Body Language: Fauci Vs Rand Paul in Congress

3:50 “He’s so aggravated he forgot about his position on this mic thing [to turn it on].”

6:45 “Now you see him with his hand up. So he’s physically showing he wants Rand Paul to stop.”

7:30 “There’s the freak out [Fauci points both index fingers at Rand, in front of his eyes as if he’s aiming two guns]. … He’s shaking, going up higher and higher, not only in his octave, but in his body.”

8:35 “He’s continuously looking towards the chairwoman. ‘Tell him to shut up; take my side. Silence him for me.’ … He’s constantly looking for that rescue.”

9:15 “Now he’s so stressed he’s got a rubber band that he’s playing with in his fingers.”

12:40 “He’s still looking at him [Rand Paul]. He’s so mad.”

13:30 “Now he’s going back to playing with the rubber band. … So he’s still stressed from Rand Paul, and he continues to play with this rubber band.”

Video also here

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SD Gov. Kristi Noem was pro-lockdown — the truth

Sad to hear the truth about this. I’ve been a big fan.


Skousen: Kristi Noem took too much credit for keeping South Dakota open, which she was against. SD legislature kept SD open

Did Gov. Kristi Noem Sell Out? – Dean Henderson in South Dakota — “They got to her”

– –

Despite the public support for school shutdowns, the introduction of a bill that would give the state Health Secretary lockdown authority, and two executive orders which encourage business restrictions and a stay-at-home order, Noem continues to wrestle for the torch as America’s number one anti-lockdown politician.

Gov. Kristi Noem Blasted Other Republicans For Lockdowns, But She Didn’t Entirely Oppose Them, Either

July 16, 2021

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem made headlines last week for calling out fellow GOP governors on lockdowns, but her own record on the issue isn’t spotless.

Noem has consistently claimed she is the only governor in America not to order any business or church to shut down. A closer examination of her record reveals that she did support several restrictive measures in the early days of the pandemic that her office is now trying to distance itself from.

In March 2020, South Dakota Rep. Lee Qualm introduced House Bill 1297 at the request of the Governor’s Office. The bill would have granted the Secretary of Health the power to “order the closure of or place reasonable restrictions on the use of any public or private location, including a business, park, school, or other location that promotes public gathering, if reasonably necessary to slow or prevent the spread of communicable diseases during a public health emergency.”

The bill was defeated in the South Dakota legislature by a vote of 50-17according to Jon Schweppe, the director of policy and government affairs at the American Principles Project. While the passage of the bill would not have resulted in Noem herself ordering business shutdowns, it would’ve granted that authority to the state’s Health Secretary via a bill requested by the governor.

South Dakota also shut down schools in March 2020 through the end of the 2019-2020 academic school yearNoem came out emphatically during the summer to insist that South Dakota’s K-12 schools would reopen in the fall, but she was whole-heartedly on board with the initial closure. … Continue reading “SD Gov. Kristi Noem was pro-lockdown — the truth”

Skousen: Kristi Noem took too much credit for keeping South Dakota open, which she was against. SD legislature kept SD open


SD Gov. Kristi Noem was pro-lockdown — the truth

Did Gov. Kristi Noem Sell Out? – Dean Henderson in South Dakota — “They got to her”

– –

Transcribed from: Rense Radio, 7-14-21, Hour 1 – Joel Skousen – World Affairs Overview (subscription only)

One of the best governor’s during Covid is South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, but Joel points out she” is pro-vaccine,” and:

“She took too much credit, unfortunately, for the only state in the union that didn’t shut down anything. She actually signed on to the bill to shut down the state, and it was vetoed by the legislature in South Dakota. Then she got on board, and decided to champion the thing.”

The establishment controls the press in perhaps every state, including South Dakota, Utah and Idaho. Joel continues:

The establishment is out to unelect her in the next election…. The establishment people control the news in both Utah and Idaho…. The globalists really pour a lot of money into Idaho and Utah to try to subvert conservative thought and attitudes.” [Alaska too, I would add – editor].

Skousen: Dave Hodges, Mike Adams and Alex Jones are on the false hope bandwagon, pushing hype from false sources

Transcribed from: Rense Radio, 7-14-21, Hour 1 – Joel Skousen – World Affairs Overview (subscription only)

“Dave Hodges, Mike Adams and even Alex Jones are getting involved in so much hype now that it becomes very difficult to get good, credible information out of that. …

They’re all listening to insider sources…, and there is no way to vet them [the sources]. … They give them too-good-to-be-true information, and they buy into it.

