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Amnesty: US-Backed Kurds in Syria Are Running Torture Prisons Responsible for ‘Mass Death’


Israel Launches DEVASTATING Joint Attack On Aleppo, Syria!

Israel Launches DEVASTATING Joint Attack On Aleppo, Syria!

And the US is still illegally there, occupying their oil fields!!

US foreign policy is EVIL!

Skousen: The US is Still Illegally Occupying Syrian Oil Fields

World Affairs Brief, January 12, 2024 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

Meanwhile the US is Still Illegally Occupying Syrian Oil Fields

The US certainly can’t say that their occupation of the oil producing region of Syria is defensive. They are doing this to make sure Syria can’t rebuild after all the devastation US-backed terrorists (rebels and ISIS—both of which were imported by the US to Syria) have caused. reports that the presence of the US bases (nine and counting) continue to invite attacks from Iraqi militias.

Senior Iranian commander killed in Israeli strike on Damascus, Syria

Not good. Israel has been trying to force Iran to attack either them or the US, so they can convince the US to do one more immoral, reverse-Christian war to regime change Iran, the 7th country on the list given to General Wesley Clark after 9/11.

“Tehran has accused Israel of killing a high-profile Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commander in Syria, and says it will take retaliatory measures for the death of Seyed Razi Mousavi.

“US stealing Syrian oil from Syrian people and sending to Israel: Former US diplomat”

23 January 2021

The United States is stealing Syrian oil from the Syrian people and sending it to somewhere else presumably to the Apartheid entity of Israel, according to J. Michael Springmann, an American political commentator, author and former US diplomat in Saudi Arabia.

Iran Starts to Attack US Illegal Occupation of Syrian Oil Fields

From: World Affairs Brief, March 31, 2023

Iran Starts to Attack US Illegal Occupation of Syrian Oil Fields: Iran-backed fighters fired a series of missiles at a US base near Syria’s Al-Omar oilfield, which the US is illegally occupying under the excuse of “fighting terror”. After the Iranian drone strike killed an American contractor, the US responded with strikes of its own that killed 11 Iranian militants. I’m glad to see Iran helping Syria get rid of this illegal US operation, which is shipping Syrian oil through Turkey to Israel, without paying for it. This hurts Syria’s ability to rebuild after US provoked invasion by IS militants—a Deep State operation.

Who is OAN’s Pearson Sharp? — Trying to save America for his one-year-old!

I could first tell Pearson was an honest journalist when I watched his coverage of the claim that Assad gassed his own people. Pearson was there, on the ground, and told the truth, as he does again here at minute-17.

Since then, I’ve seen him tell the truth about Big Pharma, the election steal, etc..

39:00 He lived for a year in China. “Everybody was indoctrinated… totally obedient. They don’t question anything, and they have this doctrine of saving face.” They know they’re lying, others know, but no one says it.

Pat Buchanan: 20 Years after 9/11, Are We Better Off? — Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen & Lebanon all worse off

Patrick J. Buchanan: 20 Years after 9/11—Are We Better Off?


The triumphant Taliban of today are far stronger than were the Taliban of 2001 who fled at the approach of the Northern Alliance. Al-Qaida is now present in many more countries than it was when we first launched the Global War on Terror.

Nor is the America of 2021 the hubristic self-confident country of George W. Bush and the neocons who were going to convert the Middle East into something like our Middle West and advance from there “with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world.”

Our country is a changed place from 2001. Gone are the unity, confidence and resolution. And how have all our interventions gone?

Call the roll.

BBC Admits 2018 Syria Chemical Attack Documentary Had “Serious Flaws” — Falsely accused Assad of gassing his own people. Trump then bombed Syria based on lies

BBC Admits Syria Chemical Attack Documentary Had “Serious Flaws”

FRIDAY, SEP 10, 2021

The BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) has admitted there were “serious flaws” in a Radio 4 documentary by journalist Chloe Hadjimatheou on the alleged 2018 chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma.

