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Skousen: Israel provoking war with Iran to involve the US in yet another NWO regime-change war (Netanyahu is a ‘full globalist’) — Why we keep US troops in Syria and Iraq, to make sure Americans get bloodied, to justify our so-called “defensive” involvement

From: Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief, April 12, 2024

Is a Larger Middle East War Imminent?

Israel has been provoking Iran into an attack for the last three years by its regular bombing of Iranian bases in Syria, which so far has not worked. Seemingly to increase the provocation, In the first week of April, Israel bombed Iran’s embassy in Damascus, which is a clear violation of diplomatic immunity and which no nation does including in wartime out of respect to other nation’s diplomatic missions. This bombing provocation went even further than violating embassy sovereignty by Israel killing several of Iran’s high ranking military officers which were meeting in an embassy annex at the time. Israel could not have known about this meeting without high level penetration of Iranian and Syrian governments by Israeli spies. So, just as the war on Hamas was started by inviting the attack by the IDF pulling out most of its soldiers from Southern Israel and leaving it wide open and vulnerable, Israel is apparently itching for a fight with Iran by provoking it. In short, if war comes, Israel will be just as responsible for it as Iran.

As Israel’s most important ally, the US will also be drawn into the fight, and the major war that ensues with Iran will deplete US supplies of weapons and munitions much lower than during its current aid to Israel and Ukraine, leaving America even more vulnerable to the major world war still to come with China and Russia. Iran’s military is formidable, so the US and Israel will also suffer many casualties. …

Netanyahu Says He Wants Wars With Iran, Iraq, Libya & Russia!

“One of the biggest reasons we went to Iraq was to take their oil and give it to Israel”

“…One of the biggest reasons we went to Iraq was to take their oil and give it to Israel.”

Gary Vogel’s boss was Douglas Feith, one of the several Jewish American architects of the Iraq war.


OUTSTANDING compilation of Israel’s FALSE FLAG terror attacks used to justify war!


Real-historian James Perloff!:

“Israel created Hamas to create terrorist events to give Israel an excuse not to engage in negotiation.”

The Hamas invasion that Israel allowed to happen:

“This was the event they needed to destroy Gaza. … This is so obvious if you study the history of Israel.”

– –

Author James Perloff returns to SGT Report to share the true history of Israeli terror around the world.

James’ article:

Aaron Russo:

MASSIVE War Across The Middle East Is The Plan! – U.S. Gen. Wesley Clark

James Perloff w/ Deanna Spingola 8/17/19: Truth About the Declaration of Independence & Revolutionary War — “If the founding fathers were truly Christian…”

“If the founding fathers were truly Christian they would have rendered unto Caesar that minimal 3 cent custom duty on tea, instead of going to war and causing bloodshed and the death of tens of thousands of people.” – James Perloff

• • •

Spingola Speaks w/ Deanna Spingola – August 17, 2019


I was Deanna Spingola’s guest live on her RBN radio show. Main topic: Who really wrote the Declaration of Independence? We looked at some of the darker aspects of America’s origins and history. Archived as Hour 1 and Hour 2.

Hour 2, minute-4:30 Truth about the Revolutionary War. Britain was not enslaving American colonists with taxation.

(Film) ‘Babylon USA’ – Steven Anderson

WARNING: False salvation teaching at the end.

The US is not the most powerful nation in the world.

“What if Christianity actually teaches peace, and not ‘preventive’ wars of aggression?” – Ron Paul
51:47 “We talk about the demon that ran Persia. There is a demon running the United States.” Steven Anderson
59:40 Public obelisks: “the obelisk is a phallic symbol … the phallic of the great sun god. It’s his architecture that reigns.” – Texe Marrs
100:57 The obelisk in Las Vegas overseeing the massacre
1:16:27 The attitude of the United States…
1:22:50 Babylon destroyed in one hour
1:23:13 “Over and over again in Revelation 18, the Bible repeats the fact that Babylon will be destroyed in one hour. And it will be destroyed with fire…. A nuclear attack fits this description perfectly, and it would happen immediately…, within one hour’s time.” – Anderson

1:37:55 “The Bible Way To Heaven” — False salvation teaching from Steven Anderson, who believes all we have to do is say a prayer. We don’t actually have to abide in Christ to be “in Christ,” to be real Christians.

