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Iran Says Nuclear Weapons Have No Place in Its Nuclear Doctrine

April 22, 2024

On Monday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry reaffirmed that Tehran is not seeking a nuclear bomb and that weapons have no place in Iran’s nuclear doctrine.

“Iran has repeatedly said its nuclear program only serves peaceful purposes. Nuclear weapons have no place in our nuclear doctrine,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani.

Kanaani’s comments came after an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) general suggested Iran could change its nuclear doctrine if Israel attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Any decision to build nuclear weapons would have to be made by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who issued a fatwa in 2003 forbidding the production and use of any weapon of mass destruction. The Islamic Republic’s first supreme leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, also prohibited the creation of a WMD program.

The fact that Iran is not seeking a nuclear weapon was recently reaffirmed by the US’s annual “threat assessment” and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). “Iran is not currently undertaking the key nuclear weapons-development activities necessary to produce a testable nuclear device,” the threat assessment says.


Scott Ritter: Iran’s attack succeeded — US media lies again!

Iran knew the drones and most of the missiles Iran sent (many without warheads) would be shot down. What the media is not telling us is five of the seven sophisticated missiles hit their targets at the air base from which the F-35s were launched that bombed Iran’s embassy, killing their top generals on Iranian soil.

So Israel now knows that they can’t stop Iran’s best missiles, and Iran didn’t even send any of their hypersonic missiles which they can’t stop.

After Trump drone struck General Soleimani, Iran successfully hit the US base with 20 missiles, which the US missile defense system also let through. Trump was told he couldn’t retaliate because we can’t stop Iran’s missiles.

With all of the decoys sent all at once, which Israel shot down, Iran was able to see where the missiles were launched from, in case future encounters occur.

Iran was able to make their point without killing anyone, so Americans can’t use this as an excuse to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

The US media is lying by omission again, mocking Iran to protect Talmudic Israel.

Scott Ritter: The Missiles of April

HEAVY! Judge Napolitano w/ Scott Ritter

What actually happened? Netanyahu driving a suicide bus? Iran doesn’t have nukes, but Israel certainly does.

Related: Netanyahu’s 7 Nuclear Deceptions — 1992: *IRAN* nuclear “within three to five years” • 1995: “three to five years” • 1996: “time is running out” • 2009: “probably one or two years away” / “has the capability now” • 2012: “within a year” || 2002: *IRAQ* now operating “centrifuges the size of washing machines”

Skousen: Israel provoking war with Iran to involve the US in yet another NWO regime-change war (Netanyahu is a ‘full globalist’) — Why we keep US troops in Syria and Iraq, to make sure Americans get bloodied, to justify our so-called “defensive” involvement

From: Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief, April 12, 2024

Is a Larger Middle East War Imminent?

Israel has been provoking Iran into an attack for the last three years by its regular bombing of Iranian bases in Syria, which so far has not worked. Seemingly to increase the provocation, In the first week of April, Israel bombed Iran’s embassy in Damascus, which is a clear violation of diplomatic immunity and which no nation does including in wartime out of respect to other nation’s diplomatic missions. This bombing provocation went even further than violating embassy sovereignty by Israel killing several of Iran’s high ranking military officers which were meeting in an embassy annex at the time. Israel could not have known about this meeting without high level penetration of Iranian and Syrian governments by Israeli spies. So, just as the war on Hamas was started by inviting the attack by the IDF pulling out most of its soldiers from Southern Israel and leaving it wide open and vulnerable, Israel is apparently itching for a fight with Iran by provoking it. In short, if war comes, Israel will be just as responsible for it as Iran.

As Israel’s most important ally, the US will also be drawn into the fight, and the major war that ensues with Iran will deplete US supplies of weapons and munitions much lower than during its current aid to Israel and Ukraine, leaving America even more vulnerable to the major world war still to come with China and Russia. Iran’s military is formidable, so the US and Israel will also suffer many casualties. …

Ray McGovern: Israeli False Flag Killing US Troops?