On 2 September, the UK national broadcaster issued a statement which read:

“The ECU found that, although they were limited to one aspect of an investigation into a complex and hotly contested subject, these points represented a failure to meet the standard of accuracy appropriate to a program of this kind.”

… The documentary in question dealt with an alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma in 2018, and included an account by a former inspector with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), identified as ‘Alex’ during the program, who expressed concerns about the conclusions of the OPCW on the matter.

In 2019, ‘Alex’ teamed up with Wikileaks to expose the OPCW for allegedly doctoring a report over the Douma chlorine attack, as OPCW officials notably avoided revelations from the fact-finding mission which may point to terror groups having been behind the purported gas attack.

Many believe this was done in order to frame the Syrian government and justify missile strikes launched by the US, UK and France against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in April 2018.

Biden is Arming AlQaeda in Syria (New Evidence)


Biden Illegally Bombs Middle East Again – Syria and Iraq – Biden declined to comment

Syrian Comedian Explains Syria From His Perspective vs. What Media Says!

The truth about Syria. How our media has lied!

An0maly – News Analysis & Hip-hop

Iran’s foreign minister says John Kerry told him about Israeli covert operations in Syria

Story from Fox News

Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed in recently leaked audio that John Kerry, when he was serving as Secretary of State during the Obama administration, informed him of more than 200 Israeli operations in Syria.

Story from NY Times:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times, to his astonishment, Mr. Zarif said.

Tucker: Washington framed Assad – OPCW whistleblowers call out fake chemical weapons scam in Syria

I’m a bit disappointed in Rand Paul for not pursuing this more; though, I’m a big fan, and know he’s juggling a lot. He and Tulsi visited Syria together. He knows.

Great to see Tulsi still speaking out! So sad that most Americans, especially ‘Christian’ Zionists don’t care about the truth, being deceived into being reverse-Christian warmongers.

– –

Tucker Carlson hosts Aaron Mate and Tulsi Gabbard, March 2021

Steven Ben-Nun w/ Adam Green: The ‘peace’ accord is a war accord • Israel using Russia and China to bring US down • Israel used US to destroy their neighbors

MY NOTES – Steven Ben-Nun said:

22:40 “Through violence, the Jewish state is trying to make it look like these prophecies (which many have been fulfilled…), they’re trying to make it look as if they are coming to pass, but in fact they are not.”

23:30 “This is really not a ‘peace accord.’ It’s a war accord. They’re using this ‘peace initiative, or this Abrahamic accord in order to prepare their coalition to go against Iran.”

33:30 “The sad thing is that when it comes to the United States, they [Israel] is done with America. I was told that straight up by people I know in Israel. China will be the next superpower, and they [Israel] will work with China. And they will use Russia to bring down this nation down, along with China.”

54 Truth about Syria: Turkey brought in the Sarin gas to falsely blame Assad for gassing his own people.

Christians and Jews say Damascus must be destroyed according to Bible prophecy, but Isaiah 17 actually says God holds Christians and Jews responsible for the destruction of Damascus, because they armed a faction to destroy Syria.

59:00 GREATER ISRAEL PROJECT: “They [Israel] had to go a long way to instigate all America’s wars on the Middle East to create this scenario. As we know, General Wesley Clark said seven nations would be taken down in five years. Of course, the timeline is off, but not the nations. The United States has played a heavy role in bringing down these nations.”

Gets interesting, starting at 17:45

(DISGUSTING) Trump: I Wanted To Assassinate Syria’s Bashar Assad

Assad is not a terrorist, and did not gas his own people. Syria was a beautiful place with freedom of religion. The CIA and Mossad were/are the terrorists in Syria, trying to use ISIS to regime change Syria for the Greater Israel Project, which Russia largely stopped.

– –

Trump: I Wanted To Assassinate Syria’s Bashar Assad

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wanted to assassinate Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, contradicting his own past denials that he had ever considered killing Assad and weakening his claim to be an anti-war president.

