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The Globalists Want a Civil War So They Can Declare Martial Law (Live from Two Roads Theater)

Jimmy Dore is waking up the left with comedy!

Some crude language.

Dems FREAK OUT When Times Columnist Tells Truth About Biden! (Live from Two Roads Theater)

The Jimmy Dore Show

Americans Have A NORMALCY BIAS, They DO NOT Believe Civil War Is Possible

BLM Arsonists Given NO JAIL For TORCHING Building To The Ground, CORRUPT Judges PROTECT Far Left

Tucker Ep. 27: Donald Trump appeared in court today, but it wasn’t a legal proceeding. It was a grotesque parody of the system our ancestors created. Victor Davis Hanson explains.

Heather Mac Donald Explains Why Black Americans Commit a Disproportionate Amount of Crime

Mass looting spree rocks Philadelphia


Anchorage Assemblyman Felix Rivera protests with militant Marxists against ban on males in girls’ sports

From: Alaska Watchman

Anchorage Assemblyman Felix Rivera joined a hard-left Marxist and socialist organization to protest the Alaska Board of Education’s decision to limit girls’ high school sports to biological females.

On Sept. 2, an Alaska’s News Source clip [I fixed the Watchman’s link] showed Rivera speaking at a rally sponsored by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) Anchorage, which is part of a national network that seeks to engage local battles across the nation to advance socialist causes like free housing, higher minimum wages, abortion on demand, union growth, climate change legislation and LGBTQ political goals. The PSL national website endorses the use of “militant” tactics to further its causes with the ultimate plan of toppling capitalism and establishing a new socialist government.

Sarah Palin Calls for ‘Civil War!’ – “We need to get angry. We do need to rise up and take our country back”

Warmonger Sarah Palin is at it again, instead of calling for a spiritual revival so we can have a peaceful solution, Jesus’ way, like Rand Paul:

August 24, 2023

Newsmax’s Eric Bolling: “When you see the former president being fingerprinted, having to show up, turn himself in, you see the mugshots of the other seven or eight who’ve turned themselves already, do you have concern for the country as I do?”

Sarah Palin: “Absolutely, I mean — I think those who are conducting this travesty and creating this two-tiered system of justice, and I want to ask them, What the heck? Do you want us to be in Civil War, because that’s what’s going to happen. We’re not going to keep putting up with this. And Eric, I like that you suggested that we need to get angry. We do need to rise up and take our country back.”

Pfizer won’t answer questions under oath. Only repeats written statement

Joe Rogan Warns Cancel Culture Will Lead To “Straight White Men Not Being Allowed To Talk Or Go Outside

“You can never be woke enough, that’s the problem,” Rogan stated in a recent conversation with stand-up comedian Joe List about the effect cancel culture is having on comedy.

“It keeps going. It keeps going further and further and further down the line, and if you get to the point where you capitulate, where you agree to all these demands, it’ll eventually get to straight white men are not allowed to talk,” he added.


AwakenWithJP: Why We Should Defund The Police — To get rid of the few bad apples get rid of ALL the apples

In this video you’ll learn why we should defund the police! BLM and antifa are out to help protect all of us from the police. We need to listen and comply. Defund the police!

KRH: Chauvin case intentionally being set up to be overturned on appeal > riots > outcry to pack the supreme court to wipe out “white supremacist” bias

“The Chauvin trial had a jury that wasn’t sequestered, an unruly mob of BLM activists that harassed jurors, an entire media that was against Chauvin, a sitting Congresswoman and the president who made speeches against Chauvin before a verdict was determined, and now, a juror who after the fact is found out to be a BLM supporter.

AwakenWithJP: HOW TO VICTIMIZE YOURSELF! — “Feeling significant because you made yourself into a victim is a lot easier than feeling significant because you did something significant” / “Everything about you and your life is their fault” / “Form a group to cancel people. Form a culture. Call it ‘cancel culture’ if you want” / “As you cancel them, now is the time to virtue signal” / “The more victim you are the more significant you feel, which makes you feel more powerful”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske:

“We want to help you embrace personal power the only way that’s socially acceptable today by victimizing yourself.”

“Feeling significant because you made yourself into a victim is a lot easier than feeling significant because you did something significant.”