• • •

Babylon USA | Documentary on Mystery Babylon in Revelation | KJV Bible

Nathanael: ISIS In Greater Israel’s Scheme (2015)

ISIS appeared during George H. W. Bush’s presidency, not Obama’s, around 2006.


Israel Lobbyist: We Need A False Flag To Start War With Iran — “We are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians. We could get nastier than that”


I frankly think that crisis initiation is really tough, and it’s very hard for me to see how the United States president can get us to war with Iran, which leads me to conclude that if in fact compromise is not coming that the traditional way of America gets to war is what would be best for US interests.

Some people might think that Mr. Roosevelt wanted to get us in to the World War two as David mentioned. You may recall we had to wait for Pearl Harbor.

Some people might think mr. Wilson wanted to get us into World War One. You may recall he had to wait for the Lusitania episode

Some people might think that Mr. Johnson wanted to send troops to Vietnam. You may recall they had to wait for the Gulf of Tonkin episode.

We didn’t go to war with Spain until the USS Maine exploded, and may I point out that Mr. Lincoln did not feel he could call off the federal army until Fort Sumter was attacked which is why he ordered the commander at Fort Sumter to do exactly that thing which the South Carolinians had said would cause an attack.

So if in fact the Iranians aren’t going to compromise it would be best if somebody else started the war

But I would just like to suggest that one can combine other means of pressure with sanctions. I mentioned that explosion on August 17th. We could step up the pressure. I mean look people, Iranian submarines periodically go down – someday one of them might not come up.

Who would know why?

We can do a variety of things if we wish to increase the pressure. I’m not advocating that but I’m just suggesting that a it’s…this is not a either-or proposition of, you know, it’s just sanctions has to succeed or other things.

We are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians. We could get nastier than that.”

Tulsi says “regime-change wars” 6 times in 5 minutes on Tucker — exposing USA warmongering for what it is!

Tulsi Stands Tall: Mentions “Regime-Change War” 11 Times in 5 Minutes! — 11 times more than the media has since 9/11! — Oct. 15, 2019 presidential debate

Our post-9/11 wars absolutely were and are regime-change wars: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, with Iran they’re hoping yet to come. These are all immoral and reverse-Christian. And U.S. troops have been illegally in Syria from the beginning.

Tulsi is the only one telling the truth, but gets no applause. At least she wasn’t booed, like Ron Paul was in 2008:

[America is done – video] Ron Paul was just BOOED FOR TALKING ABOUT THE GOLDEN RULE, “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” — South Carolina Fox News Republican debate

This is the way to educate Americans who live in a vacuum of truth, standing tall, boldly proclaiming! All 11 times shown in red.

Official Statement: Tulsi Gabbard on Regime-Change War — America’s interventionist wars of regime change have cost our nation trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, simultaneously creating more devastation, human suffering and refugees…

Tulsi is the only one saying that are post-9/11 wars are regime-change wars!


Bollyn: Why is Trump’s withdrawal from Syria getting so much criticism? — The real reason why the U.S. has helped the Kurds take a very large part of Syria (from the Euphrates River to Iraq) is because this is the Zionist strategy for the dismantling of Syria

Declassified Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

KiAfriqa • Mar 28

Declassified Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency.

One of the over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department on 2016 New Year’s Eve, contain damning evidence of Western nations using NATO as a tool to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. The NATO overthrow was not for the protection of the people, but instead it was to thwart Gaddafi’s attempt to create a gold-backed African currency to compete with the Western central banking monopoly.

TruNews: “Heaven’s Mandate” – Christian Zionist Evangelicals Threaten Trump over Syria Withdrawal

Megan McCain upset on ‘The View,’ rallies the left for war at minute-14!

