Owen Shroyer Sentenced to Prison for a Speech Crime- He Explains What Happened

The Day Amazon Murdered Free Speech

This documentary reveals how revisionist publications explaining ground-breaking archival and forensic research results had become so powerfully convincing over the years that the powers that be resorted to what is obviously a dirty false-flag operation in order to get these books banned from the biggest book retailer for good. Watch it and be amazed and appalled…

Get the book here: https://castlehill.shop/product/the-day-amazon-murdered-free-speech



New Zealand cracking down on truth tellers; English words replaced with native

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RFK & wife Cheryl Hines w/Russell Brand | Censorship & Power – #160 – Stay Free

At 19:20 – Cheryl Hines explains how she’s feeling oriented, while Bobby is facts oriented — a major difference between men and women that isn’t politically correct these days, since the globalists are trying to ignore God’s design and order, never mentioning anything that men can do better, so they can replace patriarchy with matriarchy to collapse society, so they can control all people in Satan’s NWO.

“Bobby is very focused on facts and numbers, and I understand feelings and people in a different way. … Sometimes, I think that feelings should be addressed first and maybe science second. …that’s how I feel.”

FULL INTERVIEW: The Babylon Bee Talks With Elon Musk at Twitter HQ — Twitter was “swimming in the woke Kool-Aid”

49:10 Wokeness and the ‘woke mind virus’ was ‘absolutely’ driving the decisions. They were “swimming in the woke Kool-Aid.”

51:10 They reduced the amount of code from 700,000 to 70,000 lines.

52 Elon is dedicated to free speech, even if they lose money; though, he’s trying to make it at least break even, so they can stay in business. Says it’s easy to “sell one’s soul to the Devil” and cave. Elon has been establishing the rules.

59 “Legalize comedy.” How wokeness destroys comedy. “A lot of people on the left have no sense of humor.” They’re “not funny,” because they’re not based in truth.

1:05:40 Elon will still be responsible for the core principles of Twitter, which the new CEO understands.

“Is this the end of internet porn? Pornhub pulls out of Utah over a strict new law – and dozens more states may be affected… Now DailyMail.com lays bare the $100 BILLION war over online erotica”


Utah’s new law, SB 287, compels websites with pornographic material to require users submit identification cards, so that the site owners can verify their age. If the online platform refuses to comply, they can be held liable if minors access their content.

After all, it’s illegal for adults to show porn to children. …

‘Businesses that sell tobacco, vaping products and alcohol online already age verify,’ the bill’s Republican sponsor, state senator Todd Weiler told DailyMail.com. ‘I don’t think that is too much to ask.’ Continue reading ““Is this the end of internet porn? Pornhub pulls out of Utah over a strict new law – and dozens more states may be affected… Now DailyMail.com lays bare the $100 BILLION war over online erotica””

How to get rid of conservative talk radio? Eliminate AM radio in cars

Apparently, it’s not the radios interfering with the electric cars, but the electric cars interfering with AM radio, causing “unwanted noises, static and poor reception,” I’m reading. AM radios are just receivers; don’t transmit any signals to interfere with anything.

Anything they can do to destroy America right now, the globalists are doing, including the push to ban fossil fuels and gasoline powered cars.

– –

Major car manufacturers such as BMW, Mazda, Tesla, and Volkswagen are sidelining a staple of American life: AM radio, removing AM receivers from their new electric vehicles, and saying that the radios create electromagnetic interference with the electric-powered engines.

Ford, a stalwart of the U.S. auto industry, said it will exclude AM radio from nearly all its new vehicles – both gas and electric – by 2024, citing data that suggests less than 5% of in-car listening comes from AM stations.

The transition isn’t just a switch of radio frequencies; it’s a fundamental disruption to the conservative talk show ecosystem. Talk radio has long dominated AM radio, while the alternative NPR has dominated FM radio. Some conservatives are crying “foul.” …

In Alaska, AM radio is woven into the fabric of emergency response, capable of reaching remote areas and relaying urgent messages about floods, fires, or earthquakes. This function of AM radio is part of the nation’s Emergency Alert system; Americans rely on it for timely, crucial information. Continue reading “How to get rid of conservative talk radio? Eliminate AM radio in cars”

Leigh Sloan: Anchorage Assembly resolves to extinguish discourse


On Tuesday night the Anchorage Assembly introduced and passed a resolution the members believe will promote “civil discourse.” Let’s look at a few of some of the loaded terms that are peppered throughout the document. You may read it in its entirety here. [AR 2023-137 – ed.]

Hate speech most often refers to any speech that disparages a social group or member of that group. Hate is attached to a person’s inner motive. One could wonder why we don’t use the term “disparaging speech.” Even though the term “disparaging” is subjective, it does a better job of pointing to the actual speech of the person rather than inserting itself into the person’s inner workings.

The term “hate” elevates the severity of the offender and effectively labels a person a “hater.” When the state of someone’s inner motives is being judged not by the speaker, but by the hearers, whoever has the most power gets to decide that person’s label. When we begin judging hate, we elevate ourselves as a judge and jury to shame the “offender.” 

Assembly Member Meg Zaletel wanted to make it clear that this is not a law with teeth. It is merely a “resolution.” So, is not yet about creating legal consequences.

Instead, it is an effort to shame those who do not internally ascribe to the values or loaded language held within. Once legislators shift from a focus on the concrete actions of constituents into judging our heart motives and values, our relationship with our government lacks protective boundaries. Continue reading “Leigh Sloan: Anchorage Assembly resolves to extinguish discourse”

Five Times August, Tim Pool Are SUING Woke Bandcamp Over Censorship

“Politics has become football. You have two different teams, and you’re just rooting for your team. It doesn’t matter what right or wrong is. … You can’t have a real conversation anymore on Twitter. All you see are the two football teams hitting at each other….” –Bradley James Skistimas of Five Times August

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Proposed legislation would outlaw talk about Jesus in Israel

Israeli lawmakers introduced a new bill in Israel that would punish believers for sharing the gospel of Jesus with prison time. Jerusalem Correspondent Daniel Cohen gave the details on News Max. The information was first reported by Joel C. Rosenberg on All Israel News. Read the report at http://bit.ly/42A62fp . Such actions against Christians in Israel are not rare; see https://bit.ly/3nfmT6M . Read the text of the bill in English at http://bit.ly/3FH4VAF