Alaska: Andrew Halcro’s wife, Victoria – fmr. director of Planned Parenthood

Alaska politician Andrew Halcro masquerades as a Republican, but is evil to the core! His wife was a/the director of the baby killing organization here in Alaska!

Caller, Ken said this about Andrew Halcro on the Dan Fagan Show, 5/10/21 at 56:30:

“I knew his wife. He dumped his wife and kid, and married the gal, the head of Planned Parenthood.”

From: Alaska State Legislature

                     SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE                                                                                 
                          April 03, 2002
Attending  via  Teleconference: From  Anchorage: … VICTORIA  HALCRO,                                                          Director,  Public  Affairs  and  Marketing

Forrest Dunbar, Talmudic Candidate for Anchorage Mayor

Forrest Dunbar led Anchorage Assembly to lock down the city. Now he claims he’ll fix Anchorage. His campaign ads are full of lies.

This is what I believe is going on with Forrest, since he mentioned in the KTUU debate with Dave Bronson that he’s doing “tikkun olam,” which he claims is “to repair the world,” while we see him clearly doing the opposite.

He’s also lying non-stop in this campaign, especially with his ads, which need to be exposed.

Tikkun olam is the *Talmudic* goal of “repairing the universe” by subverting culture so they can bring about their NWO plan in which they believe they’ll rule.

And lying to us is a perfectly acceptable tool as long as they don’t get caught.

It’s similar to “order from chaos.” Create chaos to produce “order,” the NWO.

And he’s working closely with another Talmudist on the assembly….

So he revealed his modus operandi; though, it’s not about repairing, and lying is perfectly acceptable in their playbook, since they believe they’re superior, and have the right to deceive in order to accomplish their ruling-over-all-others goal.

Photo explains why he prefers wearing a face mask — legislates all to wear masks, still to this day!

Forrest Dunbar follows ‘tikkun olam’ — Talmudic destruction of Christianity

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(video) Kelly Tshibaka Takes on Swamp ‘Goliath’ Lisa Murkowski – Interview w/ Steve Bannon

Good interview with the fiery, Christian woman ready to take on US traitor Lisa Murkowski!

– –

America First Kelly Tshibaka Takes on Swamp ‘Goliath’ Lisa Murkowski

“Our freedom is shrinking and our economy is blown,” she said.

Tshibaka told her inspiring story of how her parents went from being homeless to sending her to Harvard. Her parents lived in a tent, but only in did they have “the opportunity to fight their way out of that.”

Now, Joe Biden is cancelling oil and gas jobs in Alaska, and implementing an “intentional dictatorial plan to drive us to dependency and crippling debt to a divided states of America.”

“I take it personally when he takes aim at those jobs because homelessness is sprawling in Anchorage,” she said.

Tshibaka said she needs the help of America First patriots to take on Murkowski.

“I need your help we are up against a Goliath and she is funded by D.C.,” he said. “Lisa Murkowski and her father have had that seat for 40 years.”


[Anchorage] Fight night: Bronson debates Dunbar (and moderator Palsha) in lively ‘conversation’

April 29, 2021 / author: Suzanne Downing

Dave Bronson, running for Anchorage mayor, found he was debating both his opponent Forrest Dunbar and moderator Rebecca Palsha, as the KTUU-Alaska’s News Source “conversation” devolved into an argument between a “wise dad” and an “angry teen” Wednesday. … Continue reading “[Anchorage] Fight night: Bronson debates Dunbar (and moderator Palsha) in lively ‘conversation’”

Forrest Dunbar follows ‘tikkun olam’ — Talmudic destruction of Christianity

What Forrest Dunbar revealed last night explains a lot!

First, a definition:

* ‘Tikkun olam’the power of organized world Jewry—an elite and focused minority of Jews largely operating under the direction of ADL/B’nai B’rith International. This aggressive and powerful minority is intent on fulfilling their Talmudic religious mandate to “repair the universe” (tikkun olam) through worldwide control and destruction of Christianity….Ted Pike

Quotes from “Anchorage Votes: A Conversation with Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar”, 4/28/21:

Forest Dunbar @ 57:29:

“I happen to be a member of the Jewish faith. And there is a principle in Judaism called ‘tikkun olam,’* or ‘to repair the world,’ to make the world a better place that when you found it. That is what has motivated me to try to serve the people of Anchorage.”