It’s the whole Q-anon thing continues that continues to persist in the conservative movement. It hooked Mike Lindel, Michael Flynn, General McInerny, the idea that Trump would be reestablished by a military coup, and they’re still pushing that.… They don’t understand the power of the deep state. It is way, way too powerful to overcome. People need to get off the hope bandwagon….

I don’t trust any insider sources because I know that the NSA is tracking everything, and that no insider sources could talk to me on the telephone without being shut down, unless they’re being permitted to give bad information.

Mike Adams says China is controlling every politician in the Democratic party. He doesn’t understand the deep state, who are promoting this to divert people from thinking the deep state is the problem. … The deep state controls Joe Biden.

[Another deception is that big tech will be shut down]. Big tech is never going to be shut down.”

Globalist Oligarchs Gather At Idaho Resort For Private Conference On ‘Immigration Reform,’ ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ And ‘Climate Change’ – Reporters are banned

Globalist oligarchs Mike Bloomberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Bob Iger, Shari Redstone, Robert Kraft, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet along with current CIA director Bill Burns and many others have gathered at a resort in rural Idaho for a five-day Bilderberg-style conference with the main topics of discussion that leaked out being “criminal justice reform,” “immigration reform” and “climate change. (STORY)

Daily Mail has the photos & attendee list: Continue reading “Globalist Oligarchs Gather At Idaho Resort For Private Conference On ‘Immigration Reform,’ ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ And ‘Climate Change’ – Reporters are banned”

Skousen: Mike Adams’ Hype on China

World Affairs Brief, July 9, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (


Because of his increasing reliance on questionable “insider sources,” Mike Adams at Natural News tends to hype things more and more beyond what is real. Recently he concluded that “With the CCP now controlling everything, Americans are living under foreign ENEMY occupation.”

What most people don’t yet understand is that they’re no longer living in “America.” What used to be America is now a nation under enemy occupation, ruled by authoritarian tyrants who were installed through election fraud and whose loyalty rests with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The Big Tech corporations all work for China, too, and the censorship they pursue in the USA mirrors the anti-freedom censorship of communist China.

Adams has bought into the disinformation fed to Mike Lindell that China was involved in the hacking of the election. Not true. It was all our own Deep State. The Deep State itself put out all the disinformation about bogus hacking trails to China and Eastern Europe to divert blame from its own control over election computers and/or tabulation services. Continue reading “Skousen: Mike Adams’ Hype on China”

Jordan Peterson asks WIN HOF about THE POWER OF INTENTION — “What are you intending exactly?”

52:00 PETERSON: “When you go into the cold… what are you doing mentally…?

WIM HOF: … When I put my intention, suddenly you see very little stress or no stress. … The power of our intention.”

PETERSON: “What are you intending exactly?”

WIM HOF: “I am going into the cold. So ‘body, I’m the captain of my vessel. You do whatever is necessary, and I let you.’ We don’t need to think all the time about it like a mantra or something. I go into the cold and I’m the boss inside. What happens: I’m able to go out say a whole night in my shorts in freezing temperatures. That is the power of our intention.” Continue reading “Jordan Peterson asks WIN HOF about THE POWER OF INTENTION — “What are you intending exactly?””

Jordan Peterson’s Psych Drug History

Antidepressants are like a chemical lobotomy. Ann Blake-Tracy told me that in order to suppress depression feelings, antidepressants have to suppress all feelings. Many related links are posted below.

*NOTE: Peterson lives in high latitude Canada. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is caused by low vitamin D and lack of full spectrum lighting, especially the lack of the blue spectrum, which blue blockers can make worse. It is easily cured by taking enough vitamin D3 (5,000-10,000 iu of a good brand), which blood tests can check (60-80 ng/ml is ideal) and full spectrum light bulbs. Low vitamin D should be a well known cause for depression.

31:40 PETERSON: “There’s a very long history of depression in my family, and so I used antidepressants for 20 years after I started suffering from depression, especially in the winter, so it was seasonal affective disorder*. It got to the point where it was debilitating. It hit my father as well, and hit my daughter and a number of first cousins, and aunts and uncles. It’s thoroughly populated on my father’s side.

