Alaska: Andrew Halcro’s wife, Victoria – fmr. director of Planned Parenthood

Alaska politician Andrew Halcro masquerades as a Republican, but is evil to the core! His wife was a/the director of the baby killing organization here in Alaska!

Caller, Ken said this about Andrew Halcro on the Dan Fagan Show, 5/10/21 at 56:30:

“I knew his wife. He dumped his wife and kid, and married the gal, the head of Planned Parenthood.”

From: Alaska State Legislature

                     SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE                                                                                 
                          April 03, 2002
Attending  via  Teleconference: From  Anchorage: … VICTORIA  HALCRO,                                                          Director,  Public  Affairs  and  Marketing

Did Gov. Kristi Noem Sell Out? – Dean Henderson in South Dakota — “They got to her”

I have often praised Governor Kristi Noem on social media as the no-lockdown champion, refusing to disobey her oath to the Constitution — fantastic!

Gov. Kristi Noem didn’t lock SD down: “I took an oath to the Constitution”

But is she showing kinks in her high-ethics armor? I hope not, but here are some reasons why.

Joel Skousen has stated his concern multiple times. I’ve noticed she’s pushed the vaccines, downplaying the natural solutions, like having enough vitamin D, so their Covid death rate could have been much lower, despite the high percentage of elderly in S.D.

(video) Dr. Ryan Cole: “If you are in MIDLEVEL VITAMIN D range you cannot die from Covid” — MOST are D deficient — “No such thing as ‘flu and cold season,’ only low vitamin D season”

Dean Henderson stated this disturbing information on The Jeff Rense Show, March 26, 2021, Dean Henderson – South Dakota Shocker.

My Notes:

10:00 “They got to her.” Her brothers got $500,000 each from Covid stimulus. One rents some of her land to ranch on. She raised the limit.

She gave herself and the whole executive branch a raise.

The very day after she caved to the NCAA, she got a $1 billion donation [see below] from Denny Sanford, the richest man in South Dakota, who runs Sanford Health Care. He bought an old gold mine, and is doing a CERN-like tunnel to build a particle accelerator.Sanford Underground Research Facility

Six months ago there was a news story in which Denny Sanford was accused of pedophilia, and now we haven’t heard a thing. T. Denny Sanford investigated for possession of child pornography, Aug. 29, 2020

He owns the Sanford Pentagon sports complex in Sioux Falls, so he would lose money if NCAA tournaments weren’t held there because of S.D. banning transgender men competing as women.

“She was like a deer in the headlights on ‘Tucker Carlson.'”

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Forrest Dunbar, Talmudic Candidate for Anchorage Mayor

Forrest Dunbar led Anchorage Assembly to lock down the city. Now he claims he’ll fix Anchorage. His campaign ads are full of lies.

This is what I believe is going on with Forrest, since he mentioned in the KTUU debate with Dave Bronson that he’s doing “tikkun olam,” which he claims is “to repair the world,” while we see him clearly doing the opposite.

He’s also lying non-stop in this campaign, especially with his ads, which need to be exposed.

Tikkun olam is the *Talmudic* goal of “repairing the universe” by subverting culture so they can bring about their NWO plan in which they believe they’ll rule.

And lying to us is a perfectly acceptable tool as long as they don’t get caught.

It’s similar to “order from chaos.” Create chaos to produce “order,” the NWO.

And he’s working closely with another Talmudist on the assembly….

So he revealed his modus operandi; though, it’s not about repairing, and lying is perfectly acceptable in their playbook, since they believe they’re superior, and have the right to deceive in order to accomplish their ruling-over-all-others goal.

Photo explains why he prefers wearing a face mask — legislates all to wear masks, still to this day!

Forrest Dunbar follows ‘tikkun olam’ — Talmudic destruction of Christianity

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(video) Kelly Tshibaka Takes on Swamp ‘Goliath’ Lisa Murkowski – Interview w/ Steve Bannon

Good interview with the fiery, Christian woman ready to take on US traitor Lisa Murkowski!

– –

America First Kelly Tshibaka Takes on Swamp ‘Goliath’ Lisa Murkowski

“Our freedom is shrinking and our economy is blown,” she said.

Tshibaka told her inspiring story of how her parents went from being homeless to sending her to Harvard. Her parents lived in a tent, but only in did they have “the opportunity to fight their way out of that.”

Now, Joe Biden is cancelling oil and gas jobs in Alaska, and implementing an “intentional dictatorial plan to drive us to dependency and crippling debt to a divided states of America.”

“I take it personally when he takes aim at those jobs because homelessness is sprawling in Anchorage,” she said.

Tshibaka said she needs the help of America First patriots to take on Murkowski.

