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Historical Revisionism: Fact or Fiction – Jim Rizoli on John B Wells LIVE

My comment:

Thank you, John B. for covering this important topic! has 60 scholarly books that cover every aspect of the H subject. Amazon banned all of them and every other book that tells the truth on this subject; though, they allow almost everything perverted.

The Day Amazon Murdered Free Speech

This documentary reveals how revisionist publications explaining ground-breaking archival and forensic research results had become so powerfully convincing over the years that the powers that be resorted to what is obviously a dirty false-flag operation in order to get these books banned from the biggest book retailer for good. Watch it and be amazed and appalled…

Get the book here:


Clergy Imprisoned in Dachau: A Critical Examination


Clergy Imprisoned in Dachau: A Critical Examination

Dachau was used partially as a detainment facility for Christian clergy in Europe. There were more than 1,000 clergymen in Dachau in 1940, which was about 4% of the inmates in Dachau that year. After 1940 all priests imprisoned by Germany were relocated to Dachau, with a total of 2,762 clergymen imprisoned in Dachau by the end of the war. Catholics made up 2,579 of this total, while the rest were mostly Protestant ministers.[i]

Were The Medical Experiments On Prisoners At Dachau An Exceptional Horror? — The Allies experimented on inmates too


Were The Medical Experiments On Prisoners At Dachau An Exceptional Horror?

Malaria Experiments

The malaria experimentation at Dachau was performed by Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling, who was an internationally famous parasitologist. Dr. Schilling was ordered by Heinrich Himmler in 1936 to conduct medical research at Dachau for the purpose of specifically immunizing individuals against malaria. Dr. Schilling admitted to Dr. Larson that between 1936 and 1945 he inoculated some 2,000 prisoners with malaria. …

The defense in the Doctors’ Trial at Nuremberg submitted evidence of doctors in the United States performing medical experiments on prison inmates and conscientious objectors during the war. The evidence showed that large-scale malaria experiments were performed on 800 American prisoners, many of them black, from federal penitentiaries in Atlanta and state penitentiaries in Illinois and New Jersey. U.S. doctors conducted human experiments with malaria tropica, one of the most dangerous of the malaria strains, to aid the U.S. war effort in Southeast Asia.[6] Although Dr. Schilling’s malaria experiments were no more dangerous or illegal than the malaria experiments performed by U.S. doctors, Dr. Schilling had to pay for his malaria experiments by being hanged to death while his wife watched. The U.S. doctors who performed malaria experiments on humans were never charged with a crime.

Alexa, “how long does human incineration take?”

Tom Metzger interviews Ernst Zundel

“I was raised a strong Christian.”

Interesting quote at 54:45.




Fred Leuchter solely wrote the Leuchter Report, not Faurisson

Brian Ruhe: “My video with Germar Rudolf is analyzed by Jim Rizoli and Fred Leuchter in the video by Jim.”


Framing the World interviews Fred Leuchter: Auschwitz gas chamber forensically investigated

Three interviews, three videos:

Nathanael: The ‘Holocaust’ Denial Debate



(vid) Hunting Germar Rudolf … Again … his case, his story, his way.


Tour of Ernst Zundel’s House The HQ of 1980’s Revisionism


Israeli Historian Discovers ‘6 Million’ Holocaust Figure Was Invented at Zionist Conference In 1944

Israeli Historian Discovers ‘6 Million’ Holocaust Figure Was Invented at Zionist Conference In 1944


Boston University’s director of the Elie Wiesel archive, Bar-Ilan University’s Institute of Holocaust Research historian Joel Rappel has discovered the origin of the infamous “6,000,000” number: a 1944 meeting of Zionist pioneering organizations in what is now known as the state of Israel.

For years, supporters of the Holocaust narrative have held that the number first appeared at the Nuremberg trials using highly discredited testimony by Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoss. The 6,000,000 figure was again repeated by Adolf Eichmann, who was kidnapped by the Mossad and forced to participate in an internationally televised 1962 show trial in Israel.

According to documents in the Central Zionist Archive, the first mention of the 6 million claim was at a meeting of high ranking Zionist political figures in Palestine on January 19th, 1944 — more than a year before the war in Europe ended and a census could be taken, and a year before the Red Army entered Auschwitz.

(vid) Historian David Irving on the David Frost Show 1977

26:00 “It’s the biggest embarrassment of my life, when I got halfway through drafting this book and I found that there wasn’t a single document that would convict Adolf Hitler of what he had done.” – David Irving


(vid) The ‘Hunters’ is Absolute PROPAGANDA in the Purest Form

(vid) Nathanael: The Amazon Book Burning (2017) – Books promoting deviant sex? No. Books on Satan worship? Nope. Books blaspheming Jesus Christ? Not a chance.


(vid) Steven Spielberg Satanic Rituals?

List of Holocaust films — How Many?

I just did a rough estimate of the number of ‘Holocaust’ films listed here, counting an average of 15 films per page and counting 29 pages, which comes to 435.

So about 400 is probably close. Add to that thousands of documentaries!

Contrast this to only 12 films (including documentaries) on the Holodomor genocide in Russia.

List of Holocaust films

(vid) Veronica Clark aka Weronika Kuzniar: The Truth About German Racial Ideology – The Public Space with Host JF #117

Hitler saw the problem as race; though, I would say it’s mainly Talmudism and witchcraft (Africa), but the Nephilim theory can also play a role.

