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Talmudic Israel: Rape Capitol of Middle East — US media’s silence makes them complicit

“Bogus allegations of Hamas mass raping Israeli women ran 24/7 around the world…, which in turn   [juiced?] America and Europe’s tolerance for Israel’s campaign of terror in Gaza and the West Bank — which means every news organization that laundered these lies has the blood of murdered Palestinian children on their hands. The NY Times, BBC, CNN and all the rest are now complicit in genocide.”

Torture, Executions, Babies Left To Die, Sexual Abuse… These Are Israel’s Crimes

Hostages tortured to death. Parents executed in front of their children. Doctors beaten. Babies murdered. Sexual assault weaponised.

No, not Hamas crimes. This is part of an ever-growing list of documented atrocities committed by Israel in the five months since 7 October – quite separate from the carpet bombing of 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza and a famine induced by Israel’s obstruction of aid.

Last week, an investigation by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz disclosed that some 27 Palestinians seized off Gaza’s streets over the past five months are known to have died during interrogations inside Israel.

UN experts appalled by reported human rights violations against Palestinian women and girls

19 February 2024

Palestinian women and girls have reportedly been arbitrarily executed in Gaza, often together with family members, including their children, according to information received. “We are shocked by reports of the deliberate targeting and extrajudicial killing of Palestinian women and children in places where they sought refuge, or while fleeing. Some of them were reportedly holding white pieces of cloth when they were killed by the Israeli army or affiliated forces,” the experts said.

The experts expressed serious concern about the arbitrary detention of hundreds of Palestinian women and girls, including human rights defenders, journalists and humanitarian workers, in Gaza and the West Bank since 7 October. Many have reportedly been subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, denied menstruation pads, food and medicine, and severely beaten. On at least one occasion, Palestinian women detained in Gaza were allegedly kept in a cage in the rain and cold, without food.

“We are particularly distressed by reports that Palestinian women and girls in detention have also been subjected to multiple forms of sexual assault, such as being stripped naked and searched by male Israeli army officers. At least two female Palestinian detainees were reportedly raped while others were reportedly threatened with rape and sexual violence,” the experts said. They also noted that photos of female detainees in degrading circumstances were also reportedly taken by the Israeli army and uploaded online.

Claims of Israeli sexual assault of Palestinian women are credible, UN panel says

UN experts say they have seen “credible allegations” that Palestinian women and girls have been subjected to sexual assaults, including rape, while in Israeli detention, and are calling for a full investigation.

The panel of experts said

STORY from: The Guardian

Taylor Swift ‘Murdered a Fan’ In Satanic Blood Ritual To Join Illuminati, Insider Claims

John B. Wells was the weekend host at ‘Coast to Coast AM’ for many years, started by Art Bell, and since hosted by George Noory, who seems like a disinformationist to me. John was let go because he told too much truth, and then started his own show, which was online only. But now it’s syndicated on 1400 radio stations in the USA, late night.

John has had guests on that expose Talmudism, how Israel let Hamas’ 10/7 attack happen on purpose. He even had a show telling the truth about the holo…, the WW II event no one is supposed to question or research.

He’s also not afraid to tell the truth about this kind of thing, and just mentioned this story, which also has a video”

From: The People’s Voice


Whitewater, Wisconsin (Pop. 15,000) gets 1,000 illegal migrants in 2022 — “increased domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking!”

Cathy O’Brien | The Roseanne Barr Podcast #21 — Trauma-based mind-control, gov’t level, sex slave survivor speaks out!

The strength of the human spirit — what Satan tries to break.

People allowed TalmudVision to mind-control them after 9/11, glued to the TV, getting programmed with the horrible images over and over, so they were easily convinced to support our wars and let our rights be removed via the Patriot Act.

“Repetition is the most basic form of mind-control.”

– –

You asked for it and you got it! The most requested guest in our podcast’s short history, Cathy O’Brien finally joins the podcast! Cathy has been a lifelong whistleblower on child sex trafficking, MK Ultra and trauma-based mind control. She also happens to be one of Roseanne’s best friends. The two have been fighting to expose the deep state since they first met at a conference where Roseanne opened for her in 2007.

Cathy O’Brien:

  / realcathyobrien     / realcathyobrien  

Leigh Dundas w/ John B Wells 10/3/23: Child Sex Trafficking Exposed

Whispers in the Dark – John B Wells LIVE

Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips : ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security – The Opperman Report 4/30/2016

#wayne cox #gerald ford #hillary clinton #bill clinton #mormon church #catholic church #country music #most dangerous game

Cathy O’Brien is a recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.