“I need your help we are up against a Goliath and she is funded by D.C.,” he said. “Lisa Murkowski and her father have had that seat for 40 years.”


[Anchorage] Fight night: Bronson debates Dunbar (and moderator Palsha) in lively ‘conversation’

April 29, 2021 / author: Suzanne Downing

Dave Bronson, running for Anchorage mayor, found he was debating both his opponent Forrest Dunbar and moderator Rebecca Palsha, as the KTUU-Alaska’s News Source “conversation” devolved into an argument between a “wise dad” and an “angry teen” Wednesday. … Continue reading “[Anchorage] Fight night: Bronson debates Dunbar (and moderator Palsha) in lively ‘conversation’”

Forrest Dunbar follows ‘tikkun olam’ — Talmudic destruction of Christianity

What Forrest Dunbar revealed last night explains a lot!

First, a definition:

* ‘Tikkun olam’the power of organized world Jewry—an elite and focused minority of Jews largely operating under the direction of ADL/B’nai B’rith International. This aggressive and powerful minority is intent on fulfilling their Talmudic religious mandate to “repair the universe” (tikkun olam) through worldwide control and destruction of Christianity….Ted Pike

Quotes from “Anchorage Votes: A Conversation with Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar”, 4/28/21:

Forest Dunbar @ 57:29:

“I happen to be a member of the Jewish faith. And there is a principle in Judaism called ‘tikkun olam,’* or ‘to repair the world,’ to make the world a better place that when you found it. That is what has motivated me to try to serve the people of Anchorage.”

Dave Bronson @ 58:33 & 1:01:10:

“Last summer, I went to an [Anchorage] assembly meeting and I saw Mr. Dunbar say something — and he’s the motivating influence of why I’m here. He said something from the dais that really triggered me, something as a military veteran. He said that ‘the Constitution is shot through with racism.’

Covid didn’t hurt this city; you did. Your policies and the shutdown is what hurt this city. We can go to South Dakota, where they don’t have this problem.” Continue reading “Forrest Dunbar follows ‘tikkun olam’ — Talmudic destruction of Christianity”

CNN publishes hit piece on Kelly Tshibaka’s faith, Christian beliefs

Story from Alaska Watchman

CNN clearly views Kelly Tshibaka as a legitimate threat to take down Sen. Lisa Murkowski in her bid for reelection in 2022. On April 27, the left-leaning cable network published a hit piece with the goal of painting Tshibaka’s Christian faith and conservative values as out of step with mainstream America.

Also, from Must Read Alaska: Why is CNN trying to sway Alaska’s U.S. Senate race already?

And left leaning Anchorage Daily News writes their own hit piece: U.S. Senate challenger Kelly Tshibaka shadowed by anti-gay articles, posts questioning election integrity

Mayoral Candidate Captain Dave Bronson: Origin Story / Vision for Anchorage

Dave Bronson, captain for NW Airlines, moved to Anchorage in 1991. He flew international cargo and passenger flights out of Anchorage until Delta bought NWA, when he flew flights out of Seattle instead, but still lived in Anchorage. Continue reading “Mayoral Candidate Captain Dave Bronson: Origin Story / Vision for Anchorage”

Dr. Nick Begich: The Hidden Monks Masterclass Empowering Virtual Event

Total time approx. 13 hours 15 minutes!

“WELCOME TO THE MASTERCLASS” – Part 1. (approx. 30 minutes)

Dr. Nick Begich Teaching The Hidden Monks Masterclass Empowering Virtual Event

Starts at 2:35

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Candace Owens on ‘Tucker’: Mob Justice Floyd Trial – 3X lethal dose of Fentanyl, not a ‘rehabilitated martyr’ — “We are living in fiction because people are not strong enough to call out this stuff”

Candace Owens told Tucker on 4/20/21:

“What we’re really seeing is mob justice and that’s really what happened with this entire trial. This was not a trial about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin. This was a trial about whether the media was powerful enough to create a simulation, decide upon a narrative absent any facts, whether it was powerful enough to repeat showing and talking about a 9-minute clip that came from somebody’s cell phone without adding any context, without showing the full, you know, the full police video which they could have released.

[CORRECTION: the police body cam video could have been released immediately, stopping the riots, because it showed Floyd saying “I can’t breathe” five times before being asked to be put on the ground. It was leaked months after the incident in early August, and parts of all of the officers’ body cam footage was shown during the trial, but the fact that Floyd was already saying “I can’t breathe” before the knee to the “neck” was not emphasized during the trial. Candace seems to be saying the body cam footage wasn’t used in the trial at all, which wasn’t true.]