“…the more victim you are the more significant you feel, which makes you feel more powerful.”

“To victimize yourself, find someone else to blame for how you make yourself feel. … Everything about you and your life is their fault.”

“The more pain you have the more significant you feel.”

“Victimize yourself even further by canceling them. … Canceling a whole group is even better. Ruin their lives because your life already feels ruined. Hate them and hurt them because you hurt inside.”

“As you cancel them, now is the time to virtue signal. Do this by accusing them of being something horrible. This will set up a manipulative, psychological trick where you plant yourself to be the opposite of that horrible something, which is always something virtuous.”

“And don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if they’re not racist. This isn’t about them. It’s about you. And you’re about hurting others for your gain of a heightened degree of significance.”

“Always remember to virtue signal. That way, people won’t see what you’re really doing: abusing others to position yourself as the victim.”

“And we can’t do it alone. We need to ban together with other people who victimize themselves. Form a group to cancel people. Form a culture. Call it ‘cancel culture’ if you want.”

The worse a person feels the more justified they feel when they attack someone else: “That’s why we’re here to help you be better at making yourself feel worse so you can feel better about yourself when you attack someone else.”

“The world needs less self-responsibility and more safe space for people to be un-self-responsible.”

Best watched at .75% speed

NBC Deceptively Edits 911 Call & Video From Fatal Police Shooting Involving Knife-Wielding Teen Girl — inflaming racial tension & hatred of police!


George Floyd had 3 times “fatal level” of Fentanyl in his system — “If he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD”

This testimony was presented at the trial, but was ignored by the media and not pushed hard by the defense.

– –

New court docs say George Floyd had “fatal level” of fentanyl in his system

Defense attorneys argue drug overdose and pre-existing health conditions caused Floyd’s death.

MINNEAPOLIS — New documents filed in the George Floyd case give new information about the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s findings in Floyd’s autopsy.

Handwritten notes of a law enforcement interview with Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, say Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his system.

“If he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD. Deaths have been certified with levels of 3,” Baker told investigators.

In another new document, Baker said, “That is a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances.”

Candace Owens on ‘Tucker’: Mob Justice Floyd Trial – 3X lethal dose of Fentanyl, not a ‘rehabilitated martyr’ — “We are living in fiction because people are not strong enough to call out this stuff”

Candace Owens told Tucker on 4/20/21:

“What we’re really seeing is mob justice and that’s really what happened with this entire trial. This was not a trial about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin. This was a trial about whether the media was powerful enough to create a simulation, decide upon a narrative absent any facts, whether it was powerful enough to repeat showing and talking about a 9-minute clip that came from somebody’s cell phone without adding any context, without showing the full, you know, the full police video which they could have released.

[CORRECTION: the police body cam video could have been released immediately, stopping the riots, because it showed Floyd saying “I can’t breathe” five times before being asked to be put on the ground. It was leaked months after the incident in early August, and parts of all of the officers’ body cam footage was shown during the trial, but the fact that Floyd was already saying “I can’t breathe” before the knee to the “neck” was not emphasized during the trial. Candace seems to be saying the body cam footage wasn’t used in the trial at all, which wasn’t true.]

They refused to release the full body cam which would have added more clarity to the fact that the media was lying. The media came out, let’s not forget this, Tucker, the media came out and told us that this was a man who was just getting his life together. He was a… good member of society and he got mixed up because a racist white police officer had it out for him and killed him.

All of that fell apart…we now know, of course, that he had enough fentanyl in him, it was three times the lethal dosage — three times the lethal dosage — in him when he died. But nobody cares because the media was successful in putting out a narrative and they kept hitting that narrative. …

Because we have two pandemics going on right now. There’s a pandemic of ignorance in this country, and that is only allowed to fly because we also have a pandemic of cowardice in this country. Okay? So we have people that are purposefully putting out a bunch of ignorant claims, and then we have people that are too cowardly to stand up and say, you know what, this is wrong. There has been so much that has been going on in this country that is wrong. You talk about it. I talk about it. But we do not have people that are sitting in Congress that are willing to take this fight where it needs to be taken.