Dave Bronson @ 58:33 & 1:01:10:

“Last summer, I went to an [Anchorage] assembly meeting and I saw Mr. Dunbar say something — and he’s the motivating influence of why I’m here. He said something from the dais that really triggered me, something as a military veteran. He said that ‘the Constitution is shot through with racism.’

Covid didn’t hurt this city; you did. Your policies and the shutdown is what hurt this city. We can go to South Dakota, where they don’t have this problem.” Continue reading “Forrest Dunbar follows ‘tikkun olam’ — Talmudic destruction of Christianity”

CNN publishes hit piece on Kelly Tshibaka’s faith, Christian beliefs

Story from Alaska Watchman

CNN clearly views Kelly Tshibaka as a legitimate threat to take down Sen. Lisa Murkowski in her bid for reelection in 2022. On April 27, the left-leaning cable network published a hit piece with the goal of painting Tshibaka’s Christian faith and conservative values as out of step with mainstream America.

Also, from Must Read Alaska: Why is CNN trying to sway Alaska’s U.S. Senate race already?

And left leaning Anchorage Daily News writes their own hit piece: U.S. Senate challenger Kelly Tshibaka shadowed by anti-gay articles, posts questioning election integrity

Mayoral Candidate Captain Dave Bronson: Origin Story / Vision for Anchorage

Dave Bronson, captain for NW Airlines, moved to Anchorage in 1991. He flew international cargo and passenger flights out of Anchorage until Delta bought NWA, when he flew flights out of Seattle instead, but still lived in Anchorage. Continue reading “Mayoral Candidate Captain Dave Bronson: Origin Story / Vision for Anchorage”

Dr. Nick Begich: The Hidden Monks Masterclass Empowering Virtual Event

Total time approx. 13 hours 15 minutes!

“WELCOME TO THE MASTERCLASS” – Part 1. (approx. 30 minutes)

Dr. Nick Begich Teaching The Hidden Monks Masterclass Empowering Virtual Event

Starts at 2:35

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Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera praises his moral compass as pointing ‘True North’ before voting on April 13 to extend the emergency COVID declaration until June 2021

Morality is determined by God, written in the Bible. Felix openly flaunts his rebellion to what God says, having worn his LGBT rainbow mask numerous times as chair in our public Assembly meetings. He has a rebellious spirit, and that’s why he openly attacked Jamie Allard, who has a moral compass.

– –

Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera praises his moral compass as pointing ‘True North’ before voting on April 13 to extend the emergency COVID declaration until mid-June.


(Alaska) Beer-gate: Two of the threesome legislators apologize for Capitol booze party

Their sins are finding them out — Jeff Landfield and gang.

– –

Beer-gate: Two of the threesome legislators apologize for Capitol booze party

Both Merrick and Rasmussen are Republicans who bolted from the Republican caucus and now essentially caucus with the Democrats, including Rep. Fields, who is part of their Juneau clique.


Party Capitol: Beer pong, leg wrestling, and a terse memo from Legislative Affairs – Must Read Alaska

The party came to light after janitors arrived on the scene to find a beer-y mess, salsa spilled around, and asked Capitol Security to review the security tapes to see who had left the room in that condition.

Said to be on the tape in the party were Rep. Sara Rasmussen, Rep. Kelly Merrick, Rep. Zack Fields, along with Hilcorp Legislative Liaison Luke Miller, Dunleavy Deputy Chief of Staff Tyson Gallagher, House Majority Press Secretary Austin Baird, and blogger Jeff Landfield. There may have been others. Some legislators have requested to see copies of the tape, but building security generally does not allow it.


Anchorage election today! My Thoughts and ‘Dan Fagan Show’/Tuesday 4/6/2021

Anchorage election today! Because of mail-in voting, we may not know the results for a few days unless Bronson and Dunbar are way ahead, which is what may happen. Then they’ll runoff a month from now. The school board election is crucial. I voted for Judy Eledge, Sami Graham, Kim Paulson and Elysa Vakalis, the conservatives, the first three solidly pro-real-education.

Very interesting to me: Suzanne Downing, ‘Must Read Alaska’ says 11% of Alaskans work for non-profits, which are mostly leftist organizations.