“I would have rather taken him out. I had him all set,” Trump told ”Fox & Friends” in response to a question about Assad. Trump blamed his former defense secretary, retired Marine Gen. Jim Mattis, for holding him back: “Mattis didn’t want to do it. Mattis was a highly overrated general and I let him go.” …

Trump considered the assassination in April 2017, after the first major Syrian chemical weapons attack of his presidency, journalist Bob Woodward revealed in a book published in 2018. “Let’s kill the fucking lot of them,” Trump said, per Woodward. He ultimately settled on a limited airstrike against Assad’s forces ― the first U.S. intervention of that kind in the Syrian civil war.


Israel Admits Arming and Funding anti-Assad Syrian Rebels

Reported also in Israel’s newspapers:

Times of Israel 1/14/19

IDF chief finally acknowledges that Israel supplied weapons to Syrian rebels

 …for years Israeli officials repeatedly declared that the country was not getting involved in Syria’s internal fighting — now evidently a lie, in light of Eisenkot’s remarks.

Haaretz 2/3/19

Opinion // Israel Just Admitted Arming anti-Assad Syrian Rebels. Big Mistake

For years, Israel has religiously adhered to the official party line that the country’s policy was non-intervention, and this has now been exposed as a lie. Such a loss of public credibility may significantly inhibit its abilities to conduct influence operations in the future.

From USA’s ZeroHedge 1/14/19

What is clear, and now finally settled for the historical record, is that for years Israeli concealed its “hidden hand” in the proxy war while feigning merely “humanitarian aid” — something now fully admitted by Israel’s top military commander. In other words the humanitarian smokescreen was cover for a full-on covert war on Damascus, as we and many other independent outlets have reported many times, and for years.

Israel’s Top Commander Finally Spills Secrets Of “Invisible War” In Syria

For years Israel denied allegations that it had a role in funding and weaponizing the anti-Assad insurgency in Syria, and more often military officials responded “no comment” even when confronted with overwhelming evidence of Israeli weapons documented in al-Qaeda linked insurgents’ hands, but this all changed in a new British Sunday Times interview with outgoing Israeli army commander Gadi Eisenkot, who has finally confirmed the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) supplied weapons to rebels across the border “for self-defense,” and further perhaps more stunningly, has admitted to long waging an “invisible war in Syria” that involved “thousands of attacks”.

The interview constitutes the first time that any current top Israeli military or government official has fully acknowledged sending anything beyond “humanitarian supplies,” such as medical aid to Syrian militants seeking to topple the Assad government; and yet it still appears the country’s military chief is slow playing the confirmation, only acknowledging the IDF provided “light weapons” — even after years of reporting has definitively uncovered an expansive Israeli program to arm dozens of insurgent groups and pay their salaries, including known affiliates of al-Qaeda in Syria.

(vid) Truth Comes Out: New Evidence Syria Gas Attack Report Falsified

US ‘shamelessly and impudently’ PILLAGES Syrian oilfields but forbids supply of hydrocarbons to Damascus

Why don’t “Christians” in the US care about what we (and what Trump brags about doing – “take the oil”) do to others, whom Jesus commanded us to love as much as ourselves?

Why won’t “Christians” admit we are wrong in our regime-change wars and share articles like this, so we stop our reverse-Christian behavior — and actually love people instead?

– –

February 18, 2020

“The oil fields… are controlled by the US. There’s shameless, impudent pillage of the wealth that belongs to Syria and the Syrian people taking place,” Shoigu said during a visit to the Italian capital Rome.

At the same time, the sanctions imposed by Washington against Damascus ban any oil shipments to Syria, putting the country in a tight spot.

“Most of the people, who are now suffering in Syria, are in need of heat, hot water and electricity, which — as we understand it — come from hydrocarbons that are forbidden to be supplied there,” the minister pointed out.

(vid) Tulsi: Trump disgraces our military — Admits using troops to steal Syria’s oil

Trump has again fully admitted he’s using American troops to take Syria’s oil, which is illegal and immoral.

– –

“Trump disgraces our military by using our men & women in uniform as mercenaries serving the interests of multinational corps (e.g. Exxon) & foreign countries (e.g. Saudis). We must stand side by side—no matter our political party—to end this travesty #NoWarWithIran #StandWithTulsi

5 Times the US Actively Supported ISIS or Similar Groups

Everyone knows U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has more to do with destabilization than diplomacy.