BREAKING: 3 US Troops KILLED, Biden Blames ‘Iran Backed’ Groups

Talmudist Netanyahu wants incidents like these to help convince Americans to regime change Iran, which would be another reverse-Christian war, and could end in disaster.


Netanyahu’s 7 Nuclear Deceptions — 1992: *IRAN* nuclear “within three to five years” • 1995: “three to five years” • 1996: “time is running out” • 2009: “probably one or two years away” / “has the capability now” • 2012: “within a year” || 2002: *IRAQ* now operating “centrifuges the size of washing machines”


Senior Iranian commander killed in Israeli strike on Damascus, Syria

Not good. Israel has been trying to force Iran to attack either them or the US, so they can convince the US to do one more immoral, reverse-Christian war to regime change Iran, the 7th country on the list given to General Wesley Clark after 9/11.

“Tehran has accused Israel of killing a high-profile Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commander in Syria, and says it will take retaliatory measures for the death of Seyed Razi Mousavi.

MASSIVE War Across The Middle East Is The Plan! – U.S. Gen. Wesley Clark

Iran’s foreign minister says John Kerry told him about Israeli covert operations in Syria

Story from Fox News

Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed in recently leaked audio that John Kerry, when he was serving as Secretary of State during the Obama administration, informed him of more than 200 Israeli operations in Syria.

Story from NY Times:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times, to his astonishment, Mr. Zarif said.

Ron ‘Peacemaker’ Paul: Will Biden’s Syria Attack Help ISIS? — USA acting like ISIS’ Air Force

USA acting like ISIS’ Air Force. Details laid out, starting at minute-5.

Nobel Peace prize winner, Obama started this immoral and illegal conflict in 2014.

9:45 Biden’s and his current spokesperson’s tweets criticizing Trump bombing Syria in 2017!

“…what is the legal authority? … Syria is a sovereign country.” – Jen Psaki

“No president should order a military strike without fully understanding the consequences. We don’t need another war in the Middle East, but Trump’s actions toward Iran only make that more likely.” – Joe Biden

The Covid Karens — people turning on each other: “We have to have more people understand the basic concept of liberty.”

Skousen: Trump’s Farewell Speech — Rhetoric without Substance

World Affairs Brief, January 22, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

Trump’s Farewell Speech

I was extremely disappointed that Trump was talked out of pardoning Julian Assange and Edward Snowden for exposing Deep State secrets. That was a serious failure and cements my feeling that we need another champion in the conservative movement going forward. Trump has the rhetoric but not the substance.

In his professionally written farewell speech, Trump said the movement we have started is just beginning. Actually, it is probably at its maturity and will decline and fracture if a large percentage of Trump supporters continue to be led astray by disinformation claims and false hope. Trump is even pondering starting a new political party, but that will only split off from Republicans and ensure that we never gain majority status again.

Skousen: ”The Crucial Issue Of Our Day Is Conspiracy”


“I believe Trump’s lawyers have sabotaged his legal case against fraud.”

“He [Trump] continues to prepare for a war with Iran even though Iran is not the biggest sponsor of terror in the world. The U.S. deeps state is. He killed General Soleimani… [who] was the biggest sponsor of the fighting forces in Iraq and Iran, that were fighting US backed terror in Syria, including ISIS, and was responsible for the defeat of ISIS.”

Omnibus spending bills should be banned, to be replaced by separate bills, so the bad things don’t continually get passed.

Biden will probably move slowly enough to avoid civil unrest in the near future, especially if Republicans don’t lose control of the Senate. “They want to be able to boil the frog a little faster, but still slow enough so it doesn’t gain resistance.”

“I don’t believe we’ll ever win another election again, because the Dominion voting machines won’t be removed.”

21:45 “When war comes toward the end of this decade with Russia and China, preceded by an EMP strike, there will be no electricity for a year and a half.” The large transformers are all built in China. “If they [government] did only one thing and spent a billion dollars and stockpiled all the transformers they need, and shield them electronically…, they could get back up and running [interrupted by Alex].” “Remember, that EMP strike will be followed 15 minutes later by a physical strike on US military forces.”

