There is no constitutional requirement to wear a mask or constitutional authority to prevent a fellow legislator from voting. There is a constitutional requirement that a legislator “faithfully discharge [their] duties as a state legislator”. Those duties obviously include the ability to vote. That requirement is found in Art. XII, Sec. 5 of the Alaska Constitution.”


Watch Kids React To Hearing They Don’t Have To Wear Masks

Clay and Buck discuss

CLAY: For everybody out there who has argued, “Oh, the kids don’t really mind wearing masks….”

Rumble — Kids at a Las Vegas elementary school burst out into cheers after learning they no longer have to wear a mask to school

Kids Burst into Cheers – No More Masks!

Dr. McCullough’s Five Key Points on Covid – No asymptomatic spread so no masks

Published January 18, 2022

Unanimous Conclusion: Face Masks & Mask Mandates DO NOT WORK

Unanimous Conclusion: Face Masks & Mask Mandates DO NOT WORK

The only mask that works is a P100, which are extremely difficult to breath and talk through. And they only protect the user because they only filter incoming air.

Dr. Paul Alexander, Senator Ron Johnson, Steve Kirsch, and Dr. Richard Urso discuss the efficacy of wearing face masks for protection against COVID.

Their conclusion, based on numerous controlled scientific studies [including Bangladesh – ed.], is that the masks being recommended to the general public, including cloth masks, surgical masks, and N95 masks, DO NOT PROTECT PEOPLE FROM CONTRACTING COVID (or any other viral infection).

Many studies also indicate that forcing people to wear masks, especially children, can cause a host of physical and psychological issues.

OAN: Over 150 Studies Find That Wearing Masks Makes No Difference Stopping Covid

Over 150 Studies Find That Wearing Masks Makes No Difference Stopping The Spread Of The China Virus

OAN Newsroom – Friday, December 31, 2021

As governors rush to reimpose mask mandates to fight the mild Omicron variant, hundreds of studies find that wearing masks does little to nothing to protect you from the coronavirus. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.


Bangladesh Face Mask Study Fatally Flawed – Denis G. Rancourt, PhD

021-09-20 ::: Do Face Masks Reduce COVID-19 Spread in Bangladesh? Are the Abaluck et al. Results Reliable?

Denis G. Rancourt, PhD


The cluster-randomized trial study of Abaluck et al. (2021) is fatally flawed, and therefore of no value for informing public health policy, for two main reasons:

  1. The antibody detection was performed using a single commercial FDA emergency-use-authorized (EUA) serology test that is not suitable for the intended application to SARS-CoV-2 in Bangladesh (not calibrated or validated for populations in Bangladesh; undetermined cross-reactivity against broad-array IgM antibodies, malaria, influenza, etc.).
  2. The participants (individual level, family level, village level) in the control and treatment arms were systematically handled in palpably different ways that are linked to factors established to be strongly associated to infection and severity with viral respiratory diseases, in particular, and to individual health in general.

These disjunctive fatal flaws are explained below. Either one is sufficient to invalidate the results and conclusions of Abaluck et al. Continue reading “Bangladesh Face Mask Study Fatally Flawed – Denis G. Rancourt, PhD”

Rand Paul: Fauci should go to prison for 5 years for lying to Congress | Murdering through misinformation — ‘Cloth masks don’t work’

Appearing on Fox News, Senator Rand Paul argued Fauci should go to prison for five years for lying to Congress.

Paul said “We’ve referred him to the Department of Justice, but then again, Merrick Garland is the one now going after parents that go to school board meetings, so I don’t have a lot of hope that Merrick Garland is objectively looking at Fauci’s lying. But Fauci should go to prison for five years for lying to Congress.”

“At the very least the taken out of position because I think he cost people lives through misinformation. Every time he tells people, ‘Oh, wear a cloth mask,’ he is actually endangering people. If you are around someone with COVID, you don’t want to wear a mask because they don’t work,” Paul added.


Continue reading “Rand Paul: Fauci should go to prison for 5 years for lying to Congress | Murdering through misinformation — ‘Cloth masks don’t work’”

Florida school board finally drops mask mandate after suspending 8-year-old 38 times for violations

Featured ImageFiona Lashells

The School District of Palm Beach County has dropped its mask mandate. The district had previously suspended a second grader 38 times for violating the mandate. She may have to repeat the grade.

Fiona Lashells is a student in Palm Beach County who just turned 8 years old. She took a stand against a school board policy that she believed was wrong. For months she did not wear a mask to school, even though it had been mandated by her local school board. The litany of suspensions she has been handed is available at a website her mother created outlining the experience.

At a school board event on September 22, 2021, Fiona told the board members that being suspended is “not going to change” her mind, that she still has “the right not to wear a mask,” and that it is “not fair” that she is “getting punished because … the school board is not following the law.”