They refused to release the full body cam which would have added more clarity to the fact that the media was lying. The media came out, let’s not forget this, Tucker, the media came out and told us that this was a man who was just getting his life together. He was a… good member of society and he got mixed up because a racist white police officer had it out for him and killed him.

All of that fell apart…we now know, of course, that he had enough fentanyl in him, it was three times the lethal dosage — three times the lethal dosage — in him when he died. But nobody cares because the media was successful in putting out a narrative and they kept hitting that narrative. …

Because we have two pandemics going on right now. There’s a pandemic of ignorance in this country, and that is only allowed to fly because we also have a pandemic of cowardice in this country. Okay? So we have people that are purposefully putting out a bunch of ignorant claims, and then we have people that are too cowardly to stand up and say, you know what, this is wrong. There has been so much that has been going on in this country that is wrong. You talk about it. I talk about it. But we do not have people that are sitting in Congress that are willing to take this fight where it needs to be taken.

By the way, you bring up Maxine Waters inciting violence. I’m so old Tucker that I remember when a man said ‘march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol’ and that was considered an incitement for violence. Right? That was like, oh my God, stop the press, get this person disappeared from social media because he is calling for violence. Look at what Maxine Waters says. No one, no one in the media is condemning these remarks. That same media that condemned Trump and his supporters for weeks on end is now defending Maxine Waters. And we both know this is not the first time that Maxine Waters has incited violence. Don’t forget, ‘rush down, if you see a Trump supporter, you got to rush him down in the restaurants.’ They are allowed to do this. They play by a different set of rules, but it’s because we allow them to play with that different set of rules. They get away with virtually everything because we don’t have strong people on our side that are willing to stand up. It’s a sad conclusion, it really is so frustrating.

And the idea of martyring George Floyd, the way Nancy Pelosi spoke about him, completely forgives all of the trauma that he brought against his victims while he was alive, a man that served seven plus stints in prison while he was alive, armed robbery being two of the reasons why, and now we’re going to martyr him and say that your name will forever be synonymous with justice? Imagine, Tucker, if you are one of his victims that is alive, one of his victims that he armed robbed, and you have to hear that this man’s name will always be synonymous with justice, how would that feel to you?

I feel like we are living in fiction right now in America. We are losing this country and we are living in fiction because people are not strong enough to call out this stuff, and I feel like I’m one of the only ones who has the courage to say I will not be mobbed into a different reality.”

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Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera praises his moral compass as pointing ‘True North’ before voting on April 13 to extend the emergency COVID declaration until June 2021

Morality is determined by God, written in the Bible. Felix openly flaunts his rebellion to what God says, having worn his LGBT rainbow mask numerous times as chair in our public Assembly meetings. He has a rebellious spirit, and that’s why he openly attacked Jamie Allard, who has a moral compass.

– –

Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera praises his moral compass as pointing ‘True North’ before voting on April 13 to extend the emergency COVID declaration until mid-June.


Timcast IRL – Half Chewed “SpeedBall” Drug Found With George Floyd’s DNA On It w/ Brandon Tatum

“He [Floyd] requested to be laid on the ground,” what I’ve been saying since last August, after seeing and sharing the bodycam footage, where Floyd was also saying “I can’t breathe” five times before asking to be laid on the ground. He was overdosing on Fentanyl and Meth.

The defense hasn’t even begun its case yet, brought in their witnesses.

Speedball is Fentanyl plus Meth.

Floyd didn’t want to admit that he just swallowed the drugs that the guy (who is pleading the 5th?) just sold him in front of the store.

A lethal dose of Fentanyl is tiny.

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Photo: Dave Bronson is the man!

Great Photo – Dave Bronson is the man! Anchorage needs an honest, pragmatic mayor at the helm!

Dave remembers me from when I worked the NWA 747 freighters he piloted. He told me he also had trouble not hitting his head on the main deck’s ceiling as we both had to climb the ladder to get up to the cockpit.

I told him I went up it too fast twice, and should have learned the first time. He said it happened to him too, and that the opening wasn’t designed for people over 6 feet.

Our 747F-100s were designed in the ’60s.

Skousen: Ben Shapiro Not to Be Trusted

Ben Shapiro Not to Be Trusted

This neocon conservative reveals his authoritarian streak by asserting that government has the right to forcibly vaccinate Americans. In the past Shapiro has also sided with neocon John Bolton in defending US involvement if foreign wars like Afghanistan and Iraq, and the radio show host told conservatives to stop denigrating Senator Mitt Romney for his vote to impeach Donald Trump. This is not a true defender of liberty or conservative principles.