“This Covid thing is dividing the world between those who see and those who are blind, and unfortunately, I’m very, very sad to say that the majority of Americans are blind to this obvious conspiracy.”


Skousen: Trump Given Go-Ahead to Attack Iran — Only Muslim nation independent of both East and West in arms production

I believe this is a key part of the Talmudic Greater Israel Program that Netanyahu has been pushing for for decades. Also, the one-world government globalists see Iran as a formidable power that would oppose the one-world government.

This is NOT God’s will, and will be more blood on the USA’s hands, that we’ve had no business shedding.

– –

World Affairs Brief, January 1, 2020 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

2020 In Review: the Big Picture



But Trump has given the go-ahead, I believe, for an attack on Iran. His head has been filled with false propaganda about Iran from both the Deep State and Israel, and has sent two aircraft carrier task forces to Iranian waters as well as a cruise missile submarine and multiple flyovers by B-52 bombers indicates intent of military intervention.

Iran’s radical Muslim government is no friend to liberty of its people, and would be no threat to Israel if Israel weren’t a puppet state of the US Deep State. But Iran knows the globalist intend to attack it because it is the only Muslim nation that is independent of both East and West in arms production. The globalists only want Muslim nations that are puppets to their agenda, like the corrupt Saudi Royal family.

If the attack on Iran doesn’t happen before Trump leaves the White House, it will surely be done by President Biden. But Iran is not Iraq. It has a much more formidable military with sophisticated weapons and lots of of them. I don’t think Iran can prevail in a war with the US, but it can do a lot of damage to the US and its puppet Arab allies. There are no good guys in the Middle East. Turkey is another wild card that the US cannot trust.

I don’t think Russia will join in the fight, not wanting to show its military tactics and advances in hardware until the big war, but both Russia and China will be lending support to Iran to give the US a bloody nose.

Skousen: Attack Plans for Iran Building — Trump has never been able to through the deep state’s lies

World Affairs Brief, December 24, 2020 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

Attack Plans for Iran Building.

Trump has never been able to see through the lies of the intelligence agency about Deep State foreign aggression (except in the Russia Interference hoax). He didn’t see it when they goaded him into attacking Syria and he bought the lie that Iranian General Soleimani was the “biggest sponsor of terror.” Now he has sent off a fleet of vessels to attack Iran. They have just been joined by the USS Georgia, a guided-missile class submarine with its 154 Tomahawk missiles and dry dock for SEALs. There was a rocket attack yesterday on the massive embassy compound in Baghdad (out of which the Deep State runs all their terrorist attacks) and US intel has told Trump Iran is to blame because it was on the anniversary of Trump’s killing of Soleimani. Hezbollah thinks Trump is crazy as the threat looms within the last days of President Trump.

Skousen: Trump has fallen into Israel’s trap to bomb Iran

World Affairs Brief, December 4, 2020 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

Iran Strike Coming:

Israel assassinated Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, Iran’s top nuclear scientist with remote controlled bombs and machine guns. The LA Times described the sophisticated operation. Iran has threatened to retaliate, knowing that this is just what Israel and the US neocons want. Trump has fallen into their trap by ordering the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier group to Iranian waters, making it the second task force in the area. That is a sure sign war is coming with Iran soon, and it is not going to be a walk in the park like other Middle East interventions. Iran has thousands of sophisticated missiles and armaments.


Netanyahu’s 7 Nuclear Deceptions — 1992: IRAN nuclear “within three to five years” • 1995: “three to five years” • 1996: “time is running out” • 2009: “probably one or two years away” / “has the capability now” • 2012: “within a year” || 2002: IRAQ now operating “centrifuges the size of washing machines”

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East — DISSOLUTION of all existing Arab states: Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Somalia, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan & Libya — USING US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and NATO

Our post-9/11 were/are all immoral and reverse-Christian, planned by the globalists before 9/11 to regime-change Israel’s neighbors for The Greater Israel Project. Some have been carried out covertly through proxies. Russia stopped Syria’s regime change, Israel and the US using ISIS, but they’re greatly weakened by what we did there:

(vid) General Wesley Clark was told in 2001 the US will ‘take down’ 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran

Trump’s John Bolton the warmonger tweet proves Trump kept us out of wars

Bossy “truthers” like Jana Ben-Nun hated Trump so vehemently that they persuaded many to not to vote for him. They seem to have ZERO appreciation for how Trump kept us out of wars that Biden will now march us into, if the election isn’t reversed.