Nick Bryant: Federal Scandal – Epstein Coverup – John B Wells LIVE

The Franklin Scandal is also covered, in which many Republican leaders were compromised, including at the highest level, mostly with boys.

Democrats compromised mostly with girls, Bryant says.

John B. Wells Live

Andrew Tate’s Lies in VIRAL Tucker Carlson Interview EXPOSED

I appreciate Tucker, but sadly, his softball, MOST-VIEWED interview OF ALL TIME just deceived many! I hadn’t known anything about Tate until now. Apparently, many conservative men are being deceived by this real life pimp! I started watching Tucker’s interview, and didn’t find it interesting, so only watched about 10 minutes. NOW I KNOW WHY. Very interesting!

– –

Andrew Tate’s interview with Tucker Carlson is the most-viewed interview of all time, topping Princess Diana, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and more. After exposing a horrendous video demonstrating the toxicity and danger of Andrew Tate, he blocked Liz on Twitter and a flood of defenses came pouring in. Today, Liz unveils and debunks the lies Andrew Tate told in his interview with Tucker, plus the lies he is telling men every single day. Tate should never be an example of masculinity, and now we know why.

Porn Fuels The Demand For Sex Trafficking — Truth About Porn

My Ex Uploaded Videos of Me to Pornhub Without My Consent || Fight the New Drug

Teresa’s Story: I Was Trafficked By Jeffrey Epstein || Consider Before Consuming Podcast

“Teresa was 22 years-old message therapy student when she was offered the opportunity to work for a high-profile client as a traveling massage therapist. Instead, she ended up being groomed, sexually assaulted… by Jeffrey Epstein….”


The DISTURBING Truth Behind the Media’s Attack on ‘Sound of Freedom’ — Why is the mainstream media PRO-PEDOPHILIA?

Join me for a deep dive into the disturbing truth about the media, the CIA, and child sex trafficking.

I was sex trafficked by GirlsDoPorn || Fight the New Drug

Trigger Warning: This interview includes frank, explicit, discussions about rape, sex trafficking, and suicide ideation that may be triggering to some. Listener discretion is advised.

Jane Doe grew up in Washington state with a loving family, never expecting that she’d be victimized by one of the largest trafficking schemes to date in today’s mainstream porn industry.

Twenty-one days after her 22nd birthday, she boarded a flight to San Diego that, unbeknownst to her, would change her life forever. That day, she would become one of the hundreds of young women who had been exploited between 2015 and 2019 by GirlsDoPorn (GDP), a wildly popular “amateur” porn production company that garnered well over a billion views, ranking around the 20th-most popular channel on Pornhub, and reportedly generated an estimated $17 million dollars in revenue.

You may have heard about the infamous GDP case in the last couple of years, but you may not know what exactly happened, let alone the full account of one of the trafficked women. In this exclusive interview, Jane Doe and her emotional support dog, Cozi, sit down with Podcast Host Garrett Jonsson and Fight the New Drug’s Editorial Director Keri to tell the story of how she was sex trafficked and assaulted by GDP porn producers, what it’s been like to pursue legal action against GDP with other survivors, and how she’s found healing in her own life since she was exploited.

The Godfathers of Sex Abuse with Deana Pollard Sacks | The Nick Bryant Podcast

Deana Pollard Sacks is an author and former law professor.

The Godfathers of Sex Abuse, Volume 1: Jeffrey Epstein:

The Godfathers of Sex Abuse, Volume 2: Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein:

Cathy O’Brien – Mk Ultra Mind Control Victim (Granada Forum 1996)

Longer version including Mark Phillips (first 37 minutes): Cathy O’Brien Mark Phillips MKULTRA Survivor Granada Forum


TRANCE: Mind Control And Human Slavery – The Cathy O’Brien Story (2022 Full Documentary)

Cathy O’Brien was sold into Project Monarch, one of the 149 known sub-projects of the CIA’S MK ULTRA Experiments that began in 1953. These secret programs were initiated by governing jurisdictions in an effort to understand and utilize mind control to further another agenda. Being a victim of the elite’s Monarch Program. as a slave Cathy was exposed to many world leaders at the national and international levels.