But I stopped taking antidepressants 5 years ago when I changed my diet because I was also suffering from autoimmune disorders of various sorts. …

I also used an anti-anxiety medication after a particularly severe immunological reaction, I think to something I ate…. And then I suffered from complications that were extremely severe when I tried to stop using the anti-anxiety drug. So that propelled me into a terrible, terrible situation. I developed a condition called akathisia, which makes it impossible for you to ever relax, ever. It’s like being prodded by knives, like many knives. … The case reports indicate that people are driven to suicide ideation within an hour of akathisia onset. … I’m in pain pretty much all of the time. It’s quite severe.” Continue reading “Jordan Peterson’s Psych Drug History”

North Korean Defector Shares HORRIFYING Story Of Life In North Korea And Her Great Escape To America

Full Show:

300,000 N. Korean refugees in China, mostly human trafficked women, since China’s one-child policy aborted so many Chinese women, causing the wife shortage.

54:30 Kim Jong-un is waiting for the west to be weakened before nuking US.

1:23:30 “You have to be a liar in a communist society all the time in order to survive.” – China Uncensored

1:26:00 China plays a 30-minute news show on every channel every day showing how dangerous, violent, racist and bad the USA is.

1:49:45 N. Korean officials can sexually have any woman they want, hundreds. Lust parties.

158 S. Korea’s leader is communist leaning

204 Watch a movie or read the Bible and get executed in N. Korea.

⁠Her book: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom

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(vid) Senator Reinbold Resists COVID Tyranny Goliath in Alaska

June 4, 2021

The COVID tyranny including mask mandates, shut downs, and vicious promotion of the experimental coronavirus shots is running rampant in Alaska, but Senator Lora Reinbold (Republican) is determined to make it stop–and she’s making serious waves in the process. In this interview with The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman, Senator Reinbold explains how she was banned from Alaska Airlines and has faced all sorts of harassment, retaliation, and abuse for her efforts. However, she is vowing to fight on, and good things are happening, she said.


Michael Franzese: Life in the Mafia, stealing $millions; J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed …

1:08:30 JFK and Bobby Kennedy murders

1:11:30 How J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed: taped by Mafia with boyfriend doing stuff in their bugged bathroom

Feds cleaned up the unions

1:20:50 The most authentic Mafia movies

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Dr. Ron Paul w/ Del on Libertarianism – This system run by thugs can’t work

Ron Paul at age-85. Will be 86 in two months!

The father of Libertarianism, Dr. Ron Paul, sits down with Del to break down the fundamentals of the political organization’s platform, and talk about his remarkable career as a medical doctor and a political outsider.

15:15 What about regulations?

58:05 “This system can’t live. It’s impossible. All it can do: the weaker it gets, the more thugs we’re going to have, and then that hopefully will motive the people to say: ‘enough is enough. We’re going to the ballgame tonight, and we’re not wearing a mask.'”


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Eric Clapton tells his vaccine injury story (video); Van Morrison still protesting; Roger Waters won’t take Zuck’s $money!

Some of Rock’s greatest legends are publicly rejecting lockdowns and experimental vaccines. Others, like the Foo Fighters, are endorsing vaccine segregation.

Clapton is getting the silent treatment from other musicians and friends now.

Eric Clapton video at 4:45


The Highwire with Del Bigtree

(video) Multi-millionaire Alaska Sen. Natasha von Imhoff bashes Alaskans as ‘greedy’ while she spends the people’s money on bloated government

The Senator laughing with von Imhoff at her antics at 0:27, Sen. Gary Stevens sits with her behind Lora Reinbold as von Imhoff disparages Lora. I transcribed part of what Lora said on the Dan Fagan Show:

“He [Sen. Gary Stevens] sits right behind me on the floor, so does Natasha von Imhof. … Natasha loves to disparage me behind me. Just imagine her sitting right behind you: ‘You’re going to fail.’ ‘This isn’t going to work.’ ‘This is so stupid.’ … ‘Put your mask up.’ ‘Put your mask up.’”

[Alaska] Sen. Reinbold accuses Sen. von Imhof of harassment on House floor

I asked who the man in the left video at minute-0:30 wearing the “Let’s have a party” multicolored jacket and bright yellow tie is. He’s James Brooks, reporter for the Anchorage Daily News.

STORY behind the video

Alaska Senators debate the Permanent Fund dividend

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WIM HOF – THE ICEMAN I Breathe…! How To Master Your Human Potential – London Real

To overcome dangerous bacteria through deep breaths, how often? “I always say ‘do it as much as you feel you need.'”