Being so openly anti-Trump during this election year may be almost treasonous. I’m very disappointed in Jana — got so many to hate Trump — while Trump launched no new wars.

“Meanwhile, Biden/Harris and Co. brag about having Bolton’s support and the endorsement of six other Neo-Cons who served Bush/Cheney.

Iran Ready To Provide Aid To US In Fight Against Coronavirus

Tehran Ready To Provide Aid To US In Fight Against Coronavirus

MARCH 19, 2020

Authorities in Tehran announced Thursday is ready to provide assistance to the US to control the coronavirus spread as the american are been rattled by the deadly virus.

According to the Iranian Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi, “Iran is ready to help the US to control the coronavirus,” the IRNA news agency reported.

He added that if “the US wants to help Iran, then they should remove sanctions and compensate caused losses.”

According to the Iranian deputy minister, “US healthcare system is not ready to curb the coronavirus [threat].”

On March 12, US President Donald Trump repeatedly offered assistance to Iran in curbing the coronavirus spread. In response, Iranian politicians, including President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, said that the US can assist by withdrawing sanctions.

Iranian authorities used to repeat that US restrictions against Tehran complicate the country’s fight against the disease.

Sanders tells NY Times he’d consider a preemptive strike against Iran or North Korea even for just a weapons test

Sanders tells New York Times he would consider a preemptive strike against Iran or North Korea

By Jacob Crosse and Barry Grey
14 February 2020

Bernie Sanders has won the popular vote in both the New Hampshire and Iowa presidential primary contests in considerable part by presenting himself as an opponent of war. Following the criminal assassination of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani last month, Sanders was the most vocal of the Democratic presidential aspirants in criticizing Trump’s action. His poll numbers have risen in tandem with his stepped-up anti-war rhetoric.

Trump unveils a brand new rationale for risky Soleimani airstrike — “He was saying bad things about our country”


Trump unveils a brand new rationale for risky Soleimani airstrike

I won’t pretend to be an expert in international law, but I don’t think the laws of armed conflict include provisions related to those who “say bad things.”
By Steve Benen

It’s been 17 days since Donald Trump authorized an airstrike in Iraq that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani….

After these meandering and contradictory explanations for the airstrike effectively collapsed, the president tried to resolve the problem by declaring it “doesn’t really matter” why he launched the military offensive. On Friday night, Trump spoke to donors at Mar-a-Lago, where, according to an audio recording obtained by the Washington Post, the president unveiled a brand-new explanation.

The president said nothing about an “imminent attack.” … Instead, he spoke broadly about Soleimani as “the father of the roadside bomb” responsible for “every young, beautiful man or woman who you see walking around with no legs, no arms.” Trump said he heard about two weeks ago that the United States had Soleimani under surveillance and he was “talking about bad stuff.” […]

“He was saying bad things about our country, like we’re going to attack, we’re going to kill your people. I said, ‘Listen, how much of this s**t do we have to listen to, right?’ ” Trump said to applause from the donor crowd.


Trump proceeded to describe the details of watching the mission unfold from the White House Situation Room — the story included multiple instances in which people called him “sir” — making himself the hero of the narrative.

I’ve lost count of exactly how many explanations for the Jan. 3 airstrike Trump and his team have come up with, though I believe we’re up to Rationale #6: the president authorized the strike because an Iranian general was “saying bad things.” …

Circling back to our earlier coverage, I realize I’ve been banging this drum quite a bit, but we’re dealing with a dynamic in which the president risked a war for reasons that now appear illegitimate. And while his most sycophantic followers may find that satisfactory, the rest of the political world need not accept politically motivated lies about national security so casually.


