Who is OAN’s Pearson Sharp? — Trying to save America for his one-year-old!

I could first tell Pearson was an honest journalist when I watched his coverage of the claim that Assad gassed his own people. Pearson was there, on the ground, and told the truth, as he does again here at minute-17.

Since then, I’ve seen him tell the truth about Big Pharma, the election steal, etc..

39:00 He lived for a year in China. “Everybody was indoctrinated… totally obedient. They don’t question anything, and they have this doctrine of saving face.” They know they’re lying, others know, but no one says it.

Published February 10, 2022

OAN’s Pearson Sharp Joins Infowars for a Powerful Interview Exposing the NWO’s Anti-Human Agenda

Rumble — Pearson Sharp (https://gettr.com/user/pearsonsharp), host at https://www.oann.com/ joins The Alex Jones Show for a powerful interview exposing the anti-human agenda of the NWO

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