One of the “conservative” candidates, Bill Evans says he’s for vaccine passports.

Dave Bronson is TOTALLY for freedom for the people, and no Covid mandates at all!

Freedom fighter, assembly person Jamie Allard called in. What a champion she is!

Too many of those who have government jobs vote liberal for selfish reasons.

And then there are so many people who support everything Fauci and our Dr. Zink says.

It’s going to be tough for Bronson to win at the end, because of the over-the-top Covid fear, and the total blackout on vitamin D and the treatments that work.

If Dunbar gets in, we’ll have a tyrant, the LGBT marching mayor. Jamie Allard said this about Dunbar at 45:30:

“He has been leading the charge on the [Anchorage] Assembly, and has put us in this predicament [Covid lockdowns and mandates].”

I’ve been praying everything through that I can think of in the Spirit, but Satan has successfully deceived so many with Covid.

It will be to be tough for truth to prevail over fear based on many lies, pushed by the leftist media and our governor who says whatever Dr. Zink tells him to say.

If we do end up with the tyrannical, pro-LGBT mayor, Forest Dunbar, will the pastors then be willing to get right with those they’ve hurt and actually teach what the Bible says, or step down, so the real Christianity will happen, overcoming the evil with good, finally?

Dave Bronson is on at 37:20. A few minutes later, Jamie Allard blesses us with her perspective; then Suzanne Downing of ‘Must Read Alaska’ chimes in!


Photo: Dave Bronson is the man!

Great Photo – Dave Bronson is the man! Anchorage needs an honest, pragmatic mayor at the helm!

Dave remembers me from when I worked the NWA 747 freighters he piloted. He told me he also had trouble not hitting his head on the main deck’s ceiling as we both had to climb the ladder to get up to the cockpit.

I told him I went up it too fast twice, and should have learned the first time. He said it happened to him too, and that the opening wasn’t designed for people over 6 feet.

Our 747F-100s were designed in the ’60s.

Alaska Watchman Interview with Mike Robbins, candidate for mayor of Anchorage — Medical tyranny okay under some circumstances

I wholeheartedly support Dave Bronson for mayor of Anchorage. Robbins is shifty and friends with some key wrong people. Says he’s a Christian, but has a hard time controlling his tongue, which he also proved at a meeting I attended in which he was speaking last night.

He has the salesman personality — confidence man. Whereas Bronson is a straight shooter.

– –

So Robbins would shut down Anchorage if Covid 21 or 22 is worse. He thought the lockdown was a good idea at first because Covid was supposed to be so bad, minute-2:30. “It would make really good sense [to lock Anchorage down],” Robbins says.

Robbins believes masks work. It’s “common sense stuff,” he says at minute-7:25. It’s also common sense that people touch their masks and everything else, and people speak closer to one another because they falsely think their masks are protecting them. All of the RCT studies show that masks do not work too. And many studies now show that masks did not make a difference in the areas that mandated them. Continue reading “Alaska Watchman Interview with Mike Robbins, candidate for mayor of Anchorage — Medical tyranny okay under some circumstances”

Elizabeth Gayle: Anchorage’s Emergency Orders Did NOT Work — “How does Anchorage get away with justifying ANYTHING they’ve done?”

NOTICE these numbers are for the entire Mat-Su valley: Wasilla, Palmer, etc..

Posted on Facebook 3/4/21

Elizabeth Gayle

Did Anchorage’s Emergency Orders work?

Let’s take a look at the numbers that matter. Cases alone are irrelevant, as testing is unreliable (lots of false positives because cycle thresholds were too high), and most people just have the sniffles. The important metrics are deaths and hospital capacity (which is what we were told in the beginning, that the intent behind mandates was to protect hospital capacity and save lives).

In Anchorage, with extremely restrictive orders, a mask mandate, and no in-person school, there have been 242.12 hospitalizations / 100,000 people and 55.2 deaths/ 100,000. (Using a population of 288,000)

In the Mat Su, which has had no health powers nor mandates in place since May, and kids in school since August, there have been 92.7 hospitalizations / 100,000 people and 32.7 / 100,000 people. (Using a population of 110,000) Continue reading “Elizabeth Gayle: Anchorage’s Emergency Orders Did NOT Work — “How does Anchorage get away with justifying ANYTHING they’ve done?””