Anchorage Assemblyman Felix Rivera protests with militant Marxists against ban on males in girls’ sports

From: Alaska Watchman

Anchorage Assemblyman Felix Rivera joined a hard-left Marxist and socialist organization to protest the Alaska Board of Education’s decision to limit girls’ high school sports to biological females.

On Sept. 2, an Alaska’s News Source clip [I fixed the Watchman’s link] showed Rivera speaking at a rally sponsored by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) Anchorage, which is part of a national network that seeks to engage local battles across the nation to advance socialist causes like free housing, higher minimum wages, abortion on demand, union growth, climate change legislation and LGBTQ political goals. The PSL national website endorses the use of “militant” tactics to further its causes with the ultimate plan of toppling capitalism and establishing a new socialist government.

“Capitalism cannot be voted out of power—it will take a revolution,” the website states. …

The PSL website goes on to state that the U.S. military and police forces must be “disbanded and replaced by the armed people….

In speaking to about 30 people who participated in the recent protest organized by the local PSL group, Rivera condemned the Alaska Board of Education….

“The board gave into their base fears,” he asserted, standing in front of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. statue at Delaney Park. “They could have done better. They could have, instead of voting on this policy, tried to make youth sports more welcoming for everyone [for males to compete as females], but instead they decided to do the opposite. And really, shame on the board for that.”