Through her rescue and healing process, she was able to reclaim the memories of what she witnessed while under mind control. Her story provides insight into how we’ve been controlled in the past, where we are going as a nation and how to reclaim personal and collective sovereignty. This is her story. This is our story.

1:10:14 Face masks

For more information visit Cathy O’Brien’s Website –

Her entire book, online: TRANCE Formation Of America True Life Story Of A Mind Control Slave 1995 Cathy O’ Brien

Watch HERE

or here

Dissociative Identity Disorder with Dr. Warwick Middleton, MD | The Nick Bryant Podcast

Warwick Middleton, MD, is a psychiatrist and a professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland. He is the Director of the Trauma and Dissociation Unit, Belmont Hospital is in Brisbane Queensland, Australia. Dr. Middleton is a former president of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. Today, I interview him about his extensive knowledge and experience treating Dissociative Identity Disorder, Sigmund Freud’s disavowal of DID, and the controversy surrounding The False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

40 Min. Documentary: ‘Romney Exposed’


CDC: 25% of girls, 8% of boys sexually abused in US — “Numbers underestimate… Many children never report child sexual abuse”


Fast Facts: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Many children wait to report or never report child sexual abuse. Therefore, the numbers below likely underestimate the true impact of the problem. Although estimates vary across studies, the research shows:

  • About 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys in the United States experience child sexual abuse.
  • Someone known and trusted by the child or child’s family members, perpetrates 91% of child sexual abuse.
  • The total lifetime economic burden of child sexual abuse in the United States in 2015 was estimated to be at least $9.3 billion.

Justice Department Investigates Southern Baptist Convention Over Abuse

“Once saved always saved” is the main problem, which gives people a license to sin. We must actually abide in Christ to be “in Christ,” the New Testament clearly says:

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? — “There is therefore now *no condemnation* to those who are IN CHRIST Jesus, who don’t WALK according to the flesh, but ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT”


The Extreme Abuse Survey with Dr. Ellen Lacter, Ph.D | The Nick Bryant Podcast

#Dr. Ewen Cameron #Harvey Weinstein’s father #ritual abuse #mind control

Smartphones & computers make child porn available. Prior, films had to be sent through the Post Office.

Bitcoin makes payment confidential.
Increased during Covid.

CDC says 25% of women are molested as minors, which Nick Bryant says is a ‘conservative estimate.’ And almost 20% of boys — “1 in 6 or 1 in 5,” says  Lacter. [CDC says 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys: CDC: 25% of girls, 8% of boys sexually abused in US — “Numbers underestimate… Many children never report child sexual abuse”]

Prisons and psych hospitals are filled because of.

– –

Extreme Abuse Survey:

Child-Extreme Abuse Survey:

Bermas: Ghislaine Only Gets 20 Years — Evidence suppressed – numerous hard drives & folders

Tucker: Joe Biden & Sexual Molestation — Daughter’s Diary, etc.

Related: Daily Mail’s Story

BIDEN DIARY UPDATE: Tucker Carlson’s EPIC Take Down of President Joe Biden “Resign!”

Sexual Abuse #1

October 28th, 2020


Protect the Children… sexual abuse must end!
#1 of many more to come.
Survivors speak up…

Report: Alaska is worst state at fighting child sex trafficking


‘Chasing Ghislaine’ Full Documentary

II 37:30 Israel’s involvement – Victor Ostrovsky, fmr. Mossad officer & Ari Ben-Menashe
41:15 Epstein’s blackmail tapes

III 17 Bill Gates
27:40 Alan Derschowitz prosecuting the girls so he won’t get caught
35:40 Steve Bannon Epstein’s “close friend”

“They brainstormed what he could do about it, his deteriorating and impossible situation. It included [Steve] Bannon. He’d become a close friend, and had become an advisor to him in terms of public relations.” – Edward Jay Epstein

39 Epstein suicide anomalies
46:50 Annie & Maria Farmer
58:50 “Israelis definitely have them [Epstein’s blackmail tapes] – Ari Ben-Menashe


Maxwell Trial Update: Video released | Names: Pope John Paul, Rupert Murdoch (FOX), Trump, Clinton, Piers Morgan, Feinstein

Related: Is Trump blackmailed because of his friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein?

WARNING: Graphic


Maxwell Trial Update: Videos Inside Epstein Mansions Reveal Sordid Details

War Room

Newly released video from inside the Epstein mansion reveals just how dark and degenerate The elite can be behind closed doors.

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