She also told the school board that she hoped “they all go to jail” for “doing this” to her.


The Damage of Masking Children Could be Irreparable

Face-identification ability is specific.7,8,9,10 Humans have a specific face identification area of the brain, known in research as the FFA: the Fusiform Face Area.7,8,11 The FFA is in the right hemisphere of the brain. Prior to the age of two, the two hemispheres don’t communicate through the corpus callosum as completely as they will later.7 The left eye early on, then, provides the vast majority of the visual input to the right hemisphere. Later on communication between the hemispheres increases.

Visual neurology – all neurology – requires the correct or appropriate input to develop. Block the proper stimulus that would drive neural development of specific areas at a time of rapid neural growth, and development of the neural network involved is impaired.


Danish RCT study on masks rejected by 3 medical journals — Negative results didn’t fit their narrative

Horowitz: Danish newspaper reveals largest study on masks has been rejected by 3 medical journals

The study and its size are unique in the world,’ one study author told the paper

DANIEL HOROWITZ October 22, 2020

Why not just conduct a randomized controlled trial to test whether masks work against COVID-19? Why assume such a draconian and dehumanizing mandate works as if it’s an article of faith and create such division when we can discover which side is correct? That’s what a group of Danish researchers felt, which is why, over the spring, they conducted such a study. So why have the results not been published, three months later? According to one Danish newspaper, the study has been rejected by three medical journals because the results are too controversial.

Berlingske, Denmark’s oldest operating daily newspaper, published an article on Thursday titled, “Professor: Large Danish mask study rejected by three top journals” (translation from Google translate), which finally reveals the mystery of the disappearing Danish mask study.

“The researchers behind a large and unique Danish study on the effect of wearing a mask even have great difficulty in getting their research results published,” wrote the Berlingske in the subtitle. “One of the participating professors in the study admits that the still secret research result can be perceived as ‘controversial’.”

The article reveals that, thus far, the study has been rejected by the Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the American Medical Association’s journal JAMA, three of the publications that have been posting much of the research on coronavirus.

The CDC, prior to changing its position on universal mask-wearing, had previously cited 10 randomized controlled trials that showed “no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.” Now, the CDC and other elite institutions would have us believe that coronavirus is somehow different. The Danes were the first to actually study the effect of large-scale universal mask-wearing specifically against the spread of COVID-19. …

…this ordeal raises a larger question: How many other scientific and academic studies covering an array of very consequential policy questions rooted in scientific debate are being censored because they don’t fit the narrative of the political elites?



Danish Mask Study: Mask Mandates Can Increase Covid Transmission – “Increased tendency to touch oneself in the face increases the risk of pathogen spread”

[Anchorage] Jamie Allard: This emergency ordinance is a gross abuse of Assembly authority

Jamie Allard: This emergency ordinance is a gross abuse of Assembly authority

…this mask ordinance is mixing politics with medicine, setting a dangerous precedent for medical totalitarianism, robbing the people of bodily autonomy, and turning our constituents against each other.

Furthermore, it is not even based on sound science, but rather on a false sense of security that you are “doing something” about Covid. But what the Assembly is doing is ignoring the will of the people, their right to informed consent to wear a medical device on their face, parental rights to make medical decisions for their children, and ignoring science that shows mandates are ineffective at best, and harmful at worst, not only to Covid outcomes in a community, but to overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Continue reading “[Anchorage] Jamie Allard: This emergency ordinance is a gross abuse of Assembly authority”

(video) When Anne Zink told the truth: “A mask is a wet, moist environment collecting viruses and bacteria…”

From Must Read Alaska: Following the science: Last year, top doctors said mask-wearing was unhealthy

Dr. Anne Zink, the state’s Chief Health Officer, who told the Senate Health and Social Services Committee on Feb. 12, 2020 that a person wearing a mask is breathing in a wet, moist environment collecting viruses and bacteria, and it is in general not useful for protection from other persons’ germs.

Zink said that a mask was useful for someone walking into a clinic who was coughing or sneezing, but that the N95 mask — the one that is effective — has to be fitted and tested and that the recommendation was for average persons to not wear masks because they don’t know what they are doing with them.

Actual quote:

“The CDC is not recommending the average person to wear a mask. If you think about a mask, it’s a wet, moist environment that’s collecting viruses and bacteria, and in general, it’s not necessarily useful to protect you from other people. It can be useful if someone walks into a clinic, and they’re having symptoms. They’re coughing and sneezing — to keep you from coughing and sneezing on other surfaces and other people. So if you’re going into a healthcare setting, and you’re sick, putting a mask on and calling beforehand is recommended. In general day to day it’s not recommended.

The N95 that you mentioned is a tighter fitting mask that has to be tested and specifically fit. ….”

Continue reading “(video) When Anne Zink told the truth: “A mask is a wet, moist environment collecting viruses and bacteria…””