(vid) Ry Dawson: K-1 Airbase attack wasn’t even Iranian militia | Commie Bernie | Censored Tulsi

12:20 Communist Bernie Sanders who is NOT truly antiwar!


‘Bombshell’: Iraqi Officials Say ISIS—Not Iran—Likely Behind Rocket Attack Trump Used to Justify Soleimani Assassination


NY Times article sited:

Was U.S. Wrong About Attack That Nearly Started a War With Iran?

These facts all point to the Islamic State, Iraqi officials say.

“All the indications are that it was Daesh,” said Brig. General Ahmed Adnan, the Iraqi chief of intelligence for the federal police at K-1, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. “I told you about the three incidents in the days just before in the area — we know Daesh’s movements.

Trump assassination blowback: 50 US troops diagnosed with brain injuries from Iran missile attack

More U.S. service members diagnosed with brain injury from Iran missile attack

By Mosheh Gains and Phil Helsel

A total of 50 U.S. service members suffered traumatic brain injury from this month’s Iranian missile attack on Iraqi bases hosting U.S. troops, the Defense Department said Tuesday.

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can include concussions. Of the 50 patients, 31 were treated in Iraq and have returned to duty, Army Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell, a spokesman for the Pentagon, said in a statement.

Last week, the Pentagon said 34 service members had been diagnosed with concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.


(vid) Nathanael: Whose War Is It Anyways? – Trump recounts assassination details

Trump tells fundraisers how his murders went down at 5:22.

Trump’s assassination justification: Soleimani was ‘saying bad things’:

Trump tells GOP donors that Soleimani was ‘saying bad things’ before strike


Trump killed Soleimani to safeguard GOP hawks’ support in Senate trial: Reports

From: Huffington Post


Trump Tied Soleimani Hit To Support From GOP Hawks Ahead Of Impeachment Trial: Reports

New motivation emerges after contradictory Trump administration accounts of “imminent” threats justifying airstrike assassination.

The Times reported Saturday that as Trump discussed the Soleimani strike at Mar-a-Lago, he told some associates that he wanted to safeguard the support of Senate GOP hawks in the upcoming impeachment trial. He specifically named Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, according to the Times.

Trump also tipped off another hawk, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), about the attack when Graham visited Mar-a-Lago, the senator himself revealed. Yet Trump did not warn other congressional leaders, nor European allies or Persian Gulf partners, noted the Times.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that after the attack, Trump told associates that he was under pressure to deal with Soleimani from GOP senators he considered important in his impeachment trial, according to sources.

The new information comes amid continued fallout from Congress about a lack of transparency from the Trump administration concerning the justification for killing Soleimani, which would determine if the strike was legal. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) bashed the sketchy Senate briefing on the attack Wednesday as “insulting and demeaning.” 

Entire Article

Skousen: U.S. the biggest example of a country interfering in other’s internal affairs by a long shot! • Deep State busy infiltrating Iranian protestors and even killing some

World Affairs Brief, January 17, 2020 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

Emphasis mostly mine



The downing of the Ukrainian airliner in Iran did provide fodder for renewed protests within that regime against religious rule in Iran. There are millions of Iranians who long for a return of the security government run by the Shah, even though he used ruthless tactics against the opposition. The current government wins elections because the majority of Iranians are poor Muslims who vote the way their clerics tell them to. That is why democracy is always a danger to liberty and thinking people. The largest sectors of any nation are uniformed and relatively non-thinking, easily swayed by a controlled media or leadership. They are always attracted to socialism and rabble rousing leaders, and will always outvote the minority that favors economic and religious freedom.