“Christian” warmonger Pat Robertson claims we’ll lose “heaven’s mandate” at 1:05:40. Hogwash! We’re illegally in Syria in the first place, supporting ISIS to regime-change Syria to further the Greater Israel Project, which failed because of Russia’s intervention.

“Do you ‘Christian’ Zionists understand that the Christians in Syria were praying to Almighty God to stop America…, the destruction that America was carrying out in Syria?! – Rick Wiles @ 31:28

Super soldiers at 29:15: Syria’s foreign minister stated twice that genetically modified soldiers were fighting his troops.

DESCRIPTION:  Today on TruNews, host Rick Wiles takes a look at the rabid response from the warmongering left and right to President Trump’s announcement that he will be removing troops from Syria.  We detail the shrills from Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Meghan McCain as they scream for more war.  We also consider remarks from CBN founder Pat Robertson, who says that President Trump is about to lose ‘Heaven’s Mandate’ over his decision.  Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart.  Airdate 10/7/19

(vid) Jake: Netanyahu's Anti-Iranian Propaganda Exposed! – "Benjamin Netanyahu is a serial liar" — "Iran is opposing the New World Order. For the Greater Israel Project to succeed, Israel has to somehow eliminate Iran as its rival"

My Notes:
6:55 The Iranians are opposing the NWO:

“What happens is that Iran provides financial and military support to prevent those outside powers from coming in and taking over the territories. In a literal sense, the Iranians, no matter what you want to say of them, they are opposing the New World Order. So for the Greater Israel Project to succeed, Israel has to somehow eliminate Iran as its rival.”

22:50 Excellent con-artist analogy!
24:40 “Folks, Benjamin Netanyahu is a serial liar.”
27:00 Clip of Trump with O’Reilly talking on Fox News, the Talmudic, reverse-Christian war channel for ‘Christians,’ about how he wants to bomb Syria and then send in ground troops to take their oil!
28:30 Amazing personal story!

• • •

Things Jesus Never Said: "Go into all the world and start central banks in all nations, stir up wars and make a ton of money because you're my chosen ones"

Trump Adviser Bolton Coordinated U.S.-led Strike in Syria With Israel

All of our wars are now reverse-Christian, Satanic, Talmudic wars for the Greater Israel, NWO project.
– –


Christopher Bollyn: Syria: Why are we there? – None of this is legal or justifiable under international law

(vid) The Truth About Israel's Role in the New World Order

(Illustration) Netanyahu: Why Assad has to go

The Greater Israel, NWO project:

(vid) ReallyGraceful: What the Media Won't Tell You About Iran

Chuck Baldwin: MIT Survey: Okay To Kill 2 Million People In A Preemptive Nuclear Attack — "Warmongering Christian Zionists think they are all going to be “raptured” to heaven before the nuclear Armageddon that they are helping to create incinerates THEM. They are in for a very rude awakening" – Dispensational prophecy teaching & FOX News have turned 'Christians' into cold, callused purveyors of WAR!

James Perloff: Vietnam Revisited — While communism was allowed to win militarily in Vietnam, cultural Marxism won in America

Below are excerpts from an update and expansion to James Perloff’s first article on Vietnam:


• The war’s escalation began with passage of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution. The justification given was an alleged attack on U.S destroyers by Vietnamese torpedo boats on August 4, 1964. This is what today’s truthers call a “false flag.” James Stockdale, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, was a pilot then stationed in the Tonkin Gulf. Called to the scene of the alleged attack, he saw no Vietnamese boats during 1 and 1/2 hours of overflight. He detailed this in his memoir In Love and War, writing: “We were about to launch a war under false pretenses… I felt it was a bad portent that we seemed to be under the control of a mindless Washington bureaucracy, vain enough to pick their own legitimacies regardless of the evidence.”

Before the “incident” even occurred, the Tonkin Gulf Resolution had already been drafted by William P. Bundy (CFR, Skull & Bones), Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs.

– –

From: — Revisiting the Vietnam Era: Are Soros and the Deep State Updating an Old PSYOP to Depose Trump?

