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Fox News screwed Mike Lindell — and lied about it! | Taiwan’s successful hand-count election!

A Christian Explains what Christians don’t know about I$RAEL

Mark Dice promotes Tucker on X (Twitter) on Fox News!

ANOTHER PHONY AT FOX NEWS EXPOSED! Look Who Dana Perino’s Rubbing Elbows With Off Air!

Dice also shows how Perino treated the North Dakota governor during the debate.

Tucker Carlson Gets Brutally Honest About His Fox News Firing

“It’s a company run by fearful women.”

Tucker could tell they weren’t happy with him questioning the Ukraine war.

The Charlie Kirk Show

Trump calls HEAD of FOX NEWS, Rupert Murdoch the ‘GLOBALIST’ that he is! WoW!

Takes the gloves off, big-time — going after FOX!

VIRAL: Trump Goes BALLISTIC on Rupert Murdoch

Fox News Will Match Employee Donations to Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and the SPLC


FOX THREATENS To Sue Tucker Carlson For New Twitter Show After Episode Gets Over 80 MILLION Views

Fox News Goes ULTRA WOKE! – They’re FAR WORSE Than We Thought!

Fox News Goes Woke: Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology

Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex, and permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender. They must also be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace.

These are just a few of the policies outlined in the company handbook, dated January 2021, a copy of which was shared with The Daily Signal. …

The Daily Signal talked to current and former Fox employees who requested anonymity to speak candidly about the company.

“They want you to think it’s this place that supports traditionally conservative values,” a former producer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” told The Daily Signal. “But in reality, they’re pushing this nonsense behind the scenes.” …

“Fox News devotes hours of programming to attacking ‘woke companies,’ but ironically Fox is as woke as the rest of them,” another former Fox News employee told The Daily Signal, emphasizing that Fox viewers would be “astonished to find out what the company is like.”


Kari Lake: “Fox News is a globalist network run by globalists who want to bring down our Constitution and take away our 2nd Amendment

“Fox News is a globalist network run by globalists who want to bring down our Constitution and take away our 2nd Amendment.” – Kari Lake


Vanity Fair magazine reported that the real reason Rupert Murdoch fired Tucker Carlson was his outrage over Mr. Carlson’s speech last week to the Heritage Foundation during which time he said America is facing an onslaught of evil and that people need to pray to God for help for the nation.

TruNews Video

Here’s Why Tucker Carlson Was Really Fired From Fox News

Mark Dice: Why Tucker won’t be able to say why he was fired, and Fox will pay Tucker until his contract runs out, during which time Tucker may not be able have a show elsewhere.  🙁


Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News – What’s Really Going On


(HEAVY VIDEO!) Who is Rupert Murdoch – FOX News? Could people be this evil? — The EVANGELICALS are the “fertile ground” for his message of hate and deceit — LIE to the people, give them ENEMIES to hate, arrange WARS for them to fight and stand back and watch them destroy themselves.


Fox News CEO regretted hiring Sarah Palin “because she was hot and got ratings.” Sarah did not elevate the conservative movement

2011: “Roger is worried about the future of the country. … He thinks Palin is an idiot. He thinks she’s stupid. He helped boost her up. People like Sarah Palin haven’t elevated the conservative movement.”

These three articles tell the story:

Fox News Censoring Election Fraud Documentary ‘2000 Mules’

World Affairs Brief, May 13, 2022 (

Fox News Censoring Election Fraud Documentary:

Fox News was complicit in covering for the election fraud taking place on election night in November 2020. Now, they are complicit in covering up for the proof that there was fraud, as the Gateway Pundit reveals:

Sean Hannity Exposed! ‘What Happened To Hannity?’

Hannity defamed Ron Paul in 2008 to make sure Paul could not beat warmonger and unConstitutionalist John McCain in the primaries, and lied to many good people by covering up what really happened on 9/11 so he could then strongly supported all of our reverse-Christian, post-9/11 wars, leading many away from being peacemakers, whom Jesus said are the children of God.

Skousen writes: “Emerald Robinson Blasts Sean Hannity for Betraying Trump: She documents how Hannity, while interviewing Trump and discussing election fraud with listeners was secretly lobbying Trump’s press secretary to stop talking about election fraud. He’s two-faced and a conspiracy denier.”

Maxwell Trial Update: Video released | Names: Pope John Paul, Rupert Murdoch (FOX), Trump, Clinton, Piers Morgan, Feinstein

Related: Is Trump blackmailed because of his friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein?

WARNING: Graphic


Maxwell Trial Update: Videos Inside Epstein Mansions Reveal Sordid Details

War Room

Newly released video from inside the Epstein mansion reveals just how dark and degenerate The elite can be behind closed doors.