From: World Affairs Brief, March 26, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

SD Gov. Noem Announces New Initiative to Defend Fairness in Women’s Sports

I was watching Gov. Noem skillfully navigate through this topic that shouldn’t need to be discussed. And then for some reason, this short statement at 13:45 touched me, from Jack Brewer, former Gopher and Minnesota Vikings football player and captain. I cried, realizing:

It’s just so sad that America has fallen this low that a significant percentage of people will now not protect girls and women in sports, the way God made us.

21:00 On a different issue: “When I get sworn in as governor, I take an oath to the state constitution and the U.S. Constitution to uphold those constitutions.”

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TruNews: Franklin Graham – ‘Jesus Would Be Vaccinated for Covid-19’

Today on TRUNEWS, the team exposes ‘Evangelical’ church leaders and their current endorsement of pro-abortion COVID vaccines. In particular, TRUNEWS looks directly at the comments of Franklin Graham saying that Jesus would endorse the Coronavirus jab. We also look at the Samaritan’s Purse connection to prominent members of the Church of Scientology.

Edward Szall, Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate (3/22/21)


Franklin Graham Says Jesus Woulda Submitted to Big Pharmakeia!!!

Please excuse his ‘WTF’ terminology, but Brian Young here tells the truth!

The Graham family has reinterpreted Christianity to be a one-time decision instead of a life abiding in Christ where joy and peace remain — life in the Son, Jesus Himself — overcoming sin by His grace — led by the Holy Spirit — real Christianity!

This post of mine has many links to my other posts telling the truth about Billy Graham:

When Billy Graham laughed to minimize Bill Clinton’s adultery

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Dr. Mercola w/ Del Bigtree: Peer Reviewed Covid Truth — Great Interview!

Key solutions mentioned here. Most MDs are recommending too low of vitamin D levels. Nebulized hydrogen peroxide is “the single most effective strategy!”

Dr. Mercola is currently under attack from Big Pharma. He’s unconcerned, because he didn’t make the ‘cure’ claims they say he did, and he’s lawyered up. But they use this kind of publicity to smear people who tell the truth.

37 $Trillions have been transferred to the wealthy in the past year because of Covid: Billionaires’ wealth rises to $10.2 trillion amid Covid crisis, 10/6/20

42:30 Get off of platforms like Google. Stop using their search engine; stop using their Chrome browser; stop using their Android phone system, because they’re capturing your data, and are using it to manipulate you.”

44:50 Great Dr. Mercola quote comparing the way Big Pharma reports vaccine deaths with Covid deaths, considering that injuries and deaths reported to VAERS are only 1% of actual:

“The reported complication of a vaccine to VAERS is 1%. And here is the interesting component: If you had a positive Covid test, which was absolutely bastardized. They had cycle thresholds that were increased from something like 25 to 40, so it makes almost everyone taking the test falsely positive. If you had a positive test and you died from a motorcycle accident, you ‘died from Covid.’ That’s not controversial. That’s what happened. BUT, on the converse: if you get a Covid-19 vaccine and you’re healthy, and you die the next day, ‘ah, just coincidence, just a coincidence. It couldn’t possibly be related!'”

45:30 Q: “Are they evil people?”

47 Synthetic meat is horribly unhealthy, mostly made with soy beans and canola oil. “Vegetable oils are the single most, pernicious poison you could possibly eat.”

“The omega 6 fat called Linoleic acid disrupts your mitochondrial health and energy, and is probably the primary contributor to almost all chronic degenerative disease.”

49:15 See Mercola’s site, for info on D3 and do-it-yourself nebulized hydrogen based on peer reviewed literature.

“Vitamin D is huge” for Covid. “Make sure your vitamin D levels are up between 60 and 80 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml).”

47:30 “Make sure it’s over 40. 40 is the bare minimum.” They [doctors] “don’t have the right normals.” Many consider anything about 20 as okay. 90% of people’s vitamin D levels are too low.”

The other thing is nebulized hydrogen peroxide, “the single most effective strategy,” which apparently works as well as ozone therapy, and can easily be done at home. Paper:

A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies, David Brownstein, M.D., Richard Ng, M.D., Robert Rowen, M.D. …

Zinc, Quercetin.

Time restricted eating to between 6 and 8 hours.

Dr. Mercola starts at 26:10

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Rand Paul to ‘theatrical’ Fauci: “You parade around in two masks for show”

Fauci is physically looking rough, as if all of the lying is finally getting to him.

– –

Rand Paul: “what specific studies do you cite to argue that the public should be wearing masks well into 2022?”

“You’ve had the vaccine and you’re wearing two masks. Isn’t that theater?”

“You’ve been vaccinated, and you parade around in two masks for show.”

[2:29 Rand’s notes are bold, very large print, fully written out paragraphs on single sided paper.]

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