(vid) Trump admits on Fox he “left troops in Syria to take the oil!” — Breaking commandment after commandment

Trump admits he “left troops in Syria to take the oil,” and then says “we have the oil.” If this isn’t reverse-Christianity, what is?

We were unsuccessful in regime changing Syria, the last country that needed to be destabilized before taking out Iran for the Greater Israel Project, so then Trump figures we’ll just take the oil, which the Bible calls stealing.

Someone recently said Trump has broken all of the 10 commandments now, with his recent assassinations in Iraq (though he’s murdered others before in his military campaigns). Here he’s breaking “Thou shalt not steal,” and tells us about it on the war channel, Fox News.

Ryan Dawson filling in for Mike Rivero on ‘What Really Happened,’ Jan. 10, 2020

Excellent, real-history overview of what really happened in Syria and Iraq!


Ryan thinks Alex Jones is compromised through blackmail.


How the media manipulates the right, getting them to hate.
Sex slavery in Talmudville.
The mega-group behind Epstein.


Obama ordered CIA to train ISIS jihadists: Declassified documents

Posted by Alec Cope | May 28, 2015

U.S. intelligence documents released to a government watchdog confirms the suspicions that the United States and some of its so-called coalition partners had actually facilitated the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as an effective adversary against the government of the Syrian dictator President Bashar al-Assad. In addition, ISIS members were initially trained by members and contractors of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at facilities in Jordan in 2012. The original goal was to weaken the Syrian government which had engaged in war crimes against their own people, according to a number of reports on Sunday. The non-profit, non-partisan Judicial Watch — a group known for its investigation of government corruption and abuse — had obtained more than 100 pages of classified documents from both the US Department of Defense and the State Department through a federal lawsuit.

Entire Article

Shock Video: Syria’s Raqqa, a ‘2nd Dresden’ After US Saturation Bombing

Thu, Dec 19, 2019

… The CIA and Mossad created and funded ISIS, which they used to invade Syria, and then, when the jig was up and they had to pretend to be on the right side, they bombed a few Syrian cities back into the stone age, not to destroy ISIS, which fled well in advance with ample warning from their friends, but to make sure the Syrians had nothing left. The infrastructure of Raqqa is non existent, they’d be better off if it was just sand. That’s how Israel plays the game. Time for the Western voters to wake up and realize who has them by the tail.

Newsweek Refuses To Release Report that Contradicts OPWC Claims About 2018 Syrian Gas Attack

Molyneux: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack – Still no evidence…

We didn’t even have evidence beyond reasonable doubt before launching our missiles, let alone the proof that was needed and a mandate.

– –

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain breaks down the pro-war propaganda in the latest revelations about the supposed Syrian chemical attack…

Top CIA analyst explains Israel’s destructive role in US policies – Ray McGovern!

I really like Ray McGovern. He has such a sweet spirit. You’d never know the hardship he’s gone through while boldly standing up for what’s right. He must have a forgiving, loving heart!

Bombshell Assad Interview MEDIA IGNORES! Why Are We In Syria?

It’s horrible what the US and Israel have done to Syria covertly through ISIS, and then openly push the propaganda created by the “White Helmets,” who staged the fake chemical attacks. Assad is a wonderful, gentle leader who had brought Syria into near first world status with religious freedom. And TalmudVision, including Fox News mocks him, and won’t air this interview.

And why don’t most “Christians” in America care, when Jesus said: “Blessed are the *peacemakers*, for they shall be called the *children of God*.”

Most “Christians” in America aren’t real Christians. Real Christians must be peacemakers according to what Jesus said in Matthew 5, quoted above.

Mike Rivero: “Everything the U.S. is doing in Syria is a war crime under the U.N. Charter and international law”

38:10 “Everything the United States is doing in Syria right now is a war crime under the U.N. Charter and international law.”

Mike’s stories on Syria at

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