So it is natural that university students want out from under the heavy hand of the Ayatollahs, but the US Deep State is busy infiltrating protestors and even killing some in order to make things worse for the government. Remember this whenever US talking heads repeat their constant complaint about Russian interference in the US election. The US is the biggest example of a country interfering in other’s internal affairs, by a long shot. The Daily Mail reports the mainstream narrative, which always blames the killings on the Iranian government:

Skousen: Officials Desperate to Justify False Intelligence Fed to Trump — PROUDLY LYING ‘Christian’ POMPEO pushed Trump to murder the architect of the anti-ISIS counterinsurgency (SOLEIMANI) that SAVED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SYRIAN CHRISTIAN LIVES! | FOX NEWS labels all enemies of US backed terrorists as “terrorists” – Iran is NOT supporting terrorists in Yemen

World Affairs Brief, January 17, 2020 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

Emphasis mostly mine


In the aftermath of the Soleimani assassination strike at the Baghdad airport last week, US officials hit all the mainstream media and television sites in an attempt to shore up the “imminent threat” narrative they used to justify the strike against Iran’s top general. Trump bragged before a rally that he had just killed the #1 terrorist in the world—#1, he kept repeating. What an idiot! And stupid supporters blindly cheered him on. Confusion reigned as it became known that Soleimani had been presented as a target to focus on months ago in a presentation by John Bolton to president Trump, which blew the “sudden threat” claim out the window. So they inflated the threat to claim that Iran not only wanted to “blow up” the huge Deep State embassy in the Green Zone of Baghdad but three other embassies as well—without naming them. Defense Secretary Esper was caught off guard with that claim and said he hadn’t seen any intel to that effect, further throwing the administration’s story into disarray. Then he later came back to reinforce the official story. Anyone watching all this would think the agencies were making things up on the fly. Naturally, they were overjoyed when Iran had to admit they shot down a Ukrainian airliner that was taking off from Tehran. In their criticism, the US government never mentions that we shot down an Iranian airliner in 1988 killing all aboard.

Iran didn’t want to kill US troops with its strike, it proved its missile tech & resolve. Trump had to back down.

Iran didn’t want to kill US troops with its strike, it wanted to make point to Trump about its missile tech & resolve. It did that

Scott Ritter

is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer. He served in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, in General Schwarzkopf’s staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991-1998 as a UN weapons inspector.

8 Jan, 2020


Showing off its new-gen ballistic missiles

The missile attack on the US incorporated new, advanced missiles—the Qaim 1 and Fahad-110—possessing advanced guidance and control capable of pinpoint precision. Iran had used these weapons previously, striking targets inside Syria affiliated with the Islamic State. But this was the first time these weapons had been used against the US. From the US perspective, the results were sobering. …

“It’s sad that we are in a place where standing for peace requires courage” – Tulsi Gabbard

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump’s killing of Soleimani was a war crime

Judge Andrew Napolitano: US killing of Soleimani was odd, out of place, untimely and unlawful


The general’s assassination was odd, out of place, untimely and unlawful. Odd, because the general’s folks had worked with our intelligence folks in Iraq against ISIS. Out of place, because the Iranian general was welcomed by the Iraqi government and was not engaged in any violence or war crimes at the time he was killed. Untimely, because whatever he may have been planning to do was not an imminent attack on the U.S. or on Americans. We know this because Trump administration officials revealed that the president gave the kill order seven months ago, in June 2019. How imminent could an attack have been in June if it had not occurred by January?

And unlawful, because we are not at war with Iran, and political assassinations have been prohibited by still valid executive orders signed by Presidents Gerald R. Ford and Ronald Reagan. The U.S. Constitution limits the federal government’s lawful power to kill to foreign troops in wartime and after due process, neither of which abides here. Moreover, international treaties to which the U.S. is party, as well as the laws of war to which the U.S. subscribes, prohibit preemptive killings except when the target is just about — “certainty” is the standard — to strike. …

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump had no legal right to order killing of Soleimani — “Might does not make right”

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump had no legal right to order killing of Soleimani


By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 

President Trump ordered the U.S. military to invade a then-friendly country without the knowledge or consent of its government and assassinate a visiting foreign government official. The victim was the head of Iran’s military and intelligence. The formerly friendly country is Iraq.

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