George Floyd had 3 times “fatal level” of Fentanyl in his system — “If he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD”

This testimony was presented at the trial, but was ignored by the media and not pushed hard by the defense.

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New court docs say George Floyd had “fatal level” of fentanyl in his system

Defense attorneys argue drug overdose and pre-existing health conditions caused Floyd’s death.

MINNEAPOLIS — New documents filed in the George Floyd case give new information about the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s findings in Floyd’s autopsy.

Handwritten notes of a law enforcement interview with Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, say Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his system.

“If he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD. Deaths have been certified with levels of 3,” Baker told investigators.

In another new document, Baker said, “That is a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances.”

But then Baker added, “I am not saying this killed him.”

Defense attorneys for the officers have signaled they will argue Floyd died from the drugs and pre-existing health conditions.

The new documents say Floyd had a “heavy heart” and “at least one artery was approximately 75% blocked.”



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