By the way, you bring up Maxine Waters inciting violence. I’m so old Tucker that I remember when a man said ‘march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol’ and that was considered an incitement for violence. Right? That was like, oh my God, stop the press, get this person disappeared from social media because he is calling for violence. Look at what Maxine Waters says. No one, no one in the media is condemning these remarks. That same media that condemned Trump and his supporters for weeks on end is now defending Maxine Waters. And we both know this is not the first time that Maxine Waters has incited violence. Don’t forget, ‘rush down, if you see a Trump supporter, you got to rush him down in the restaurants.’ They are allowed to do this. They play by a different set of rules, but it’s because we allow them to play with that different set of rules. They get away with virtually everything because we don’t have strong people on our side that are willing to stand up. It’s a sad conclusion, it really is so frustrating.

And the idea of martyring George Floyd, the way Nancy Pelosi spoke about him, completely forgives all of the trauma that he brought against his victims while he was alive, a man that served seven plus stints in prison while he was alive, armed robbery being two of the reasons why, and now we’re going to martyr him and say that your name will forever be synonymous with justice? Imagine, Tucker, if you are one of his victims that is alive, one of his victims that he armed robbed, and you have to hear that this man’s name will always be synonymous with justice, how would that feel to you?

I feel like we are living in fiction right now in America. We are losing this country and we are living in fiction because people are not strong enough to call out this stuff, and I feel like I’m one of the only ones who has the courage to say I will not be mobbed into a different reality.”

KRH: Update from Kurt — Chauvin trial, false flags back up again; almost nonexistent during Trump

Proof Negative Radio Show: REAL Patriot News w/ guest Kurt Haskell

Derek Chauvin trial – closing arguments | Day 15

Officer Tatum and Candace Owens – In Search of the Truth

What is a ‘Hung Jury’ – Rare, but could cause a retrial or partial verdict – Derek Chauvin Trial

From: KARE 11 TV, Minneapolis NBC Affiliate

What are the possible outcomes in the Derek Chauvin trial?

Guilty, not guilty or hung jury? Retired Judge LaJune Lange helps explain the possible endings for the trial of the former officer charged in George Floyd’s death.

The Honest Truth about Female Police Officers

Officer Tatum: 3 Truths About DAUNTE WRIGHT the media will never show you

The media and BLM act like these thugs are Jesus Christ, instead of telling the truth to the young people, who NEED TO KNOW!

Officer Tatum Reacts – Daunte Wright Incident

“She doesn’t have the temperament to be an officer. … They’re hiring people to meet quotas, instead of hiring the best person for the job.

LISTEN: Did George Floyd ADMIT to “Eating Too Many Drugs?”

Medical Examiner Says George Floyd Could Have Been Ruled An Overdose

And the right carotid artery would have supplied blood to Floyd’s brain if the knee actually was blocking the left one, which didn’t look likely.

Brandon Tatum on August 4th: LEAKED VIDEO shows Floyd asked to be laid on the ground – Fentanyl/Meth overdose!

Ben Shapiro: Media ‘Paving The Way For Riots’ With Skewed Coverage Of Chauvin Trial

MSM is ignoring that Floyd couldn’t breathe BEFORE he ASKED to be laid on the ground because of Fentanyl and Meth overdose.

– –

“If you watch the actual Chauvin trial and then watch the media coverage of the Chauvin trial, the gap is stunning. The media are paving the way for riots….”


Timcast IRL – Half Chewed “SpeedBall” Drug Found With George Floyd’s DNA On It w/ Brandon Tatum

“He [Floyd] requested to be laid on the ground,” what I’ve been saying since last August, after seeing and sharing the bodycam footage, where Floyd was also saying “I can’t breathe” five times before asking to be laid on the ground. He was overdosing on Fentanyl and Meth.

The defense hasn’t even begun its case yet, brought in their witnesses.

Speedball is Fentanyl plus Meth.

Floyd didn’t want to admit that he just swallowed the drugs that the guy (who is pleading the 5th?) just sold him in front of the store.

A lethal dose of Fentanyl is tiny.

Brandon Tatum: George Floyd trial breakdown – The Ben Shapiro Show Interview

Jesse Lee Peterson | The Show Trial of Derek Chauvin

Jesse Lee Peterson

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