“Civilized to death.” Our environments are temperature controlled, so we lose the ability to adapt to imperfect conditions.

Watch original 1 hour 46 minute Full Episode, December 23, 2019 (free subscription required):

Our capillary system all combined, each person goes 2.5 times around the World!

How he discovered the techniques: “I just followed it simply because it made me feel good.”

This version on YouTube

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[Documentary Film] HIV AIDS: Fauci’s First Fraud

From: Anthony Fauci: 40 Years of Lies From AZT to Remdesivir

On February 19, 1988, Fauci appeared on the television program Good Morning America, as Lauritsen writes in his book. And he was asked why only one drug, AZT, had been made available. He replied:

The reason why only one drug has been made available — AZT — is because it’s the only drug that has been shown in scientifically controlled trials to be safe and effective.”

• • •

17:00  Dr. Duesberg: AIDS was caused by drug use and AZT itself (Fauci’s government funded cure), which destroys the immune system

22:15 At first: “AZT was designed to kill leukemia, but after animal testing, considered too toxic for any use”

33:20 Later, when approved for AIDS, animal trials were skipped, just like with experimental Covid vaxxes!

– –

A deadly new virus is discovered…there’s no treatment or cure…it’s highly contagious…everyone is a potential victim…the world is at risk from asymptomatic super spreaders…new clusters of cases reported daily…

Everyone must get tested even though the tests are unreliable…positive antibody tests are called “infections” and “cases” even when the patient has no symptoms…every politician gets involved…media hysteria in high gear…activists demand salvation from government and Big Pharma…

Billions of dollars are authorized for fast track drug and vaccine research…simple, effective remedies are rejected while expensive, dangerous ones are pushed……presumptive diagnoses…exaggerated death statistics…falsified death certificates…

Covid 2020?


AIDS in the 1980s. Continue reading “[Documentary Film] HIV AIDS: Fauci’s First Fraud”

Tony Fauci’s cavalcade of frauds

Tony Fauci’s cavalcade of frauds

Fauci’s Frauds – Swine Flu (May 3, 2020)

Scaring young moms for fun and profit (May 10, 2020)

Fauci Frauds Explained (May 11, 2020) Gary Null interviews Kary Ellis

The Bush Family and Tony Fauci (May 17, 2020)

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Tolerance (May 18, 2020)

Fauci’s Greatest Hits (May 21, 2020)

Testing, Diagnostic creep, and other scams (May 25, 2020)

The original SARS scam (May 29, 2020) By David Crowe

Why everyone loves Tony Fauci (May 30, 2020)

Fauci’s Fraud Machine (June 1, 2020) By Corey Diggs

Fauci and mass murder poisoning (June 2, 2020)

CoVid-19 not killing patients: Doctors and nurses (June 3, 2020)

The dark truth about respirators (June 4, 2020)

CoVid “cases” counts, testing and other frauds (June 08, 2020)

WHO finally comes clean: “Asymptomatic carriers don’t spread CoVid” (June 09, 2020 )

Fauci’s fraud falling apart (June 10, 2020)

The New York Problem (June 11, 2020)

“Follow the science” (June 13, 2020)

David Crowe talks with Thomas Cowan (June 14, 2020)

Fauci talking out of both sides of his mouth (June 15, 2020)

The propaganda war goes on (June 15, 2020)

The fake Beijing Cluster (June 15, 2020)

More about the fake Beijing Cluster fraud (June 17, 2020)

Testing fraud explained (June 17, 2020)

Update – Fraudulent test, fraudulent case counts (June 25, 2020)

Escalating the CoVid hysteria with PR (June 28, 2020)

Garbage science, garbage tests (July 01, 2020)

NYC incompetence and panic caused the spike (July 01, 2020)

The dubious – and unproven – germ theory (July 03, 2020)

Rule by Virus (July 06, 2020)

The mask thing is a sinister fraud (July 07, 2020)

Ebola – Fauci’s other fraud (July 08, 2020)

Testing fraud creates hysteria (July 14, 2020)

Fauci’s Sinister history (July 16, 2020)

Replay of the world’s biggest fraud (17, 2020)

Our most important video (July 18, 2020)

Replay of the world’s biggest fraud (July 21, 2020)

How medical hysteria is created (July 30, 2020)

The fraud of the century revealed in detail for the first time (August 08, 2020)

Game over (September 01, 2020)

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