– –

JF is Jean-Francois Gariépy

47:40 “World Jewry literally decides to declare war on Germany simply for Adolf Hitler coming into power,” which was an international boycott.

“Most German Jews were against it…, and they tried to be very supportive of Hitler. … So unfortunately, for the German Jews, the majority, they had to suffer the consequences for what international Jewry was doing.”

The Zionists offered to stop the boycott if Hitler would agree to let the Jews emigrate to Palestine. Hitler accepted, but the British stopped the emigration.

(vid) Red Cross’ Holocaust Number Claim Refuted

CODOH boldly and honestly posted this video which refutes a popular reference number long held by revisionists.


Putin Calls Former Polish Ambassador ‘Anti-Semitic Pig’

From: Moscow Times

(vid) Adam Green w/ Brother Nathanael: First Time Together!

Groundbreaking, historically important discussion! Hopefully, there will be more.

(vid) E. Michael Jones: ‘Holocaust Porn’ was used to break decency laws 3 times, 3 ways!

Holocaust porn films used to break decency laws to destroy Christian culture — anti-Logos:

‘The Pawnbroker’ (1964): sexual nudity — broke the decency production code that had stood for 30 years

‘Schindler’s List’ (1993): sexual nudity on network TV and in public schools

‘The Reader’ (2008): Child porn — Kate Winslet naked romance with 15-year-old boy

(vid) Ernst Zundel’s videographer Jurgen Neumann, Pt. 2 – In Auschwitz with Fred Leuchter, In Zundel’s house during the fire

Part 1: Jim Rizoli interviews Ernst Zundel’s videographer Jurgen Neumann – Has 500 Bitchute videos posted!

Jurgen Neumann currently has 476 videos on Germany real-history truth on his Bitchute site: JohnRobinson101

Additional videos on his site:

Setting the Record Straight

I also upload videos and audio files at


(vid) David Cole plays video of the Talmudic thug who attacked him

Good video by Jim Rizoli, except I continue to hope and pray that Jim would stop doing his “proud to be a H denier” opener, which unnecessarily turns off many. Some aspects of the official story were true, like the roundup of hundreds of thousands of Jews to be deported who didn’t commit crimes, and many of them dying; though, it was from starvation and/or Typhus.

I’m glad to see David Cole (Stein) speaking out again! This is horrible what some Talmudists did to him because he told the truth. Cole describes his physical injuries, in addition to the trauma, and plays a video of the guy who did it.

Rizoli writes:

Dave Cole now (Stein) talks about his situation with Irv Rubin Jewish thug who beat him up a few times to finally get him to recant his position on the Holocaust.


Paul Craig Roberts: The Truth About World War II Is Beginning To Emerge 74 Years Later!

Great Britain, in violation of all the ethics of civilized warfare that had theretofore been respected by our race, and in treacherous violation of solemnly assumed diplomatic covenants about “open cities”, had secretly carried out intensive bombing of such open cities in Germany for the express purpose of killing enough unarmed and defenceless men and women to force the German government reluctantly to retaliate and bomb British cities and thus kill enough helpless British men, women, and children to generate among Englishmen enthusiasm for the insane war to which their government had committed them.

CODOH’s Hundreds of Videos on Bitchute – Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

CODOH is the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, which I believe is now directed by Germar Rudolf, a very careful, chemist, historian, author, editor and publisher who now resides in the United States, after having been put through the wringer for simply researching and telling the truth.

Germar Rudolf also runs Castle Hill Publishers, CODOH’s bookstore, which publishes about 70 scholarly books, which Amazon have now disgustingly banned, while allowing many fictitious books on this important historical subject.

I’m guessing that Germar selected these videos. This is quite a collection that people need to see.

From CODOH”s About page:

channel image

The aim of this site is to promote intellectual freedom with regard to this one historical event called “Holocaust.” It is our belief that this will in turn help advance the concept of intellectual freedom with regard to all historical events. We find it vulgar beyond belief that Americans would spend more than half a century condemning the “unique monstrosity” of the Germans when we have not yet learned to condemn our own, or to even recognize it.

CODOH is not a membership organization and is not affiliated with any political party or political group. It is not the purpose of CODOH to prove the Holocaust “never happened,” or that European Jews did not suffer a catastrophe during the years of the Hitlerian regime. Those who try to convince you it is want to muddy the waters. While we no longer believe the gas chamber stories (we used to very much believe them) or the “genocide” theory, we remain open to being convinced we are wrong.

Videos from CODOH’s Videos page as of 12/4/19 – 315 videos total:

(vid) Ernst Zundel Interviews David Cole 1994 — Why Jews need the ‘Holocaust’ – What he found at Auschwitz

Fascinating, important discussion with David Cole, a brilliant, truth seeking Jew at only age-23! No hate here!

• David Cole explains how the official ‘Holocaust’ story is needed to reinforce the Talmudic Jewish mindset.

• At 26:30, what Franciszek Piper, head of the historian department at the Auschwitz museum revealed to Cole in a filmed interview, and what else David found.

Ry Dawson: Deborah Lipstadt using “Everyone is a Racist who disagrees with me” tactic

The Trouble With Treblinka

See also:

(video) The Treblinka Archaeology ‘Holocaust’ Hoax — TalmudVision’s (TV) documentary “Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine” proven a fraud!

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