Vietnam Revisited

Lest there be any misunderstanding, I am ANTI-WAR. A war, like a gun, should only be used as an absolute last resort. The “Arab Spring” wars inflicted on the Middle East over the past fifteen years, which were already planned in 2001, are abominations. But as we’ll see, the Vietnam War was undertaken for complex purposes, and was in several ways unlike America’s other conflicts.

As is still widely unknown, the hippie/antiwar movement of the sixties, like today’s Soros rioters, was billionaire-funded, in this case by the Rockefellers.

Only one real holocaust in WWII: Churchill schemed the firebombing of 1 million German civilians — controlled by his Talmudic handlers!

Also, most people don’t understand what the Talmudic Jews were doing to Germany: 

“When the Jews declared war on Germany…

That didn’t justify putting Jews and others into the *work* camps, but the USA also did that to the Japanese.

And hardly any know that in the last 2,000 years, the Talmudic Jews had been run out of countries *about 100 times*, because of their Talmudic agenda to control and destroy countries, including making them decadent.

Since Hitler had no extermination plan — the gas chambers were faked — this event wasn’t that much different to what had been done to the Talmudists about 100 times — except we destroyed Germany’s infrastructure, so the supply lines to the camps were impassable. The camps ran out of food and medical materials. About 200,000 Talmudists died from Typhus and starvation as a result.

So in reality, US and British pilots and especially those who gave the orders [Talmudists controlled Churchill and FDR] were more responsible for the few hundreds of thousands that died than the Germans. The 6 million number was a lie.

If we’re to look at what really happened during WW II — instead of believing the propaganda on TalmudVision (TV).

Few also know that Hitler did not have a world-domination policy, and had offered peace plans to England over twenty times, which Churchill completely ignored.

Led by his Talmudic controllers, Churchill also began the true Holocaust of WWII, in which British pilots murdered and often incinerated 1 million German civilians with the planes they specifically had built to murder civilians. Germany had no such planes, and didn’t attempt to respond in kind until Hitler could see that Churchill would not stop for any reason. This didn’t justify Germany eventually trying to do the same. Few Brits were killed in comparison to the 1 million Germans.

TalmudVision only shows Germans bombing England, including the later developed and scary V2 rocket — and hardly mentions what the Allies did to Germany most German cities, with Dresden being the worst — which the US participated in, as well as other Holocausting bombing runs later in the war.


– –

(video) Christopher Jon Bjerknes on Red Ice Radio: Putin’s Reign of Terror — Why are truthers promoting an anti-western agenda as if it will save us? • Israel’s goal is to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem from which the NWO will be ruled through their ‘messiah’ in a communist alliance • “Many Jews have become billionaires under Putin. When the Russian media does try to cover it, he sends out assassins to murder those who do”

Much of what Bjerknes says seriously needs to be considered; though, I don’t think he’s found the total balance yet.

– –

24:00-25:40 Israel’s goal is to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem from which the NWO will be ruled through their ‘messiah’ (the antichrist), in a communist alliance.

34:00 “Many Jews have become billionaires under Putin. Now when the Russian media does try to cover it, he sends out assassins to murder those who do.”

37:30 “My theme of the book in which Putin is utilizing Trotsky-like terror to maintain his power and grow his empire and to put people into power in other nations who favor him.” [Though it’s probably more often the Mossad and CIA doing this, not Russia, except for perhaps in Soviet satellite countries and within Russia itself – ed.]

46:10 The permitted opposition leaders in Russia are not allowed to actually challenge Putin through a democratic process.

47:25 “Why are these people who are westerners [truthers like the one he mentions at Stormfront – ed.] promoting an anti-western agenda as if it will save us?”

Christopher Jon Bjerknes, transcribed by Jeff Fenske

• • •

Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in our Time

Published on Jul 3, 2017

Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a writer and researcher who has published numerous books and articles. He is the author of Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in our Time, Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist, and Mileva Einstein-Marity: Einstein’s Partner in Crime.