Fox News Vaccine Mandate: Jab Passport Required For Entry To “Patriot Awards”


UNBELIEVABLE! Watch “The Five” Trash the 2nd Amendment on Fox

The 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting. It’s a deterrent so the government cannot become a police state. Geraldo and Jesse Waters argue it’s about hunting. So then “why do you need…?” Fox News mind-controls the right, while CNN, MSNBC and the networks mind-control the rest.

Fox News is helping Biden destroy the USA, while claiming to be opposition, moving people’s attitudes towards the left.

Tucker does a better job, but he’s on a leash, and there may come a day….

Rand Paul & Fox News Promote Big Pharma Poison!!!

SELLOUTS!!! Rand Paul & Fox News Promote Big Pharma Poison!!!



Tucker calls for YouTube to censor 9/11 truth – ‘Loose Change’!

Watch at 30:50

Fox’s Vice President Is A Former Biden Chief Of Staff Actively Trying To Help Biden Win


Tucker Carlson Takes Thinly Veiled Swipe at Fox News Colleague Neil Cavuto Over Trump Coverage

On Monday night, Fox News host Neil Cavuto cut away from coverage of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s press conference—and Tucker Carlson is not impressed.


Jeanine Pirro’s Show Was Cancelled 11/7/20 on FOX News After They Found Out She Was Going to Report on Election Fraud (VIDEO)

Newsmax: Jeanine Pirro’s Show Was Cancelled Tonight on FOX News After They Found Out She Was Going to Report on Election Fraud (VIDEO)

Even Fox News did its part on election night to undermine Trump

Trump Is Poised To Win The Election. Now He Has To Stop The Steal.

November 4, 2020

Even Fox News did its part on Tuesday night to undermine the president. All night, the network avoided calling states for Trump, even when the race was clearly over in states like Texas and Florida. But with Arizona, the network almost instantly called the race, even though huge amounts of election-day votes were outstanding (and could yet flip the state to Trump). Their eagerness makes complete sense once one learns that Fox’s election guru is avid Democratic donor Arnon Mishkin. Mishkin has given more than $4500 to Democrats over the years, and on Tuesday night could be seen fanatically defending his decision to declare Arizona unwinnable for Trump, even as he dragged out calling states like Texas. The effort was clear: Even with President Trump leading in the key states, this strategy allowed election night to be treated as a “tie” or narrow Biden win, setting the stage for Biden to win as new votes are found in the coming days.

Skousen & Rense: Trump-Biden Debate Analysis 9/30/20

33:45 Why Justice Amy Barrett will be a disappointment to conservatives.

TruNews Debate Analysis: Trump vs Biden Round 1

Best post-debate analysis I’ve seen of this debate! Deep points discussed and some interesting anomalies. The lighting on Trump was definitely more yellow. Note the difference in the blue background and their white shirts.

Chris Wallace was definitely protecting Biden in this Fox News debate.

[Mostly easily watched at 1.5x speed to save time. Set on 720p resolution.]

Octagon Cage Fight: World shocked by unpresidential debate

O’Reilly: Fox News protecting Soros’ treason because of “antisemitism!”

Dice has avoided the crucial Talmudic factor throughout, while claiming to be the conspiracy expert.

Watch at 4:40

Skousen: Officials Desperate to Justify False Intelligence Fed to Trump — PROUDLY LYING ‘Christian’ POMPEO pushed Trump to murder the architect of the anti-ISIS counterinsurgency (SOLEIMANI) that SAVED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SYRIAN CHRISTIAN LIVES! | FOX NEWS labels all enemies of US backed terrorists as “terrorists” – Iran is NOT supporting terrorists in Yemen

World Affairs Brief, January 17, 2020 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

Emphasis mostly mine


In the aftermath of the Soleimani assassination strike at the Baghdad airport last week, US officials hit all the mainstream media and television sites in an attempt to shore up the “imminent threat” narrative they used to justify the strike against Iran’s top general. Trump bragged before a rally that he had just killed the #1 terrorist in the world—#1, he kept repeating. What an idiot! And stupid supporters blindly cheered him on. Confusion reigned as it became known that Soleimani had been presented as a target to focus on months ago in a presentation by John Bolton to president Trump, which blew the “sudden threat” claim out the window. So they inflated the threat to claim that Iran not only wanted to “blow up” the huge Deep State embassy in the Green Zone of Baghdad but three other embassies as well—without naming them. Defense Secretary Esper was caught off guard with that claim and said he hadn’t seen any intel to that effect, further throwing the administration’s story into disarray. Then he later came back to reinforce the official story. Anyone watching all this would think the agencies were making things up on the fly. Naturally, they were overjoyed when Iran had to admit they shot down a Ukrainian airliner that was taking off from Tehran. In their criticism, the US government never mentions that we shot down an Iranian airliner in 1988 killing all aboard.

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