Christopher returns to offer a controversial perspective on geopolitics, Vladimir Putin, and other related subjects. We begin by discussing Putin, including his background as a KGB agent. Christopher then argues that Putin is sponsoring false flag terrorism in order to make himself out to be a glorious leader. Later, we discuss the possibility of Trump being a Russian agent. The first hour covers much more, and concludes with a discussion on the Alt-Right’s relationship with the Russian president.

In the members’ hour, we first talk about the KGB, and then switch gears to consider Chabad-Lubavitch. This leads to a discussion on Putin’s relationship with the Jewish community both in Russia and abroad. Next, we discuss Zionism and Communism. Christopher then argues that the West should ally with Islamic countries against the forces of Zionism. The members’ hour explores many other topics, including Jared Kushner, China, and the need for a unified resistance movement.

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(1 min video) Chuck Baldwin: National Sovereignty Is NOT Global Empire — “What about the sovereignty of Syria. What gives US the right to bomb…?”

Message Highlight: National Sovereignty Is NOT Global Empire

Published on Jul 10, 2017

This video clip is taken from the message “Independence Now, And Independence Forever” at Liberty Fellowship on July 2, 2017. Feel free to share. To watch the complete message, go here:…

(video) Alison Weir: How Pro-Israel Neocons Pushed for War in Iraq

How Pro-Israel Neocons Pushed for War in Iraq (Alison Weir)

Published on Dec 8, 2016

Articles mentioned in the video:

“White Man’s Burden,” by Ari Shavit, Ha’aretz, April 3, 2003:

“Perles of Wisdom for the Feithful,” by Akiva Eldar, Ha’aretz, October 1, 2002:

“The Bush Neocons and Israel,” by Kathleen and Bill Christison, Counterpunch, December 2002:

“Neo-Cons, Israel and the Bush Administration,” by Stephen Green, Counterpunch, February 2004:

Books mentioned in the video:

“The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel​” by Dr. Stephen J Sniegoski:​

“The Road to Iraq: The Making of a Neoconservative War” by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad:

“The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt:

Some additional books with information on this topic:

“Shadow Elite: How the World’s New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market​” by Janine R. Wedel:

“Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton”​ by Diane Johnstone:

Wedell discusses the “massive and concerted ​’information​’ effort conducted by the Neocon core and their associates, with crucial participation from certain columnists and reporters, that was essential in taking the United States to war in Iraq​.”​

“​….​beginning in the mid-1970s, they employed methods ranging from the creation of alternative intelligence; to might-be-authorized, might-not-be authorized diplomacy; to setting up pressure groups; to suspending standard government process, always contesting government information, assessments, and expertise. These methods—perfected over the years—would be deployed in full force in the Neocon core’s effort to take the United States to war in 2003.​”

Johnstone states: “…the neocons gained notoriety as architects of the disastrous invasion of Iraq. The main thinker behind this war was Bush’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Paul Wolfowitz​…”

“…two veterans of the defunct PNAC, William Kristol and Robert Kagan, returned in 2009 to found the Foreign Policy Institute (FPI). Robert Kagan is the current leading neocon theorist and the husband of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, instigator of the Ukrainian coup in early 2014.​​​”

For information on the early roots of the Israel lobby, please see Alison Weir’s book, “Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel”:

More information at…

For information on the efforts against Iran, please see and

UPDATE: On December 11, Code Pink said they would post Alison’s testimony on their website. Although we are disappointed that this information was not included in the testimonies given on Dec. 1-2 in Washington DC, covered by some news media, we’re pleased that it will be on their site.

(Full Audiobook) The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion — Talmudic battle plan for the takeover of Earth!

The Talmudic battle plan for the takeover of the world!

Henry Ford was demonized because he passed out thousands of copies, trying to warn the people.

Now, it’s pretty much too late to stop this evil plan, but we can put a kink in it, as we wake ourselves and others up to spend the rest of our lives free internally!

Related: Texe Marrs: ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ — This Cunning Blueprint Lays Out a Secret Plan that Resulted in Over 300,000,000 Deaths and Unspeakable Horror Over the Past Century!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:28:50 Protocol I – The Basic Doctrine
00:41:07 Protocol II – Economic Wars
00:44:56 Protocol III – Methods of Conquest
00:55:23 Protocol IV – Materialism Replaces Religion
00:59:41 Protocol V – Despotism and Modern Progress
01:07:37 Protocol VI – Take-Over Technique
01:10:37 Protocol VII – World-Wide Wars
01:13:06 Protocol VIII – Provisional Government
01:15:43 Protocol IX – Re-education
01:21:46 Protocol X – Preparing for Power
01:34:39 Protocol XI – The Totalitarian State
01:38:48 Protocol XII – Control of the Press
01:50:14 Protocol XIII – Distractions
01:54:02 Protocol XIV – Assault on Religion
01:57:36 Protocol XV – Ruthless Suppression
02:15:53 Protocol XVI – Brainwashing
02:20:37 Protocol XVII – Abuse of Authority
02:26:28 Protocol XVIII – Arrest of Opponents
02:30:52 Protocol XIX – Rulers and People
02:32:45 Protocol XX – Financial Programme
02:47:46 Protocol XXI – Loans and Credit
02:52:04 Protocol XXII – Power of Gold
02:54:45 Protocol XXIII – Instilling Obedience
02:57:40 Protocol XXIV – Qualities of the Ruler
03:01:28 Commentary

• • •

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Full Audiobook)

Published on Apr 11, 2016

Zionist plan for world conquest or Tsarist hoax? Listen and decide for yourself.

Small, Maynard & Company Edition

‘D’ DAY = DEVIL’S DAY? — The invasion of Normandy was intended to extend the war and give the Soviet hordes more time to conquer Eastern Europe. Later on, Generals Eisenhower and Marshall repeatedly delay the Eastward advance of General Patton’s unstoppable 3rd army, going so far as to cut off shipments of gasoline to General Patton’s army! Patton was beside himself! Before his sudden death (murder) in 1945, Patton had come to believe that there was treason in the highest levels of the U.S. government


Operation “Overlord”

6th Hour, 6th Day, 6th Month

By Mike King


Starting at the 6th hour, of the 6th day, of the 6th month of 1944,  the Allied armies of the evil NWO, based in England, successfully crossed the English Channel. The cost was high as nearly 10,000 men died storming the fortified beaches of Normandy (France). The invasion established an initial beachhead of 100,000 troops. From this base in northern France, the Allies were reinforced for the push towards Germany; which had a standing peace offer on the table throughout World War II. …
Instead of exploiting the “soft underbelly” of Italy, Allies storm fortified French beaches.
At the same time, the murdering, raping, and looting Soviet Army, armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art American weaponry, advanced upon Germany (and all of Eastern Europe) from the East. With Italy also under Allied occupation, Germany now had three fronts to defend (West, South, and East) as its cities, railways, dams, factories and civilian population endured relentless bombardment and Partisan sabotage.
Red Army Chief Zhukov presents a medal to Ike! – “Good job Comrade”.
Why, when the Allies were already storming up through the Italian Peninsula (Europe’s ‘soft underbelly’), did FDR, General Eisenhower, and General Marshall, over the objections of Churchill and British General Montgomery, INSIST upon storming heavily fortified beaches instead of advancing from the southern foothold?
George Marshall: Joe McCarthy later called him a traitor..
The answer? The invasion of Normandy was intended to extend the war and give the Soviet hordes more time to conquer Eastern Europe. Later on, Generals Eisenhower and Marshall repeatedly delay the Eastward advance of General Patton’s unstoppable 3rd army, going so far as to cut off shipments of gasoline to General Patton’s army! Patton was beside himself! Before his sudden death (murder) in 1945, Patton had come to believe that there was treason in the highest levels of the U.S. government.
The Globalist War against peaceful Germany was itself a treasonous crime. But dragging it out further than necessary, just so that “Uncle Joe” could rape Berlin and impose Communism upon Eastern Europe, made the treason of D-Day all the worse.

Entire Article

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